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Fragrant and Hill
Whereas 200 or so workers might have been used for a similar building in the US, the Fragrant Hill project employed over 3, 000 workers.
The Fragrant Hill Hotel opened on October 17, 1982, but fell into disrepair almost immediately afterwards.
Although the architect still ached from the experience with Fragrant Hill, he agreed to accept the commission.
* " On the Origins of the Fragrant Hill " ( 2002 )
There is also the Fragrant Hill Hotel, designed by I. M. Pei, which is more traditional than most of his designs.

Fragrant and was
Pei was surprised by public resistance to his traditional design of the hotel at Fragrant Hills.
When Chiang penned the work, he believed that the Guanyin we know today was actually a princess called Miaoshan ( 妙善 ), who had a religious following on Fragrant Mountain.
Another tale says that Miaoshan never died, but was in fact transported by a supernatural tiger, believed to be the Deity of the Place, to Fragrant Mountain.
Miaozhuangyan was cured of his illness and went to the Fragrant Mountain to give thanks to the person.
Hsiang-shan County ( Chinese: 香山縣, Wade-Giles: Hsiang-shan Hsien, Pinyin: Xiāngshān Xiàn ; literally " Fragrant Mountain "; also spelt Siang-shan ) was a county in southern China.
He was a partner in the Leeds firm of Beckett & Co., which later became part of the Westminster Bank, and in the aeronautical firm Airspeed Ltd. His racehorses included Fortina, which won the Cheltenham Gold Cup in 1947, and Fragrant Mac, which won the Scottish Grand National in 1952.
The Fragrant Concubine (; Uyghur: < big ></ big > / / ) is a figure in Chinese legend who was taken as a consort by the Qianlong Emperor during the 18th century.
Upon her arrival to the imperial palace, the Fragrant Concubine, was gifted with a garden and a luxurious room of her own as a sign of the Emperor's devotion.
The Afaq Khoja Mausoleum ( mazar ) located outside Kashgar was built in 1640 and, in addition to encompassing a larger complex that includes a functioning mosque and Qur ' anic school, houses the coffins of five generations of the Apak Khoja family, including what is purported to be the body of the Fragrant Concubine.
In fact, the real Rong Fei died of illness in 1788 and was buried in a royal tomb in Beijing ; the legend of the Fragrant Concubine first became closely associated with the Kashgar tomb in the late 19th century, and the connection has since been officially established and endorsed through a proliferation of signs and guided tours.
Critical Western academic observers have noted that the superimposition of the Fragrant Concubine myth on the preexisting tomb has effectively commercialized and trivialized what was once a major functioning Sufi shrine through the influx of tourism.
Fragrant Panama rose was first collected by Alexander von Humboldt and Aimé Bonpland in " Mexico: Guerrero: inter Alto del Peregrino et Río Papagallo ", ' between loft of the wanderer ( or peregrine's nest?
Study of Reading Heart was built in the Ming Dynasty ( 1368 to 1644 ) and is a landscaped park inside Fragrant Hills Park.

Fragrant and Pei
After surveying a number of different locations, Pei fell in love with a valley once used as an imperial garden and hunting preserve, known as Fragrant Hills.

Fragrant and on
It is said that Yama, the ruler of hell, sent her back to Earth to prevent the utter destruction of his realm, and that upon her return she appeared on Fragrant Mountain.
The monk further suggested that such a person could be found on Fragrant Mountain.
Sister Phyllis Stein the Fragrant Mistress of Sistory asserts that there is a clear distinction between drag queens and members of the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence: " We're not dressed as girls, we're dressed as nuns ... We definitely minister to the spiritual needs of our community, while drag queens sort of focus on camp and fun within our communities.
* Aristolochia odoratissima – Fragrant Dutchman's Pipe, " contrayerva " ( on Jamaica )
* The character of Princess Fragrance in Louis Cha's Wuxia novel The Book and the Sword is loosely based on the Fragrant Concubine.
Upon entering the Monastery, you will perceive the words " 香海名山 " ( Fragrant Sea and Prestigious Mountain ) engraved on the portico.

Fragrant and .
He returned to China for the first time in 1974 to design a hotel at Fragrant Hills, and designed a skyscraper in Hong Kong for the Bank of China fifteen years later.
Another story from the Precious Scroll of Fragrant Mountain describes an incarnation of Guanyin as the daughter of a cruel king who wanted her to marry a wealthy but uncaring man.
After some decades Guanyin returned to Fragrant Mountain to continue her meditation.
The Fragrant Orchid ( Gymnadenia conopsea ) is an herbaceous plant belonging to the family Orchidaceae.
* Fragrant twigs of silver birch are used in saunas to relax the muscles.
Fragrant " myrrh beads " are made from the crushed seeds of Detarium microcarpum, an unrelated West African tree.
The Fragrant Orchid ( Gymnadenia conopsea ) has been introduced into the USA.
The other four will be the Fragrant Garden, Terrace Garden, Foliage Valley and Ethnobotany Garden.
The batik motif symbolizes theFragrant Ray of Life ’ and endows the wearer with elegance.
The Fragrant Past: Perfumes of Cleopatra and Julius Caesar.
* Biryani: Fragrant dish of long-grained aromatic rice combined with beef, mutton, or chicken and a mixture of characteristic spices.
* Polau ( See Pilaf ): Fragrant dish of rice with ghee, spices and small pieces of vegetables.

Fragrant and although
Fragrant Hills Pagoda | Pagoda of the Zongjing Monastery in Fragrant Hills, built in 1780 ; although foreign forces burned down the surrounding monastery in 1900, the pagoda survived the fires.

Hill and project
The project also included the construction of the Ted Williams Tunnel ( extending Interstate 90 to Logan International Airport ), the Leonard P. Zakim Bunker Hill Memorial Bridge over the Charles River, and the Rose Kennedy Greenway in the space vacated by the previous I-93 elevated roadway.
The company continued its urban focus with the Society Hill project in central Philadelphia.
On August 3, 2007, GameSpot reported that Variety confirmed Return to Castle Wolfenstein and that the writer / producer team that was involved with Silent Hill will be involved with the Wolfenstein project.
The town supported him in this project and made a piece of land available to him, an undeveloped area outside the town between the railway station and Hohe Warte, the Grüner Hügel (" Green Hill ").
A major piece of this project was completed in 2007 with the new Park Bridge and Ten Mile Hill sections.
The document is available electronically from the " Documenting the American South " project at the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill.
* Xingu Hill, a project of musician John Sellekaers
A milestone was achieved in 2003 when Interstate 26 was extended from Mars Hill ( north of Asheville ) to Johnson City, Tennessee, completing a 20-year, half-billion dollar construction project through the Blue Ridge Mountains.
Pugin's biographer, Rosemary Hill, shows that Barry designed the Palace as a whole, and only he could coordinate such a large project and deal with its difficult paymasters, but he relied entirely on Pugin for its Gothic interiors, wallpapers and furnishings.
The corp's first project was at Box Hill, Surrey, where 42 volunteers cleared dogwood to encourage the growth of juniper and distinctive chalk downland flora.
Mars Hill Mountain underwent a wind power project in the fall of 2006.
The Reservoir of the West Hill Dam flood control project and recreation area also lies within the town limits of Northbridge.
After becoming a prolific producer in the late 1990s, Hindalong received several Dove awards ( 2001 and 2003, " Special Event Album of the Year ") for his work on the City on a Hill project.
In the fall of 2010 a new 55 foot mural was painted on a section of wall on Grove Hill across the street from the original project by former Dafford muralists Benny Graeff and Herb Roe.
Construction began on Lombard's Hill, but a violent windstorm in April 1893 destroyed the frame, and investors abandoned the project.
Lake Buchanan, which offers a portion of the eastern border of Llano County, was built in 1938 as a hydro-generating project covering in the scenic Texas Hill Country.
In 1992, the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill developed SunSITE. unc. edu, which was to be an archive and an information sharing project for the public.
featuring Lauryn Hill ( who was due on the same day as Rashid's girlfriend ), is the song that is the driving force behind the project.
Other playing opportunities in his career came with Carla Bley's Escalator Over The Hill project, and recordings with Lou Reed, Ian Dury, Rip Rig + Panic and Sun Ra.
This project will result in the SPC Primary school relocating from its current site in Hill Road.
According to Fangoria magazine, Carpenter and Hill agreed to participate in the new project only if it was not a direct sequel to Halloween II, which meant no Michael Myers.
The initial estimate for the project was HK $ 5, 053, 274, which included the cost of excavating a tunnel through the Kowloon hills at Beacon Hill and reclamation in Kowloon for a terminus.
The most difficult part of the project was the construction of the Beacon Hill tunnel, which ended up costing about one quarter of the whole project.

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