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Nazi and party
To achieve the envisaged fanaticism, Volkssturm units were placed under direct command of the local Nazi party, meaning local Gau-and Kreisleiters.
Yet his colleague Heidegger was elected Rektor of the university on April 21 – 22, and joined the Nazi party.
In 1940, the Germans invaded Norway and the Nazi party took over the government.
In early 1933, he shut down parliament, banned the Austrian Nazi party and assumed dictatorial powers.
In fact, the " Twenty-Five Point Programme " of the Nazi party, adopted in 1920, demanded " the nationalization of all businesses which have been formed into corporations.
* 1936 – Wilhelm Gustloff, German Nazi party leader ( b. 1895 )
Eventually, the Nazi party developed strong relationships with big business and abolished trade unions while real wages dropped by a fourth, and employees could not easily change employer.
The 1949 Basic Law is a response to the perceived flaws of the 1919 Weimar Constitution, which failed to prevent the rise of the Nazi party in 1933.
This election yielded only a slim majority for Hitler's coalition government and no majority for Hitler's own Nazi party.
# When the newly elected Reichstag first convened on March 23, 1933, ( not including the Communist delegates, since their party had already been banned by that time ) it passed the Enabling Act ( Ermächtigungsgesetz ), transferring all legislative powers to the Nazi government and, in effect, abolishing the remainder of the Weimar constitution as a whole.
# The Gesetz gegen die Neubildung von Parteien (" Law against the establishment of political parties ") ( July 14, 1933 ) declared the Nazi Party to be the country's only legal party.
This is the meaning which is most commonly referred to explain the Nazi use of the word: the political party is considered the generator, and every member of a political body, a professional group or society is considered a motor wired to it.
These groups — the Nazi party and government leadership, the German General Staff and High Command ( OKW ); the Sturmabteilung ( SA ); the Schutzstaffel ( SS ), including the Sicherheitsdienst ( SD ); and the Gestapo — had an aggregate membership exceeding two million, making a large number of their members liable to trial if the organisations were convicted.
Subsequently in July the Centre Party was voluntarily dissolved in a quid pro quo with the Pope under the anti-communist Pope Pius XI for the Reichskonkordat ; and by these manoeuvres Hitler achieved movement of these Catholic voters into the Nazi party, and a long-awaited international diplomatic acceptance of his regime.
It was at this time that he first met Ernst Röhm, an early member of the Nazi party and co-founder of the Sturmabteilung (" Storm Battalion "; SA ).
Nazi racial policies, including the notion that people who were racially inferior had no right to live, date back to the earliest days of the party ; Hitler discusses this in Mein Kampf.
He stripped Himmler of all of his party and state offices and expelled him from the Nazi Party.
Though " president " and various monarchic titles are most commonly used for heads of state, in some nationalistic regimes ( usually republics ), the leader adopts, formally or de facto, a unique style simply meaning " leader " in the national language, such as Nazi Germany's single party chief and head of state and government, Adolf Hitler Führer ( see that article for equivalents ).
From 1937 the Lord Mayor and the state commissioners of Hanover were members of the NSDAP ( Nazi party ).
He was found at age 17 smoking cannabis and partaking in under-age drinking with his friends, would clash physically with paparazzi outside nightclubs, and was photographed at Highgrove House at a " Colonial and Native " themed costume party wearing a Nazi German Afrika Korps uniform with a swastika armband.
He then went to work full-time for the Nazi party.
Hitler ’ s imprisonment following the failed November 1923 " Beer Hall Putsch " left the party temporarily leaderless, and when the 27-year-old Goebbels joined the party in late 1924 the most important influence on his political development was Gregor Strasser, who became Nazi organizer in northern Germany in March 1924.
Even when the impact of the Great Depression led to an enormous surge in support for the Nazis across Germany, Berlin resisted the party ’ s appeal more than any other part of Germany: at its peak in 1932, the Nazi Party polled 28 % in Berlin to the combined left ’ s 55 %.
The Great Depression led to a new resurgence of " left " sentiment in some sections of the Nazi Party, led by Gregor Strasser ’ s brother Otto, who argued that the party ought to be competing with the Communists for the loyalties of the unemployed and the industrial workers by promising to expropriate the capitalists.

Nazi and became
Many people, however, became members of the French Resistance, and they are the allegorical equivalents of the voluntary sanitary teams in the novel, such as Tarrou, Rambert, and Grand, who fight back against the unspeakable evil ( the Nazi occupiers ).
It became the single most-produced armored fighting vehicle of Nazi Germany throughout the war, and was employed in infantry support and offensive armored operations as well as in the defensive anti-tank role.
On 5 May 1933 he became a member of the Nazi Party.
Wilhelm II initially supported the Nazi Party, and his four sons of the exiled German royal family, including Prince Eitel Friedrich and Prince Oskar, became members of the Nazi Party, in hopes that in exchange for their support, the Nazis would permit the restoration of the monarchy.
" Other scholars noted that big business developed an increasingly close partnership with the Nazi and Fascist governments as it became increasingly organized.
The enormous success of the Dopolavoro in Fascist Italy was the key factor in Nazi Germany's creation of its own version of the Dopolavoro, the Kraft durch Freude ( KdF ) or " Strength through Joy " program of the Nazi government's German Labour Front, which became even more successful than the Dopolavoro.
Unwilling to return to Austria after the Anschluss brought it under the control of Nazi Germany in 1938, Hayek remained in Britain and became a British subject in 1938.
Nazi Germany brought the world's attention to what eventually became the class of firearm most widely adopted by the military: the assault rifle ( see StG 44 ).
As part of the deal in which Adolf Hitler became Chancellor of Germany, Hermann Göring — future commander of the Luftwaffe and an influential Nazi Party official — was named Interior Minister of Prussia.
In early 1934, Hitler and other Nazi leaders became concerned that Röhm was planning a coup d ' état.
In notes to accompany his biographical novel A Man of Parts David Lodge describes how Wells came to regret his attitudes to the Jews as he became more aware of the extent of the Nazi atrocities.
In 1945 he became a member of the Nazi Party.
Finkelstein asserts that these concepts became central to the " Holocaust Industry ", but that neither figures in scholarship of the Nazi Holocaust .( p.
As countries came under Nazi rule or became Nazi allies ( Bulgaria, Hungary, Romania, Croatia, Slovakia and Slovenia were Nazi allies ) the numbers of those wanting to flee grew more.
However, their numbers grew as the Vichy regime resorted to more strident policies in order to fulfill the enormous demands of the Nazis and the eventual decline of Nazi Germany became more obvious.
Goebbels came into contact with the National Socialist German Worker's Party ( NSDAP ) or Nazi Party in 1923 during the French occupation of the Ruhr and became a member in 1924.
After 1940, Hitler made few public appearances, and even his broadcasts became less frequent, so Goebbels increasingly became the face and the voice of the Nazi regime for the German people.
" Goebbels became the public voice of the Nazi regime, both in his regular broadcasts and his weekly editorials in Das Reich.
To compensate for this, Ribbentrop became a fanatical Nazi and vociferous anti-Semite.

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