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daughter and two
Last two to be added before the book went to press were the marriages of Meredith Jane Cooper, daughter of the Grant B. Coopers, to Robert Knox Worrell, and of Mary Alice Ghormley to Willard Pen Tudor.
He married his paternal half-sister Olympias II of Epirus, by whom he had two sons, Pyrrhus II of Epirus, Ptolemy of Epirus and a daughter, Phthia of Macedon.
From his two marriages, only a daughter, Joanna of Castile, had been born.
In 1428, he received a letter from Yeshaq I of Ethiopia, borne by two dignitaries, which proposed an alliance against the Muslims and would be sealed by a dual marriage that would require the Infante Peter to bring a group of artisans to Ethiopia where he would marry Yeshaq's daughter.
He was instrumental in the conversion of many people to the Islamic faith and early in 623, Abu Bakr's daughter Aisha was married to Muhammad, strengthening the ties between the two men.
On 8 November 1273 Andronikos II married as his first wife Anna of Hungary, daughter of Stephen V of Hungary and Elizabeth the Cuman, with whom he had two sons:
He died of lung cancer in London on 1 January 1984 and was survived by a daughter, musician Sappho Gillett Korner, and two sons, guitarist Nicholas ( Nico ) Korner and sound engineer Damian Korner.
In 1906, Berg met the singer Helene Nahowski, daughter of a wealthy family ( said by some to be in fact the illegitimate daughter of Emperor Franz Joseph I of Austria from his liaison with Anna Nahowski ); despite the outward hostility of her family, the two were married on May 3, 1911.
Fredrik finally confesses his love for Desiree, acknowledges that Fredrika is his daughter, and the two promise to start a new life together (" Finale ").
After that, by Nevizimov's order, two Russians, Stepano ( ステッパノ ) and Kazhimov ( カジモフ ), killed the chieftain's daughter and Nevizimov's mistress, Oniishin ( オニイシン ), because Russians had doubted that Oniishin pushed islanders ' back.
* Binary fission, the splitting of a single-celled organism into two daughter cells
This Bragi is the sixth of the second of two groups of nine sons fathered by King Hálfdan the Old on Alvig the Wise, daughter of King Eymund of Hólmgard.
This, his maiden Test century in his fifth Test, was the turning point of the series as West Indies won the final two Tests to win the series 2 – 1. Lara went on to name his daughter Sydney after scoring 277 at SCG.
Parkinson and his wife divorced in 1952 and he married the writer and journalist Ann Fry ( 1921 – 1983 ), with whom he had two sons and a daughter.
The lecture that evening was on " Fairy Life ", and at the end of the meeting Polly Wright showed the two fairy photographs taken by her daughter and niece to the speaker.
In cells with a nucleus ( eukaryotes ), the cell cycle can be divided in two periods: interphase — during which the cell grows, accumulating nutrients needed for mitosis and duplicating its DNA — and the mitosis ( M ) phase, during which the cell splits itself into two distinct cells, often called " daughter cells " and the final phase, cytokinesis, where the new cell is completely divided.
She was two years old when Lapa had her 25th child, another daughter named Giovanna.
After centriole duplication, the two pairs of centrioles remain attached to each other in an orthogonal configuration until mitosis, when the mother and daughter centrioles separate in a manner dependent upon the enzyme separase.
The more widespread of the two Norwegian languages, Bokmål, is a daughter language of Danish.
They had two children together: a daughter, Marion, and a son, Ian.
Plato played Kimberly, the teenage daughter of Drummond and the sister of the two adopted boys, Willis ( Todd Bridges ) and Arnold ( Gary Coleman ).
To avenge this abduction, the Sabines attacked Rome, although not immediately — since Hersilia, the daughter of Tatius, the leader of the Sabines, had been married to Romulus, the Roman leader, and then had two children by him in the interim.
Darwin in 1770Darwin married twice and had 14 children, including two illegitimate daughters by an employee, and, possibly, at least one further illegitimate daughter.

daughter and Swedish
The alliance was sealed with the marriage of Mieszko's daughter Świętosława with the Swedish king Erik.
His daughter, Marie Ledin ( wife of Swedish star and ABBA concert backing vocalist Tomas Ledin ) was also involved in the music industry.
The Swedish actress Britt Ekland was cast as the innkeeper's lascivious daughter, although her singing and possibly all of her dialogue was redubbed by Annie Ross, and some of her nude dancing was performed by a double called Jane Jackson who lived in Castle Douglas at the time.
He was forced twice to submit to the renegade Swedish prince Styrbjörn the Strong of the Jomsvikings-first by giving Styrbjörn a fleet and his daughter Thyra, the second time by giving up himself as hostage, along with yet another fleet.
Charles Frederick, son of Frederick IV, Duke of Holstein-Gottorp ( a cousin of Charles XII ) and Hedvig Sophia, daughter of Charles XI of Sweden, was the Swedish heir since 1702.
In Norse custom patronyms and matronyms were formed by using the ending-son ( later-søn and-sen in Danish and Norwegian ) to indicate " son of ", and-dóttir ( Icelandic-dóttir, Swedish and Norwegian-dotter, Danish and Norwegian-datter ) for " daughter of ".
Margaret I, the daughter of Valdemar Atterdag, found herself married off to Håkon VI of Norway in an attempt to join the two kingdoms, along with Sweden, since Håkon had kinship ties to the Swedish royal family.
His daughter married a Swedish prince, whose son Magnus Eriksson inherited both kingdoms.
During his time with the Russian navy – particularly as part of the Great Northern War – he was unable to spend much time with Anna, who was approximately eleven years Bering's junior and the daughter of a Swedish merchant.
During his second stay there, he married Elisabeth ( referred to in Scandinavian sources as Ellisif ), daughter of Yaroslav the Wise and granddaughter of the Swedish king Olof Skötkonung.
Rossellini is the daughter of Swedish actress Ingrid Bergman and Italian director Roberto Rossellini.
They were all slain at Samsø, by the Swedish champion Hjalmar, and his Norwegian sworn brother Orvar-Odd ; but Hjalmar, being wounded by Tyrfing ( its first evil deed ), has only time to sing his death-song before he dies, and asks Orvar-Odd to bring his body to Ingeborg, daughter of Yngvi at Uppsala.
Fredrika Bremer was born in Åbo ( Turku ) in Finland, then a Swedish province, as the daughter of Karl Fredrik Bremer ( 1770 – 1830 ) and Birgitta Charlotta Hollström ( 1777 – 1855 ).
Married Rikissa Birgersdotter, daughter of the Swedish statesman Earl Birger in 1251.
Christian descended, through both Valdemar I of Sweden and Magnus I of Sweden, from the Swedish Dynasty of Eric, and from Catherine, daughter of Inge I of Sweden, as well as from Ingrid Ylva, granddaughter of Sverker I of Sweden.
Albert based his claims on the Swedish crown upon two family ties with the Swedish House of Sverker, both through Albert's mother, through whom he was granted the first place in the Swedish succession order, and through Kristina Sverkersdotter, a daughter of Sverker II of Sweden, also known as Sverker the Young.
Elsa Brändström was born in 1888 in St. Petersburg, the daughter of the Military Attache at the Swedish Embassy, Edvard Brändström, and his wife Anna Eschelsson.
He subsequently held several teaching posts, the first in 1888 at Helsinki, where he met his wife, Gerda Sjöstrand, the daughter of Swedish sculptor Carl Eneas Sjöstrand, and began a lifelong friendship with Jean Sibelius.
Because of the raise in taxation to pay for the acquisition of the Scanian province, some Swedish nobles supported by the Church attempted to oust Magnus, setting up his elder son Erik Magnusson as king ( Eric XII of Sweden ), but Eric died supposedly of the plague in 1359, with his wife Beatrix of Bavaria, daughter of Louis IV of Bavaria and their two sons.
Pippi is the daughter of seafarer Ephraim Longstocking, captain of the sailing ship Hoptoad ( Hoppetossa in Swedish ), from whom Pippi inherited her common sense and incredible strength.
After a small role in Lilla prinsen ( The Little Prince ) at Saltsjöbaden's theatre and an equally small part in Ingmar Bergman's film Fanny and Alexander, in 1982 she joined the cast of the Swedish production of The Sound of Music, in which she played the daughter Louise.

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