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title and suggests
There is fear in the fifties as his title suggests and as his competent drawings show.
Robert Castleden suggests Plato may have borrowed his title from Hellanicus, and that Hellanicus may have based his work on an earlier work on Atlantis.
An explanation suggests that the delegates were bishops in the actual sense of the term, but that they did not possess fixed sees nor had they a special title.
The Protrepticus is, as its title suggests, an exhortation to the pagans of Greece to adopt Christianity, and within it Clement demonstrates his extensive knowledge of pagan mythology and theology.
The contents of the Stromata, as its title suggests, are miscellaneous.
Encyclopædia Britannica appeared in various editions throughout the century, and the growth of popular education and the Mechanics Institutes, spearheaded by the Society for the Diffusion of Useful Knowledge led to the production of the Penny Cyclopaedia, as its title suggests issued in weekly numbers at a penny each like a newspaper.
Oxfordians believe the title ( Shake-Speares Sonnets ) suggests a finality indicating that it was a completed body of work with no further sonnets expected, and consider the differences of opinion among Shakespearean scholars as to whether the Sonnets are fictional or autobiographical to be a serious problem facing orthodox scholars.
Although at this date the game appears to have been new enough to British readers to require explanation, the appearance by 1927 of a popular thriller with the title Scissors Cut Paper, followed by Stone Blunts Scissors ( 1929 ), suggests it quickly became popular.
He instead, as the title of the book suggests, examines the social conditions that brought about the production of the Encyclopédie.
It had been presumed that this title was by this time purely nominal, with auxiliary troops being recruited locally, but an inscription found in a recent season of excavations suggests that native Gauls were still to be found in the regiment and that they liked to distinguish themselves from British soldiers.
As the title suggests, the work presents an ambiguous and ironic projection of the ideal state.
His creations include such masterpieces as Sergei Prokofiev's Symphony-Concerto, Dmitri Shostakovich's two cello concertos, Benjamin Britten's Cello-Symphony ( which emphasizes, as its title suggests, the equal importance of soloist and orchestra ), Henri Dutilleux ' Tout un monde lointain, Witold Lutosławski's cello concerto, Dmitri Kabalevsky's two cello concertos, Aram Khachaturian's Concerto-Rhapsody, Arvo Pärt's Pro et Contra, Alfred Schnittke, André Jolivet and Krzysztof Penderecki second cello concertos, Sofia Gubaidulina's Canticles of the Sun, Luciano Berio's Ritorno degli Snovidenia, Leonard Bernstein's Three Meditations, James MacMillan's cello concerto and Olivier Messiaen's Concert à quatre ( a quadruple concerto for cello, piano, oboe, flute and orchestra ).
The title suggests that Commodus was present at his father's victory over the Marcomanni.
In her review in The Washington Post, Rita Kempley, giving it a mixed review, wrote that the film " isn't as passionate as the title suggests — in fact, it's facile — but Ryan and Kevin Kline, as her attractive opposite, are irresistible together.
As the title suggests, the victim was called Murcod Ballagh, and he was decapitated by equipment looking remarkably similar to the later French guillotines.
As the title of this track suggests, immigration of Turks around the world, especially Germany, was difficult to cope with.
The publication of " persistent abusive, often brutal behavior by named individuals with their official title, place, and time of torture " suggests that there is no official will to cease and desist such activities.
Additionally, the title page of the 1631 quarto states that the play had been acted by the King's Men both at the Globe and Blackfriars, and as the King's Men had only been performing at Blackfriars since 1610, it suggests that the play was still popular enough to be performed at least sixteen years after its debut.
Although Goldberry's origins are uncertain, Bombadil clearly identifies her as having been found by him in the river and her title " River-woman's daughter " strongly suggests that she is not a mortal human being, but rather a spirit of the river Withywindle in the Old Forest of Tolkien's Middle-earth.
The other speculation suggests the title " son of Shealtiel " does not refer to being a biological son but to being a member in Shealtiel's " household " (, bet ).
An explanation suggests that the delegates were bishops in the actual sense of the term, but that they did not possess fixed sees nor had they a special title.
Southern ( 1999, 149 ) dates the invasion to 295 ; Barnes ( 1982, 17, 293 ) mentions an earlier, unsuccessful invasion by Narseh based on the fact that the title Persici Maximi was given to all four emperors ; Odahl ( 2004, 59 ) concurs with Barnes and suggests that Saracen princes in the Syrian desert collaborated with Narseh's invasion.
As the essay ’ s title suggests, Greenberg argued that vanguard culture has historically been opposed to " high " or " mainstream " culture, and that it has also rejected the artificially synthesized mass culture that has been produced by industrialization.
The story suggests that Sigurd gave him the name King of Sicily, 20 years before he actually obtained this title.
As the title suggests, Mickey, Donald, and Goofy manage to foil his plans.

title and dealt
Latimer's branch of the Neville family was in line for the title of Earl of Warwick and because of this, Lord Latimer dealt with quite a bit of sibling rivalry.
The title refers to the possibility of winning four game points by being dealt both the highest and the lowest trump in play, capturing the Jack of trumps and winning the greatest number of card-points.
The album took a darker and more challenging tone than that of Different Class and lyrical topics-pornography ( the title track ), fame (" Glory Days ") and the after effects of drugs (" The Fear ")-were dealt with more earnestly than on previous records.
Indeed, Moore never produced work for the Vertigo imprint-having refused to work for parent company DC in the late 1980s-although his DC-published Swamp Thing work and V for Vendetta reprint-maxiseries were subsequently collected as Vertigo-issued TPBs, while the Hellblazer solo title dealt with the character co-created by Moore, but never written by him.
Ellison himself has dealt with the theme in his " The Deathbird ", the title story of Deathbird Stories, a collection based on the theme of ( for the most part ) malevolent modern-day gods.
When you dealt your cards to figure out who's the dealer and the dealer dealt seven UNO cards and the start card, you can decide which word in the title ( not vs .) you would like.
As its title implies, the Index only dealt with the censorship of printed matter and did not deal with objectionable material in media such as film.
It originated in 1981 under the informal title of " Star Chamber " as an ad-hoc committee ( MISC 62 ) which could handle appeals over spending disputes, rather than having these be dealt with by the full Cabinet.
As its title implies, the book dealt with an imaginary U. S. take-over of Canada.
The inconvenience, since 1831, of having two Earls for the same county, has been dealt with thus: The Cavendish Earls, who were elevated to a Dukedom in 1694, had been spelling their title Duke of Devonshire ; the ancient Earls had usually been Earls of Devon.
Some have criticised the series for using the universal title " Civilisation " when it actually dealt more narrowly with Christian civilisation in parts of Western Europe.
Its title was a play on The Beatles ' " Back in the U. S. S. R ." and also a reference to the DHSS, the government department that dealt with the unemployed, Nigel Blackwell having been on unemployment benefits since 1979.
The defence of the title was dealt a major blow when the club drew with bottom-placed Venezia, as Roma finished second in the table behind Juventus by a single point.
In a review of The Decline of Eastern Christianity Under Islam: From Jihad to Dhimmitude the American historian Robert Brenton Betts commented that the book dealt with Judaism at least as much as with Christianity, that the title was misleading and the central premise flawed.
This inconsistency is partly dealt with in Eisenhorn ( which is set before Gaunt's Ghosts ), also by Abnett, where the title character meets an aged Hekate.
Such cause was proposed under the title of " confirmation of veneration " ( de confirmatione cultus ); it was dealt with in an ordinary meeting of the Congregation of Rites.
Bechtel then went on to defeat his final opponent Glenn Cozen, who in the third hand of heads-up play raised all-in with a very short-stack of chips, Bechtel instantly called the bet without first looking at his cards which were while Cozen only held the, the five community cards dealt were and since neither player's hand improved Bechtel won the title on the strength of the Jack-high alone.
It was clear that the Bulls needed a center if they were to contend for a title, so Krause dealt Charles Oakley to New York for Bill Cartwright.
Literary critic Lionel Trilling dealt with the subject of sincerity, its roots, its evolution, its moral quotient, and its relationship to authenticity in a series of lectures published under the title Sincerity and Authenticity.
In 1937, Wigan was featured in the title of George Orwell's The Road to Wigan Pier, which dealt, in large part, with the living conditions of England's working poor.
The majority of his 36 published papers dealt with the chemistry and physiology of plants, the nature of soils, and the conditions of vegetable life, and were republished under the title Recherches chimiques sur la végétation (" Chemical investigations of vegetationism ").
Irish television network RTE aired on 17 January 2011 a report under the title " Unspeakable Crimes ", which dealt with this and other disagreements between the Irish bishops and Castrillón on the proper treatment of priests accused of sex abuse.
Charters, like stray cattle, had their own law with peculiar features, and these actions dealt primarily with executors who withheld the heir's title deeds which came into the their hands ( devenerunt ad manus ) with the ancestor's chattels.
His thesis dealt with the social and economic development in Japan ( original title: Die gesellschaftliche und wirtschaftliche Entwicklung in Japan ) and was supervised by Lujo Brentano.

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