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key and supplier
It has been noted that this was a key part of the process of the reduction of the Indian economy from sophisticated textile production to a mere supplier of raw materials which occurred under colonial rule, a process described by Nehru and more recent scholars as " de-industrialization.
Russia is a key petroleum | oil and natural gas | gas supplier to much of Europe.
Romania was a key supplier of resources, especially oil and grain.
Rubinstein had already discovered the Toshiba disk drive when meeting with an Apple supplier in Japan, and purchased the rights to it for Apple, and had also already worked out how the screen, battery, and other key elements would work.
While each process will interface with key customers and suppliers, the customer relationship management and supplier relationship management processes form the critical linkages in the supply chain.
By threatening to withhold that key product unless others are also purchased, the supplier can increase sales of less necessary products.
Kanban cards are a key component of kanban, signalling the need to move materials within a manufacturing or production facility or move materials from an outside supplier to the production facility.
NABI was founded in 1992 when the Hungarian firm Ikarus Bus, a key bus supplier to Central, Eastern Europe, spun off a majority share of their American operations to American / Hungarian investors amid financial instabilities in the wake of the end of the Cold War.
By early 2006, he was suspected as a key supplier of arms to terrorists battling Pakistani forces in North and South Waziristan.
It is a key supplier of NFL Network's programming, with more than 4, 000 hours of footage available in their library.
This is underlined by the industrial park of DEST at St. Georgen and Gusen that made the SS a key supplier of aircraft fuselages ( Me 109, Me 262 ), carbines and machine guns to companies like Messerschmitt or Steyr-Daimler-Puch.
By early 2006, he was suspected as a key supplier of arms to terrorists battling Pakistani forces in North and South Waziristan.
He made CKO Edmonton a key supplier of national news reportage in the era of the Trudeau government's National Energy Program.
During the 1880s, electricity meters became a key product for Ferranti and the company became an important supplier to many electricity supply companies: this business remained successful until the 1980s when it was transferred into a joint venture with Siemens and then sold to them.
A key to JBL's early development was Mr. Lansing's close business relationship with its primary supplier of Alnico V magnetic material, Robert Arnold of Arnold Engineering.
It was a key supplier for the largest independent British carmaker-British Motor Corporation, British Leyland, Austin Rover, Rover Group and most recently MG Rover-until the business closed due to financial problems in late 2005.
In 1996, LP purchased Associated Chemists, a key supplier of specialty coatings to the wood products industry, as well as GreenStone Industries, a manufacturer of cellulose insulation, and Tecton Laminates Corp., a producer of laminated veneer lumber and wood I-joists used in the construction industry.
All have become well known consumer brands as well as key supplier filters for global buyers.
Tosoh is a key supplier of fundamental chemicals such as caustic soda, calcium hypochloride, and sodium bicarbonate, which are used in applications that range from swimming-pool disinfectants, to food products and pharmaceuticals.
Ford Motor Company agreed to support its key supplier through the chapter 11 process by providing Visteon with Debtor-in-possession financing.
Under Chernin ’ s leadership, Twentieth Century Fox Film produced the two top-grossing movies of all time, Titanic and AVATAR ; the Fox Broadcasting Company became the No. 1-ranked network among the key demographic of 18-49-year-olds ; and Twentieth Century Fox Television, the network production arm of Fox, became the No. 1 supplier of programming to all television networks.

key and core
* Industry Services, including Business Process Outsourcing ( BPO )-addresses the core business challenges of clients in five key industries: healthcare, transportation, communications, government, and financial services, among others.
The key problem for Watson and Crick, which could not be resolved by the data from King's College, was to guess how the nucleotide bases pack into the core of the DNA double helix.
After the discovery of the hydrogen bonded A: T and C: G pairs, Watson and Crick soon had their anti-parallel, double helical model of DNA, with the hydrogen bonds at the core of the helix providing a way to " unzip " the two complementary strands for easy replication: the last key requirement for a likely model of the genetic molecule.
He was co-editor ( with Marshall Swain ) of Essays on Knowledge and Justification ( 1978 ), regarded as a key anthology of essays relating to the Gettier problem and used as a core text in undergraduate epistemology courses.
Other principles such as Accountability have sometimes been proposed for addition – it has been pointed out that issues such as Non-Repudiation do not fit well within the three core concepts, and as regulation of computer systems has increased ( particularly amongst the Western nations ) Legality is becoming a key consideration for practical security installations.
In terms of political theory, he deemphasized virtue ( a core value of republicanism ) and emphasized widespread ownership of property ( a key element of liberalism ).
However, the key deficits of receptive aphasia do not come from damage to Wernicke's area ; instead, most of the core difficulties are proposed to come from damage to the medial temporal lobe and underlying white matter.
The ICFTU lobbied for the ratification of the so-called " core labour standards " -- eight key conventions of the International Labour Organization concerning freedom of association, the abolition of child labour and forced labour and the elimination of discrimination in the workplace.
The final level is the Società Segreta, the core of the organization where key decisions are made.
As for any person with neurologic deficits, a multidisciplinary approach is key to improving quality of life ; however, there are particular difficulties in specifying a ' core team ' because people with MS may need help from almost any health profession or service at some point.
MUni riders also need a few additional skills than required for either mountain biking or regular unicycling, with core strength and balance being key.
A key change from previous values is the removal of anonymity within the core values.
Since the logistics company had the production plates for key products such as core D & D books, there was no means of printing or shipping core products to generate income or secure short-term financing.
Two key inventions led to the development of magnetic core memory in 1951.
This confusion was a key contributor to the initial failure to recognize the accident as a loss-of-coolant accident, and led operators to turn off the emergency core cooling pumps, which had automatically started after the PORV stuck and core coolant loss began, due to fears the system was being overfilled.
Cyberjaya is a town with a science park as the core that forms a key part of the Multimedia Super Corridor in Malaysia.
Scouller argued that self-mastery is the key to growing one ’ s leadership presence, building trusting relationships with followers and dissolving one ’ s limiting beliefs and habits, thereby enabling behavioral flexibility as circumstances change, while staying connected to one ’ s core values ( that is, while remaining authentic ).
Such a core ontology is a key pre-requisite to a more complete foundation ontology, or a more general philosophical sense of ontology.
The CMS software overhead may have actually been a key cause of much lower performance for many real-world applications ; the simple VLIW core architecture could not compete on computationally intensive applications ; and the southbridge interface was limited by its low bandwidth for graphics or other I / O-intensive applications.
The key instrument that provides the core groove of a salsa song is the clave.
In contrast the Medieval European's sense of self was linked to a network of social roles: " the household, the kinship network, the guild, the corporation-these were the building blocks of personhood ", Stephen Greenblatt observes, in recounting the recovery ( 1417 ) and career of Lucretius ' poem De rerum natura: " at the core of the poem lay key principles of a modern understanding of the world.
Despite such innovations, however, the core endeavor of diplomatic history remains the study of the state, which is also a key to its broadening appeal, since considerations of US state power are essential to understanding the world internationally.

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