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also and failed
It is, however, highly suggestive and agrees well with our own findings in which we also failed to demonstrate normally occurring bronchial artery-pulmonary artery shunts in certain species, especially the dog.
Tilghman also failed to act decisively on these orders, which in any event were now too late to be adequately carried out.
By the conditions accepted in the treaty, the Avars were to take possession of Pannonia and the Lombards were promised military support in Italy should the need arise ; also, for a period of 200 years the Lombards were to maintain the right to reclaim their former territories if the plan to conquer Italy failed, thus leaving Alboin with an alternative open.
As Chairman of the Committee on Public Expenditures, he also attempted but failed to reduce by one-fifth all federal salaries over $ 1, 000.
In 2010 – 11 season Roma was administrated by UniCredit as Sensi family failed to repay the bank and the club was put into the market, which also saw Roma did not had major signing in 2010 – 11 season.
The American explorations of the Argive Heraeum, concluded in 1895, also failed to prove that site to have been important in the prehistoric time, though, as was to be expected from its neighbourhood to Mycenae itself, there were traces of occupation in the later Aegean periods.
The practice was also well known in ancient China, as in Jing Ke's failed assassination of King Qin Shi Huang ( 227 BC ).
The UDF government also failed to stop the growing negative account balance, which has since then continued to increase, reaching a negative of $ 12. 65 billion in 2008.
The Anglo-Dutch forces gained minor compensation for the failed Moselle campaign with the success at Elixheim and the crossing of the Lines of Brabant in the Spanish Netherlands ( Huy was also retaken on 11 July ), but a chance to bring the French to a decisive engagement had eluded Marlborough.
After the discovery of the reason why the fixture had failed, a comprehensive inspection of the other fixtures in the tunnel revealed that numerous other fixtures were also in the same state of deterioration.
There was a final weak Gladstone ministry in 1892, but it also was dependent on Irish support and failed to get Irish Home Rule through the House of Lords.
For example, many people with cancer not only inherit the disease gene for the disorder, but may have also failed to inherit specific tumor suppressor genes.
The plot also failed.
When machine translation ( also known as mechanical translation ) failed to yield accurate translations right away, automated processing of human languages was recognized as far more complex than had originally been assumed.
This conspiracy also failed and the main leaders were sentenced to prison and deported to Spain.
There were also plans for Henry Norris to build a larger stadium on the other side of Stevenage Road but there was little need after the merger idea failed.
They also failed to take Trinity College, which was located in the heart of the city centre and which was defended by only a handful of armed unionist students.
An October 2007 referendum in the Canadian province of Ontario on adopting a Mixed Member Proportional system, also requiring 60 % approval, failed with only 36. 9 % voting in favour.
Ross has three failed marriages during the series: Rachel, Emily, and Carol, a lesbian who is also the mother of his son, Ben ( Cole Sprouse ).
Historically, the American film industry portrayed the Foreign Legion as, in the words of Neil Tweedie of The Daily Telegraph, having " a reputation as a haven for cut-throats, crooks and sundry fugitives from justice " and also having many men escaping failed romances.
But the red-green coalition also failed to get a majority, with the SPD losing votes, but polling 34. 2 % and the greens staying at 8. 1 %.
Guy Fawkes ( 13 April 1570 – 31 January 1606 ), also known as Guido Fawkes, the name he adopted while fighting for the Spanish in the Low Countries, was a member of a group of provincial English Catholics who planned the failed Gunpowder Plot of 1605.
However, extensive experiments with it also failed to reproduce the described intensity of Greek fire.
As a consequence, Herbert's personal troubles increased as he subsequently failed as a draper and also, later, as a chemist's assistant.
After PASOK also failed to negotiate a successful agreement to form a government, emergency talks with the President ended with a new election being called while Panagiotis Pikrammenos was appointed as Prime Minister in a caretaker government.

also and decided
At Fort Garry some of the Swiss also decided to cast their lot with the United States, and in 1823 several families paid guides to take them to Fort Snelling.
It decided, also, that the purely secular efforts of Bienville were insufficient, and sent missionaries to win the savages from the heathen Carolinians.
Charlie Marble was back and forth on several occasions, first to confer with Andy on the advisability of cancelling the Las Vegas engagement -- they decided it was wise -- and later to announce that a prominent comedian, also an agency client, had agreed to fill the casino's open date.
The Encyclopedia of Twentieth Century Architecture states that the statuary was indeed Mary the mother of Jesus, also noting Gaudi's devoutness, and notes that the owner decided not to include it after Semana Trágica, an outbreak of anticlericalism in the city.
He was also a powerful and consistent supporter of Skanderbeg, whom he decided to take under his protection as a vassal in 1451, shortly after the latter had scored his second victory against Murad II.
We are not certain that the word " democracy " was extant when systems that came to be called democratic were first instituted, but around 460 BC an individual is known whose parents had decided to name him ' Democrates ', a name which may have been manufactured as a gesture of democratic loyalty ; the name can also be found in Aeolian Temnus, not a particularly democratic state.
So they decided to also develop their own alternative in the form of an improved floppy disk controller and printer interface that could be built right into a floppy disk enclosure.
Years later, he decided that this sort of experience had provided him with not only an interest in design, but also a habit of being familiar with and knowledgeable about the materials that his later projects would require.
It was also in 1914 that Apis decided that Archduke Franz Ferdinand, the heir-apparent of Austria, should be assassinated.
These unacceptable demands together with the Bulgarian refusal to demobilize its army after the Treaty of London had ended the common war against the Ottomans and alarmed Greece, which decided also to maintain its army's mobilization.
Chaplin decided not to release the film in the United States, which also meant that it was financially much less successful than his earlier films, despite moderate commercial success in Europe.
Camp is responsible for pioneering the play from scrimmage ( earlier games featured a rugby scrum, and was also the one who decided that teams should have four downs to advance the ball ten yards.
After also experimenting with pre-med, he decided that math, physics and chemistry " was not just my bag " and he entered the fine arts program.
But because of high demand for trade with the West ( mainly slave trade ), and the fact that still many colonies existed, it was decided to establish the Second Chartered West India Company ( also called New West India Company ) in 1675.
It also explains why Bung decided to drop the use of this port in the latter V64Jr models.
Most councils dealt not only with doctrinal but also with disciplinary matters, which were decided in canons (" laws ").
" Boztepe also began training in Latosa Escrima, which Kernspecht's German Wing Tsun Organization had decided to make part of the family in 1982.
The Lord Mayor of the city, Sir John Lawrence, also decided to stay in the city.
Following intense media attention surrounding the matter, Brundtland decided to change residence once more, back to Norway, and she also announced that she would be paying for the treatments herself.
The manual also contains a " tonsil ", as explained in this footnote: " 4 ) Since all other reference manuals have Appendices, it was decided that the INTERCAL manual should contain some other type of removable organ.
Congress also debated whether the federal government had the authority to accept the gift, though with Adams leading the initiative, Congress decided to accept the legacy bequeathed to the nation and pledged the faith of the United States to the charitable trust on July 1, 1836.
After a period of unemployment, Major started working at the London Electricity Board ( where his successor as the Prime Minister, Tony Blair, also worked when he was young ) in 1963, and he decided to undertake a correspondence course in banking.
Madison and Jefferson had also decided on an embargo to punish Britain and France, which forbade American trade with any foreign nation.
This season was also the first year the team played without their standout wide receiver Jimmy Smith as he decided to retire.
The government also decided to disaffiliate many private Indian colleges, which had come up lately and were regarded by the Government as hot beds of nationalist agitation.

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