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launch and Galileo
Galileo launch on a Soyuz rocket, 21 Oct 2011
On March 12th, 1987, the mission was rescheduled for launch in 1992, in lieu of other backlogged missions ( Galileo, Magellan, Ulysses ).
Deployment occurred on schedule at 19: 15 EDT on 18 October, slightly more than six hours after launch, and the IUS successfully boosted Galileo toward Venus on the first leg of its six-year journey to Jupiter.

launch and groups
This meeting was called to determine how these groups might cooperate to launch what is known as the Outdoor Education Project.
On its launch, Channel 4 committed itself to providing an alternative to the existing channels, an agenda in part set out by its remit which required the provision of programming to minority groups.
* 2005 – The civil war in Chad begins when rebel groups, allegedly backed by neighbouring Sudan, launch an attack in Adré.
* 1991 – Armed opposition groups launch a military coup against President of Georgia Zviad Gamsakhurdia.
* December 22 – Armed opposition groups launch a military coup against President of Georgia Zviad Gamsakhurdia.
Several guerrilla groups seeking to establish an independent Assamese state in northeast India have set up guerrilla bases in the forests of southern Bhutan, from which they launch cross-border attacks on targets in Assam.
Despite the popularity of some of his work, Little failed to launch Indigenous music in the country — from the 1970s onwards, groups such as Coloured Stone, Warumpi Band, and No Fixed Address would help improve the image of the genre.
Pakistan even allowed NATO forces stationed in Afghanistan to launch attacks on militant groups in Pakistan.
http :// launch. groups. yahoo. com / group / latinjazz /
The wing is organized into operations, launch, mission support and medical groups, along with several directly assigned staff agencies.
Carrier battle groups are especially well defended, as not only do they typically consist of many vessels with heavy air defence armament but they are also able to launch fighter jets for combat air patrol overhead to intercept incoming airborne threats.
The move came as during the 1999 – 2000 season, The WB dropped to sixth place in the ratings behind UPN, losing 19 % of its household audience ; network executives attributed the ratings decline in large part due to WGN-TV's decision to remove WB network programming from its national superstation feed after deciding the network's national distribution was large enough that broadcasting its programming outside of Chicago was no longer necessary, reducing The WB's potential household audience by 10 million homes ; this expansion was due to a series of affiliation deals for the network with station groups such as Sinclair Broadcast Group in the years following The WB's launch, as well as the network launching The WB 100 + Station Group, a national cable-only service that debuted in September 1998 serving areas with a Nielsen market ranking of # 99 and above that did not have enough broadcast stations to support an over-the-air affiliate ( WGN-TV continued to carry WB programming over-the-air in the Chicago market and on cable providers in northeastern Illinois and far northwestern Indiana until the network shut down in 2006 ).
The largest of these were the Shankill and Woodvale Defence Associations, with other groups based in East Belfast, the Hammer and Roden Street The first meeting was chaired by Billy Hull, with Alan Moon as its vice-chair, but Moon was quickly replaced by Jim Anderson and left the organisation by its formal launch in September.
The main assault force of 2, 400 men would cross the river north of Trenton and split into two groups – one under Greene and one under Sullivan – to launch a pre-dawn attack.
Before 1908, revolutionaries focused on coordinating these organizations in preparation for uprisings that these organizations would launch ; hence, these groups would provide most of the manpower needed for the overthrow of the Qing Dynasty.
In 2012, two further groups split, one criticised Workers Power's position on the NATO intervention in Libya and 16 more left to launch what the majority described as the " liquidationist " Anti-Capitalist Initiative, the latter reducing Workers Power's membership by about a third.
* Boxing day raft race down the River Otter, residents and groups make rafts and launch them down the river from Otterton to Budleigh
American Values super PAC, an Asian American group has claimed credit for the scrub shortly after the groups launch of an online viral ad condemning Hoekstra.
Twenty-four hours before launch, four groups of six jellyfish polyps each were given iodine in artificial sea water ( ASW ) to induce strobilization of polyps into the ephyrae form.
Other groups predict dates matching officially predicted launch dates ; the NASA Exoplanet Science Institute ( formerly the Michelson Science Center ) at the California Institute of Technology also sets the date at 2015.
But with David Ben-Gurion's decision, 1 October 1945, to launch an armed struggle against the British, the Palmach entered an alliance with the dissident groups, called The Hebrew Resistance Movement.
Often a campaign will use outside organizations, such as lobby groups, to launch attacks.
Two human groups launch expeditions to the Spider world: the Qeng Ho ( pronounced Cheng Ho and named after the explorer Zheng He ), traders who have developed a common interstellar culture for humanity ; and the Emergents, an authoritarian civilization that literally enslaves selected human minds and has only recently re-emerged from a Dark Age.

launch and concerned
These adaptations are exclusively concerned with the launch, as any post-launch method of extending range or controlling the jump must use aerodynamic forces, and thus is considered gliding or parachuting.
Of 12 flight objectives assigned, two were concerned with the operation of the Pegasus satellite, eight with launch vehicle systems performance, one with jettisoning the launch escape system, and one with separation of the boilerplate spacecraft.
In 1959, less than two years after the launch of Sputnik 1 marking the start of the Space Race, officials at Thacher and Caltech were concerned that the country's top high school students were not being adequately informed and inspired about careers in the physical sciences.
In the 1980s it became increasingly concerned that political reforms might overload or restrict teachers, particularly the launch of the national curriculum and league tables with the Education Reform Act 1988.
The football dates back to Dwight D. Eisenhower, but its current usage came about in the aftermath of the Cuban missile crisis, when John F. Kennedy was concerned that a Soviet commander in Cuba might launch missiles without authorization from Moscow.
'" And Senator Hillary Clinton found it " unimaginable that anyone in the public eye could launch a vicious, mean-spirited attack on people whom I've known over the last four and a half years to be concerned deeply about the safety and security of our country.

launch and over
Power generated by muscles, however, is limited by force – velocity relationship, and even at the optimal contraction speed for power production, total work done by the muscle will be less than half of what could be done if the muscle were contracting over the same distance at very slow speeds, resulting in less than 1 / 4 the projectile launch velocity possible without the limitations of the force – velocity relationship.
The modest success of this opera would launch Salieri's 34 year operatic career as a composer of over 35 original dramas.
" Magnum " is spoken over the radio to announce the launch of an AGM-88.
A full load of 6 Phoenix missiles and the unique launch rails weigh in at over, about twice the weight of Sparrows, so it was more common to carry a mixed load of 4 Phoenix, 2 Sparrow and 2 Sidewinder missiles.
Blue Steel required up to seven hours of launch preparation, and was highly unreliable ; the Royal Air Force estimated in 1963 that half the missiles would fail to fire and would have to be dropped over their targets, contradicting their purpose of serving as standoff weapons.
" When Congress, in the summer of 1973, legislated an end to U. S. military action in, over, or off the shores of Indochina, the only U. S. military activity then going on was air support of a friendly Cambodian government and army desperately defending their country against a North Vietnamese and Khmer Rouge onslaught ... What destabilized Cambodia was North Vietnam's occupation of chunks of Cambodian territory from 1965 onwards for use as military bases from which to launch attacks on U. S. and South Vietnamese forces in South Vietnam.
* 1927 – Guangzhou Uprising: Communist militia and worker Red Guards launch an uprising in the Chinese city of Guangzhou, taking over most of the city and announcing the formation of a Guangzhou Soviet.
The PC keyboard changed over the years, often at the launch of new IBM PC versions.
Twelve thermonuclear warheads were exploded in all, one of which was deliberately disrupted when the PGM-17 Thor carrying it failed to launch scattering plutonium debris over the island.
On August 1, 1981, at 12: 01 a. m., MTV launched with the words " Ladies and gentlemen, rock and roll ," spoken by John Lack, and played over footage of the first Space Shuttle launch countdown of Columbia, which took place earlier that year, and of the launch of Apollo 11.
In September 2009 Moldova became the first country in the world to launch high-definition voice services ( HD voice ) for mobile phones, and the first country in Europe to launch 14. 4 Mbit / s mobile broadband at a national scale, with over 40 % population coverage.
* 1960 – Nedelin catastrophe: An R-16 ballistic missile explodes on the launch pad at the Soviet Union's Baikonur Cosmodrome space facility, killing over 100.
To change the preceding factors for orbital launch vehicles, proposed methods have included mass-producing simple rockets in large quantities or on large scale, or developing reusable rockets meant to fly very frequently to amortize their up-front expense over many payloads, or
Each phase was preempted by larger social issues, such as the escalation of the Cold War, the launch of Sputnik, and public concern over medical abuses.
Yet the Air Force and military planners were, in the mid-1950s, reluctant to simply hand over the nuclear strike capability to missiles, which after launch were no longer under positive control, could not be recalled or redirected, and would reach their targets within a matter of minutes after the order to fire.
Over 24, 000 software titles have been released since the Spectrum's launch and new titles continue to be released, with over 90 new ones in 2010.
Subsequently and much to the agency's chagrin, on launch CAPCOM Gordon Cooper gave Gemini 3 its sendoff by saying over the uplink, " You're on your way, Molly Brown!
The Near Earth Asteroid Rendezvous-Shoemaker ( NEAR Shoemaker ), renamed after its 1996 launch in honor of planetary scientist Eugene M. Shoemaker, was a robotic space probe designed by the Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory for NASA to study the near-Earth asteroid Eros from close orbit over a period of a year.
With 134 missions, and the total cost of US $ 192 billion ( in 2010 dollars ), this gives approximately $ 1. 5 billion per launch over the life of the program.
The real celebration starts the opening of mas camp launch, several bacchanal Fridays and performers both native to Jamaica and from all over the West Indies come to get everyone in the festive mood.
Lossberg disagreed, believing that the British would launch a broad front offensive, that the ground east of the Sehnen Iine was easy to defend, that the Menin Road Ridge could be held if it was made the schwerpunkt ( point of main effort ) and that Pilckem Ridge deprived the British of ground observation over the Steenbeek Valley, while the Germans could see the area from Passchendaele Ridge, allowing German infantry to be supported by observed artillery fire.

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