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band's and primary
As the primary songwriter for the band, Neil Finn has always set the tone for the band's sound.
After unsuccessfully searching for a vocalist for nearly six months, Mustaine decided to handle lead vocal duties himself, while also serving as the band's primary lyricist, main songwriter, and co-lead and rhythm guitarist.
Weiland is the band's primary lyricist.
Besides being the primary composer in The Beach Boys, he also functioned as the band's main producer and arranger.
" Additionally, Love cited a conversation with her mother as being the primary inspiration for the band's name: " the name came from my mom.
Hall was the band's primary lyricist and philosopher, with Sutherland and Erickson both contributing lyrics as well as writing and arranging the group's music.
Townshend is the primary songwriter for The Who, having written well over 100 songs for the band's 11 studio albums, including concept albums and the rock operas Tommy and Quadrophenia, plus popular rock and roll radio staples like Who's Next, and dozens more that appeared as non-album singles, bonus tracks on reissues, and tracks on rarities compilations like Odds & Sods.
Townshend remained the primary songwriter and leader of the group, writing over one hundred songs which appeared on the band's eleven studio albums.
Similarly, British industrial band Godflesh often utilized a drum machine and two primary members, although they did at times record and tour with a second guitarist ( Paul Neville of Loop ), and near the end of the band's life they began working with real drummers ( Bryan Mantia and later Ted Parsons ) almost exclusively.
" Rhythm guitarist Steve Klein is the band's primary lyricist, while lead guitarist Chad Gilbert is the main composer of the songs.
The " Dreams Come True " tour featured all three primary songwriters and singers and reflected all phases of the band's career.
Sprout, who was briefly featured in an early -' 80s version of the band, had re-joined circa Propeller and soon became Pollard's primary musical foil, in addition to contributing several of his own songs to the band's catalog.
Stax Records, primary distributor for the band's Ardent Records label, had recently placed distribution of its catalog in the hands of the much larger Columbia Records ; Radio City's release coincided with a disagreement between Stax and Columbia, which left Columbia refusing to distribute the catalog.
The band's sound was labeled " full-on emo-in-the-garage " by Alternative Press, " the sort of howlingly tuneful Midwestern punk that disappeared with Hüsker Dü " by Entertainment Weekly, " anthemic thrash " by Rolling Stone, and as such is noted for its sonic differences from Oberst's primary band.
Dunn would slowly become the house band's primary bassist, and officially replace Steinberg as an MG in 1964.
Grehan became the band's primary songwriter, and penned " New Girl Now ," which won them an unsigned band contest put on by Toronto radio station Q107 ..
The broad combination of styles in the band's music has sometimes been referred to as " progressive punk "-or " pronk "-and has led to Cardiacs being labelled the primary exponents of this musical style.
Townsend was the band's primary songwriter.
Halstead was the band's primary songwriter.
Although these are recognized as the band's primary genres, they have also been known to perform in styles of alternative metal, hard rock, pop punk, and emo ( or emocore ).
He was the guitarist and a former member of the stoner rock band Kyuss, as well as the founding and only continuous member of the hard rock band Queens of the Stone Age, in which he sings, plays guitar, and serves as the band's primary songwriter.
In fact, DeYoung was the band's primary hit writer and singer, writing and singing 7 out of the band's 8 top 10 singles.
This was the band's first release for Sparrow Records, one of the largest and most successful Christian record labels, which at that time was seeking to sign more Christian musical acts with ministry as their primary focus.

band's and songwriter
Sakamoto was the songwriter and composer for a number of the band's hit songs, including " Yellow Magic ( Tong Poo )" ( 1978 ), " Technopolis " ( 1979 ), " Nice Age " ( 1980 ), " Ongaku " ( 1983 ), and " You've Got to Help Yourself " ( 1983 ), while playing the keyboards for many of their other songs, including international hits such as " Computer Game / Firecracker " ( 1978 ) and " Rydeen " ( 1979 ), and singing in several songs such as " Kimi ni Mune Kyun " ( 1983 ).
Frontman and songwriter David Byrne contributed whimsical, esoteric lyrics to the band's songs, and emphasized their showmanship through various multimedia projects and performances.
Following the band's reunion in 2008, Weiland once again evolved as a songwriter, explaining: " the ' 90s, I was so overwhelmed with my heroin addiction, and so a lot of the stuff was just from my point of view.
After the Kinks obtained a recording contract in early 1964, Davies emerged as the chief songwriter and de facto leader of the band, especially after the band's breakthrough success with his early composition " You Really Got Me ", which was released as the band's third single in August of that year.
Norman became the band's principal songwriter, sharing lead vocals with Gene M. Mason.
Bootsy Collins was a major songwriter, rhythm arranger, and bassist for Parliament-Funkadelic during the seventies and was a major influence in the band's sound during that time.
Although Smith is the main songwriter with the Cure, songwriting credits are usually shared with the band's contemporary line-up.
Nick Saloman is the band's frontman and songwriter.
Beginning with the band's formation in 1983, it made frequent personnel changes but always maintained the presence of principal songwriter Robert Pollard.
Members of the band's early years include guitarist and songwriter Doug Hopkins, bassist Bill Leen, vocalist Robin Wilson, guitarist Richard Taylor, Taylor's original replacement Steven Severson, drummer Chris McCann, McCann's replacement Dan Henzerling, and Taylor's later replacement Jesse Valenzuela.
After rejecting an offer from Liam to be the band's manager, he agreed to join the band, on the condition that he take creative control of the group and become its sole songwriter.
Personal and musical tensions existed within the group, whose main songwriter was Peet Coombes, and legal wranglings happened with the band's management, publishers and record labels.
Coombes was the band's main songwriter, although later releases saw the first compositions by Lennox and Stewart.
In April 1999, Hadley along with fellow band members Steve Norman and John Keeble failed in their attempt to sue Gary Kemp for a share of his royalties, as the band's principal songwriter.
Although credited as a songwriter on most Blur tracks, his most significant lyrical contributions appeared on the hit singles " Tender " and " Coffee & TV "; a number of tracks in the band's catalogue were also penned mainly by Coxon.
The band's consistency was unbroken even by the departure of principal songwriter Vince Clarke.
Harvey's vocal style emulated R & B and new jack swing vocalists from the U. S. His vocals put him into a position of the band's frontman, or main member, which was shared with the band's creator, songwriter, instrumentalist, rapper and singer Tony Mortimer.

band's and Neil
Singer Neil Hannon also provided Ted's vocal in the " enhanced " version of My Lovely Horse, which later appeared as a B-side on the band's single Gin Soaked Boy.
After modifying the spelling slightly, " Mötley Crüe " was eventually selected as the band's name, with the stylistic decision suggested by Neil to add the two sets of metal umlauts supposedly inspired by the German beer Löwenbräu, which the members were drinking at the time.
Percussionist Neil Peart of the rock band Rush uses the glockenspiel in several of the band's arrangements, most notably in the commercial hit songs " The Spirit of Radio " and " Closer to the Heart ", and also in album tracks " Xanadu " and " Circumstances ".
Not long after the band's debut performance, Neil was invited to London to join Split Enz, the band formed by his elder brother Tim.
This is the band's only album to feature Neil Turbin on vocals and Dan Lilker on bass.
Thereafter, Mosley and Craviotto joined with Neil Young to form The Ducks, which played in and around the Santa Cruz area during 1977, and were immensely popular during the band's brief life.
At this point New York club DJ and Independent Music Consultant, Neil Kempfer-Stocker, told Bruce Findlay to forget the Polydor Inc ./ USA offer to release the band's records in North America and steered the band to A & M's Hernando Courtright, West Coast A & R.
Graham and Neil Weir left at the end of the 1989 US tour and co-founder Paul Humphreys subsequently called it a day, unhappy with the band's commercial orientation.
Tom Morello, the band's guitarist, wrote on August 5, 1999 in Neil Strauss's Times column:
Although the band's sound was often described as Alt-country, or Americana, the majority of its music bore more of a resemblance to the vast oeuvre of Neil Young than to Hank Williams.
Powderfinger was formed in 1989 by vocalist and guitarist Ian Haug, bassist John Collins and drummer Steven Bishop, who took their band's name from the Neil Young song " Powderfinger ".
As well as playing with Mike Smith in My Hi-Fi Sister, Neil Baldwin played drums for the Khe Sanh Approach until that band's demise in 2007 ; he also played bass guitar for three-piece Garage rock band The Siamese Sluts.
" Irons made his debut with the band at Neil Young's 1994 Bridge School Benefit, but he was not officially announced as the band's new drummer until its 1995 Self-Pollution satellite radio broadcast, a four-and-a-half hour long pirate broadcast out of Seattle, Washington which was available to any radio stations that wanted to carry it.
The band's lineup became Wright on vocals, Dickie Hammond on guitar, Neil Newton on guitar, Gaz Stoker on bass and Wade on drums.
A. Robertson, and for the band's self-titled debut album he enlisted the services of producer Christopher Neil.
A change in the line up meant that original drummer Neil Hebrank was replaced by Josh " Chip " Walters before the recording of Love, the band's third-full length album for Epic Records.
However, Parsons left shortly after to replace Vince Hoare in the London-based glam band Belladonna ( formed by former Hell's Belles vocalist Paul Quigley, with Paul Lewis, Jeff Fox and Neil Criss ) and Falck reappeared on the scene in time to record the band's first album Fighting Back.
However, Strum and Blando were not present during the band's performance, though they did perform with Vince Neil the following night.
Although the band's set started with Saints material, the sound of the band was more a driving three-piece with Neil Young-style feedback.
In 1996, when Crowded House split up and released their greatest hits album Recurring Dream, frontman Neil Finn approached Griggs to put together a collection of the band's greatest live performances, to append selected copies of Recurring Dream.
Drops of Jupiter, the band's second album, was produced by Brendan O ' Brien who has also worked with artists such as Pearl Jam, King's X, Bob Dylan, KoЯn, Bruce Springsteen & The E-Street Band and Neil Young.
It includes a 60-page booklet, which contains liner notes by Thurston Moore, of the American rock band Sonic Youth, and journalist Neil Strauss, as well as photographs and a chronological catalog of the band's recording history, including studio sessions, television and radio appearances, live performances and home demo recordings sessions.
The album is made up of fourteen Anthrax songs from the band's early ( Neil Turbin & Joey Belladonna-era ) albums, that were released between 1983 and 1990.

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