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influential and result
As a result, Acts is particularly influential among branches of Christianity which place particular emphasis in the Holy Spirit, such as Pentecostalism and the Charismatic movement.
As a result, his Rule became one of the most influential religious rules in Western Christendom.
These changes came about partly as the result of the urgings of Edwin Samuel Montagu, an influential anti-Zionist Jew and secretary of state for India, who was concerned that the declaration without those changes could result in increased anti-Semitic persecution.
Nonetheless, Munch was highly influential, particularly with the German Expressionists, who followed his philosophy, " I do not believe in the art which is not the compulsive result of Man's urge to open his heart.
Lesbian feminism, which was most influential from the mid 1970s to the mid 1980s, encouraged women to direct their energies toward other women rather than men, and advocated lesbianism as the logical result of feminism.
In 1974, Theodore Barber and his colleagues published an influential review of the research which argued, following the earlier social psychology of Theodore R. Sarbin, that hypnotism was better understood not as a " special state " but as the result of normal psychological variables, such as active imagination, expectation, appropriate attitudes, and motivation.
As a result of his early work, Jarmusch became an influential representative of the trend of the American road movie.
As a result of his mother's influential connections in the city, John began his education under the pagan teacher Libanius.
As a result of this popularity, Geoffrey's Historia Regum Britanniae was enormously influential on the later medieval development of the Arthurian legend.
The adoption of national identity in terms of historical development, has commonly been the result of a response by an influential group or groups that is unsatisfied with traditional identities due to inconsistency between their defined social order and the experience of that social order by its members, resulting in a situation of anomie that nationalists seek to resolve.
An influential result of Kant's search was the idea of a good will as being the only intrinsic good.
The University of Northern Iowa was founded as a result of two influential forces of the nineteenth century.
This may have been a result of the anti-Shah bias in BBC Radio's influential Persian broadcasts into Iran: a BBC report of 23 March 2009 explains that many in Iran saw the broadcaster and the government as one, and interpreted the bias for Khomeini as evidence of weakening British government support for the Shah.
( 1991 ) was the result of numerous detailed interviews with the powerful or highly influential, what used to be called The Establishment.
He learns about an influential religious movement in San Lorenzo, called Bokononism, a strange, postmodern faith that combines irreverent, nihilistic, and cynical observations about life and God's will with odd, but peaceful rituals ( for instance, the supreme act of worship is an intimate act consisting of prolonged physical contact between the bare soles of the feet of two persons, supposed to result in peace and joy between the two communicants ).
The result of Parsons ' brief tenure in the Byrds was Sweetheart of the Rodeo ( 1968 ), generally considered one of the finest and most influential recordings in the genre.
The Michelson-Morley results were immensely influential in the physics community, leading Hendrik Lorentz to devise his now-famous Lorentz contraction equations as a means of explaining the null result.
The popular perception of the battle as a tank battle was largely the result of extensive writings of influential historians Basil Liddell Hart and J. F. C. Fuller the latter erroneously claimed credit for the operational plan.
Sarah Churchill ( née Jenyns, spelt Jennings in most modern references ), Duchess of Marlborough ( 5 June 1660 ( old style ) 18 October 1744 ) rose to be one of the most influential women in British history as a result of her close friendship with Queen Anne of Great Britain.
This requirement has been very influential in the past, in the first place as a result of direct observation of causal processes ( like pushing a cart ), in the second place as a problematic aspect of Newton's theory of gravitation ( attraction of the earth by the sun by means of action at a distance ) replacing mechanistic proposals like Descartes ' vortex theory ; in the third place as an incentive to develop dynamic field theories ( e. g., Maxwell's electrodynamics and Einstein's general theory of relativity ) restoring contiguity in the transmission of influences in a more successful way than did Descartes ' theory.
As the Napoleonic Wars progress, he gains promotion steadily as a result of his skill and daring, despite his initial poverty and lack of influential friends.
Although the project was subsequently marred by financial problems − a result of the pioneering nature of the venture − the Concert for Bangladesh is recognised as a highly successful and influential humanitarian aid project, generating both awareness and considerable funds as well as providing valuable lessons and inspiration for aid projects that followed, notably Live Aid.
He and his Sapporo friend Nitobe Inazō were influential in the establishment of the Friends School in Tokyo as a result of his sojourning in the Philadelphia area.

influential and position
Thus, Cyril followed his uncle in a position that had become powerful and influential, rivalling that of the prefect in a time of turmoil and frequently violent conflict between the cosmopolitan city's Pagan, Jewish, and Christian inhabitants.
On being asked to name the ten most influential guitarists of the 20th century, he named Django Reinhardt to the first position, and also placed himself on the list.
Elagabalus tried to have his presumed lover, the charioteer Hierocles, declared Caesar, while another alleged lover, the athlete Aurelius Zoticus, was appointed to the non-administrative but influential position of Master of the Chamber, or Cubicularius.
Although moderated somewhat under Ta ' if, the Constitution gives the President a strong and influential position.
His position as curator of the museum gave him enough visibility to become highly influential on Danish archaeology.
While the historical sources do not describe the conspirators ' goals, Henry II likely intended to restore his honor and to ensure his position as the second most influential man in the Empire.
Justin soon joined the army and, because of his ability, rose through the ranks to become a general under the Emperor Anastasius I ; by the time of Anastasius ' death in 518, he held the influential position of comes excubitorum, commander of the palace guard.
Kripke's position has, however recently been defended against these and other attacks by the Cambridge philosopher Martin Kusch ( 2006 ), and Wittgenstein scholar David G. Stern considers the book to be " the most influential and widely discussed " work on Wittgenstein since the 1980s.
As a commentator he became very influential, standing on the position of the " Castle " ( group of President Masaryk ) and criticizing both communists and the Right represented by the national-democratic party of the first Czechoslovak prime minister Karel Kramář.
* Eutropius ( 5th century ): only eunuch known to have attained the highly distinguished and very influential position of Roman Consul.
He was active as a board in the influential Kunstforeningen ( Art Society ) in the 1830s when its member numbers and position peaked.
The opposing view, argued by Vice President Dick Cheney, Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld and a number of influential Department of Defense policy makers such as Paul Wolfowitz and Richard Perle, held that direct and unilateral action was both possible and justified and that America should embrace the opportunities for democracy and security offered by its position as sole remaining superpower.
As Psellos had served as Michael's personal teacher during the reign of Michael's father Constantine, and as he had played an important role in helping Michael gain power against his adversary and stepfather Romanos, Psellos probably entertained hopes of an even more influential position as a teacher and advisor under him.
During Edward's reign, Stigand was an influential advisor at court and used his position to increase his own wealth as well as that of his friends and family.
During the 15 years to follow, Birger then consolidated his position and was probably one of the most influential men years before being formally given the title jarl in 1248 by King Eric XI.
The two influential staff officers, Wimpffen and Grünne, had been actively advocating for this position for weeks and this time Charles finally acquiesced to their point of view.
Luce, who remained editor-in-chief of all his publications until 1964, maintained a position as an influential member of the Republican Party.
Because The Ladder was the primary method of communication from the leadership of the DOB to its individual chapters, the editor position was extremely influential in the group.
In a 2003 collection of essays in honour of Eileen Barker, the influential Oxford University-based religious scholar Bryan R. Wilson commented that INFORM was " often in a position from which it can reassure relatives about the character, disposition, policy, provenance and prospects of a given movement.
The offside trap is a defensive tactic designed to " trap " the attacking team into an offside position, pioneered in the early twentieth century by Notts County and later adopted by influential Argentinian coach Osvaldo Zubeldía.
Raphael Joseph Halabi (" of Aleppo ") was a wealthy and influential Jew who held the high position of mint-master and tax-farmer in Cairo under the Ottoman government.
In 1938, Phibunsongkhram replaced Phraya Phahol as Prime Minister, and consolidated his position by rewarding several members of his own army clique with influential positions in his government.
This position is laid out profoundly in one of his most influential books, Moral Man and Immoral Society ( 1932 ).
Though he was somewhat less influential among younger Hmong-Americans who have grown up primarily in the United States, he generally was considered an influential leader of U. S .- based Hmong, enjoying great loyalty for his position of leadership and respect for his military accomplishments.

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