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game and was
It was the night Clayton had tricked them in the poker game.
It was strictly the deputy's game, but McBride had gone too far to throw in.
And while he was ever alert for game, and most particularly a tiger, Penny marvelled at the Eden they were traversing.
even when the fences became a part of the game -- when a vine-embowered gate-post was the Sleeping Beauty's enchanted castle, or when Rapunzel let down her golden hair from beneath the crocketed spire, even then we paid little heed to those who went by on the path outside.
One evening, while a volley-ball game was being played in the yard among the prisoners remaining there, a simulated melee was staged -- just as the gates were opened to admit other prisoners returning from work.
the pope was playing a dangerous game, with so many balls in the air at once that a misstep would bring them all about his ears, and his only hope was to temporize so that he could take advantage of every change in the delicate balance of European affairs.
The younger men, Vere, and Pembroke, who was also Edward's cousin and whose Lusignan blood gave him the swarthy complexion that caused Edward of Carnarvon's irreverent friend, Piers Gaveston, to nickname him `` Joseph the Jew '', were relatively new to the game of diplomacy, but Pontissara had been on missions to Rome before, and Hotham, a man of great learning, `` jocund in speech, agreeable to meet, of honest religion, and pleasing in the eyes of all '', and an archbishop to boot, was as reliable and experienced as Othon himself.
To me it was a game, to her it was the deadly seriousness of life.
He kept his attacks on Republicanism for partisan campaigns, but that is part of the game he was born to play.
After all, when one has asked whatever became of old Joe and Charlie when one has inquired who it was Sue Brown married and where it is they now live when questions are asked and answered about families and children, and old professors when the game and its probable outcome has been exhausted that does it.
Enough of his life was spent there on the field for him never to like watching the game as a spectator in the crowd.
It was rather a childish game, all in all, but everybody seemed to be getting into the spirit of the thing and he could not remember when he had enjoyed planning anything quite so much.
`` Bull tailin' '' was a game once pop'lar with the Mexican cowboys of Texas.
( In the graveyard at Nairobi he had been shown the graves of thirty-four big game hunters killed hunting the animals he was attempting to lasso.
This was a bitterly fought game, carrying almost as much grudge as a fist fight, with no friendliness exhibited between the teams except the formal politeness that accompanied the setting forth of ground rules and agreements on balls that went into the crowd.
Every pitch in the game brought forth a howl from the enraptured audience and every fly ball the visitors dropped ( and because their right fielder was still a little fuzzy from drink, they dropped many ) called forth yelps of derision.
At one point in the game when the skinny old man in suspenders who was acting as umpire got in the way of a thrown ball and took it painfully in the kidneys, he lay there unattended while players and spectators wrangled over whether the ball was `` dead '' or the base runners were free to score.
Baseball was surely the national game in those days, even though professional baseball may have been merely a business.
Even a city of thirty thousand might have six baseball teams, sponsored by grocers and hardware merchants or department stores, that played two or three times a week throughout the summer, usually in the cool of the evening, before an earnest and partisan audience who did not begrudge a quarter each, or even more, to be dropped into a hat when the game was half over.
Ruth was a delinquent boy still, but he was in every way a great ball player who was out to win the game and occasionally risked a cracked bone to do it.

game and getting
A no-hitter is a game in which one of the teams prevented the other from getting a hit.
" Advanced play " ( a variant of association play for expert players ) gives penalties to a player who runs certain hoops in a turn, to allow the opponent a chance of getting back into the game ; feats of skill such as triple peels or better, in which the partner ball ( or occasionally an opponent ball ) is caused to run a number of hoops in a turn by the striker's ball help avoid these penalties.
The bullpen depth of Rich Bordi, George Frazier, Warren Brusstar and Dickie Noles did their job in getting the game to Smith or Stoddard.
The Astros lost the first game in St. Louis, but would win the next three games, with Roy Oswalt getting the win.
* To speed the game up, extra turns or bonus moves can be awarded capturing a piece or getting a piece home ; these may grant passage past a block.
With a steady five game lead for the Wild Card, the hope of a playoff spot seemed secured, but the Brewers struggled in September, first getting swept by the New York Mets, and then just over a week later, getting swept in four games by the Philadelphia Phillies, losing their lead in the Wild Card.
) Portions of the 10, 268 people in the crowd ran out on the field to surround Williams after the game, forcing him to grab his hat in fear of its getting stolen, and he was helped into the clubhouse by his teammates.
As with other scrolling shooters, the aim of the game is to shoot all enemies that appear on screen and avoid getting obliterated by enemy fire, crashing into enemies or into foreground scenery.
It is also still used in ads showing the network's current stars getting slimed from all sides in slow motion, and is used to slime the winner at the end of the Nick game show BrainSurge, which debuted in 2009 ( slime, as well as pies, was also used as a prize, rather than a penalty, in Nickelodeon's live daily game show Slime Time Live in the early 2000s ).
A player also won by getting five " Xs " or " Os " on the game board ( thus preventing draws ).
Cochise County Sheriff Johnny Behan, a friend to the Cowboys, later testified that he first learned of the trouble while he was getting a shave at the barbershop after 1: 30 pm, which is when he had risen after the late-night game.
Orthodox chess problems involve positions that can arise from actual game play ( although the process of getting to that position may be unrealistic ).
On December 19, 2007, during the first quarter of the game versus the Atlanta Hawks while getting back on a fast-break, Alonzo Mourning tore the patellar tendon in his right knee and was required to undergo season-ending knee surgery.
He liked the concept of getting people curious about the game and from there getting them to pay the fee in order to play.
Shortly after, the game was also noted to be getting a memory expansion, extending from 96 to 128 megabits.
The theory states that a four-handed dice-chess game ( Chaturaji ) was originated in India in approximately 3000 BC ; and that arising from the results of certain rules, or the difficulty in getting enough players, the game evolved into a two-handed game ( Chaturanga ).
The game finished 1 – 1 with Lee Dixon, in his final appearance for the Gunners, getting their goal.
It has been considered a " Trojan horse " for getting NESs into stores during the video game market crash of 1983 and the accessory was called by GameSpy the fifth greatest video game marketing move within twenty-five.

game and into
the student will certainly want to explore more deeply into the fascinating study of immature individuals, struggling to meet their developmental needs, and at the same time trying to learn the rules of the game in the ever-expanding number of groups in which they hold membership.
Nor is it an accident that baseball, growing into the national game in the last 75 years, has become a microcosm of American life, that learned societies such as the American Folklore Society and the American Historical Association were founded in the 1880s, or that courses in American literature, American civilization, American anything have swept our school and college curricula.
Last year, when he worked out at halfback all season, he didn't get into a single game.
End Gene Raesz, who broke a hand in the Owl's game with LSU, was back working out with Rice Monday, and John Nichols, sophomore guard, moved back into action after a week's idleness with an ankle injury.
In addition, the asteroids rotated, a new enemy dubbed a killer satellite was added to the game, which would, when shot, break apart into three smaller ships that homed on the player's position.
In July 2009, it was revealed that Universal Studios had won the rights to adapt the game into a film.
Neither his letters nor his diaries nor his New York Times obituary ever mentions the game, and he was never inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame.
As a literary game when Latin was the common property of the literate, Latin anagrams were prominent: two examples are the change of " Ave Maria, gratia plena, Dominus tecum " ( Hail Mary, full of grace, the Lord with you ) into " Virgo serena, pia, munda et immaculata " ( Serene virgin, pious, clean and spotless ), and the anagrammatic answer to Pilate's question, " Quid est veritas?
* On the British game show BrainTeaser, contestants are shown a word broken into randomly arranged segments and must announce the whole word.
The Falcons finished the season at 10-6, securing the fifth seed after a Week 17 beatdown of Tampa Bay in which the Falcons pulled their starters after leading 42-0 just twenty-three minutes into the game.
The later plus models, 464plus and 6128plus, efforts to prolong the system's lifecycle with hardware updates, were considerably less successful, as was the attempt to repackage the plus hardware into a game console as the GX4000.
World War I saw the game in New Zealand go into recess for three quarters of a century.
In the late 19th and early 20th centuries, the game spread with the Australian Diaspora to areas such as New Zealand and South Africa ; however this growth went into rapid decline following World War I.
Third party development for the 7800 was limited as most game companies were locked into exclusive agreements with Nintendo for the NES.
An eagle will fly in the game near an area where the player has climbed to a high enough structure and there are nearby set pieces into which the player can jump, breaking the character's fall.
* c. 1283: The game of astronomical tables, from Libro de los juegos Alfonso X of Castile in Spain commissioned Libro de ajedrez, dados, y tablas ( Libro de los Juegos ( The Book of Games )) translated into Castilian from Arabic and added illustrations with the goal of perfecting the work.
Luck may be introduced into a game by a number of methods.
There are a number of different categories that board games can be broken up into, although considerable overlap exists, and a game may belong in several categories.
A new pitcher comes into the game, and the next batter hits a home run.
In the 1860s, aided by the War, " New York " style baseball expanded into a national game, as its first governing body, The National Association of Base Ball Players was formed.
By the 19th century the fixed-blade utility knife had evolved into a steel-bladed outdoors field knife capable of butchering game, cutting wood, and preparing campfires and meals.
Another manuscript of the same century has a crude but spirited picture which brings us into close touch with the existing game.

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