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short and Mle
This short carbine version of the Lebel, called the Mle 1886 M93-R35, was assembled in fairly large numbers ( about 50, 000 ) at Manufacture d ' Armes de Tulle ( MAT ), beginning in 1935.

short and 1890
The Gothic tradition continued in the 19th century, in such works as Mary Shelley's Frankenstein ( 1818 ), Edgar Allan Poe's short stories, the works of Sheridan Le Fanu, Robert Louis Stevenson's Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde ( 1886 ), Oscar Wilde's The Picture of Dorian Gray ( 1890 ), and Bram Stoker's Dracula ( 1897 ).
Cotten made his film debut in the Welles-directed short Too Much Johnson, a comedy that was intended to complement an aborted 1938 Mercury stage production of William Gillette's 1890 play.
* 1890 – Conrad Richter, American novelist and short story writer ( d. 1968 )
In the United Kingdom, Thomas Hardy wrote dozens of short stories, including " The Three Strangers " ( 1883 ), " A Mere Interlude " ( 1885 ) and " Barbara of the House of Grebe " ( 1890 ).
The initial agricultural endeavors were primarily cattle ranching, with some cultivation ; however, a series of harsh winters beginning in 1886, coupled with overgrazing followed by a short drought in 1890, led to an expansion of land under cultivation.
Following the commercial failure of his novel The Tragic Muse, in 1890, James renounced novel writing and dedicated himself to short fiction and plays, which he described as related forms.
Between 1890 and 1895, he sketched in his notebooks plots and themes of nearly all his later novels, which he first conceived as short stories or plays.
In the second period, as noted above, he abandoned the serialised novel and from 1890 to about 1897, he wrote short stories and plays.
For a short time, Cleveland County was known as Little River County, until an election in 1890.
There are also those who point to Anton Chekov's short stories and plays and Knut Hamsun's Hunger ( 1890 ), and Mysteries ( 1892 ) as offering glimpses of the use of stream of consciousness as a narrative technique at the end of the nineteenth-century .< ref > James Wood.
Throughout that same year, 1890, she became inspired enough to write fifteen essays, poems, a novella, and the short story The Yellow Wallpaper.
Milner is credited with organizing the university's initial collection of more than 40, 000 items and was a prolific author of more than seventy articles and short monographs in library and education journals during her tenure as University Librarian from 1890 to 1927.
He then devoted himself to fiction, beginning with a collection of naturalistic short stories called Im Zwielicht (" At Twilight ", 1886 ), and the novels Frau Sorge (" Dame Care ", 1887 ), Geschwister (" Siblings ", 1888 ) and Der Katzensteg (" Cats ' Bridge ", 1890 ).
Out of almost three-quarters of a million votes cast, Musgrove had won 8, 300 more votes than Parker in a four-way election, but fell a fraction of a percentage point short of receiving a majority ( as required by the state ’ s 1890 Constitution ).
She also wrote a number of short stories in the years 1890 and 1891, although these also never appeared in print.
Earlier in 1889, the company opened its main line-Tennōji-which includes a short portion of Osaka Loop Line, Tennōji-; the station itself was opened in the following year 1890 between Tennōji and Minatomachi.
His record in matches was equally impressive: at Berlin in 1890 he drew a short play-off match against his brother Berthold ; and won all his other matches from 1889 to 1893, mostly against top-class opponents: Curt von Bardeleben ( 1889 ; ranked 9th best player in the world by Chessmetrics at that time ), Jacques Mieses ( 1889 ; ranked 11th ), Henry Edward Bird ( 1890 ; then 60 years old ; ranked 29th ), Berthold Englisch ( 1890 ; ranked 18th ), Joseph Henry Blackburne ( 1892, without losing a game ; Blackburne was aged 51 then, but still 9th in the world ), Jackson Showalter ( 1892 – 1893 ; 22nd ) and Celso Golmayo Zúpide ( 1893 ; 29th ).
During July 1890 ( not May 1890, as previously thought ), Franck was riding in a cab which was struck by a horse-drawn trolley, injuring his head and causing a short fainting spell.
After he left school in 1888 he spent a year in his father's business, then, in 1889 – 1890, he did military service in the Kassel Hussars followed by a short time as a bookseller in Hamburg.
On 18 December 1890, a short branch line was opened by the London & North Western Railway ( LNWR, successor to the L & BR ) to Belmont and Stanmore to the north-east of the main line.
In 1890, a delegation of Hungarian pilgrims in Turin recorded a short patriotic speech delivered by the elderly Lajos Kossuth.

short and 1892
James wrote a lot of short stories himself, including " The Real Thing " ( 1892 ), " Maud-Evelyn " and The Beast in the Jungle ( 1903 ).
Schatz believes " this scarcely holds up to scrutiny " and argues that a more likely inspiration was Bret Harte's 1892 short story " The Outcasts of Poker Flat.
* Makar Chudra ( Макар Чудра ), short story, 1892
In 1892, Georges Rodenbach wrote the short novel Bruges-la-morte, set in the Flemish town of Bruges, which Rodenbach described as a dying, mediæval city of mourning and quiet contemplation: in a typically symbolist juxtaposition, the dead city contrasts with the diabolical re-awakening of sexual desire.
* " The Bush Undertaker " ( short story, 1892 )
* " The Drover's Wife " ( short story, 1892 )
The publication of a new Hebrew-English Lexicon was started in 1892 under the editorship of Professors Francis Brown, Samuel Rolles Driver and Charles Augustus Briggs, now well known as the Brown Driver Briggs lexicon or BDB for short.
Samuel Renshaw ( 1892 – 1981 ) was an American psychologist whose work became famous for a short period of time during World War II when he taught soldiers to identify enemy aircraft in a split second, using tachistoscopic training.
* Ein Horazjubiläum ( 1892 ), contains a short autobiography
Among her most celebrated roles with Irving were Ophelia, Pauline in The Lady of Lyons by Edward George Bulwer-Lytton ( 1878 ), Portia ( 1879 ), Queen Henrietta Maria in William Gorman Wills's drama Charles I ( 1879 ), Desdemona in Othello ( 1881 ), Camma in Tennyson's short tragedy The Cup ( 1881 ), Beatrice in Much Ado About Nothing, another of her signature roles ( 1882 and often thereafter ), Juliet in Romeo and Juliet ( 1882 ), Jeanette in The Lyons Mail by Charles Reade ( 1883 ), the title part in Reade's romantic comedy Nance Oldfield ( 1883 ), Viola in Twelfth Night ( 1884 ), Margaret in the long-running adaptation of Faust by Wills ( 1885 ), the title role in Olivia ( 1885, which she had played earlier at the Court Theatre ), Lady Macbeth in Macbeth ( 1888, with incidental music by Arthur Sullivan ), Queen Katherine in Henry VIII ( 1892 ), Cordelia in King Lear ( 1892 ), Rosamund de Clifford in Becket by Alfred Tennyson ( 1893 ), Guinevere in King Arthur by J. Comyns Carr, with incidental music by Sullivan ( 1895 ), Imogen in Cymbeline ( 1896 ), the title character in Victorien Sardou and Émile Moreau's play Madame Sans-Gêne ( 1897 ) and Volumnia in Coriolanus ( 1901 ).
It is short – lived and collapses in 1892 when the Football League expands.
In 1892 he published Fantôme d ' orient, a short novel derived from a subsequent trip to Istanbul, less a continuation of Aziyadé than a commentary on it.
The school was acquired by the Central Illinois Conference of the Free Methodist Church in 1892 after Almira College faced financial struggles and was forced to close for a short period of time.
This gold rush was short lived though with further discoveries soon at other locations culminating in the major discoveries at Coolgardie in 1892 and Kalgoorlie in 1893 ( see section below ).
He was one of the commissioners appointed to build the state capitol 1874 ; in 1867 appointed clerk of Westchester County, but resigned after a short service ; made immigration commissioner by New York Legislature in 1870, but declined to serve ; member of boundary commission of the state of New York in 1875 ; had also been commissioner of quarantine and president of Court of Claims of New York City and commissioner of taxes and assessments for the city and county of New York ; defeated for Lieutenant Governor of New York on the Liberal Republican-Democratic ticket in 1872 ; candidate for U. S. Senator from New York in 1881, but withdrew after the 41st ballot ; declined nomination as a senator in 1885 ; but elected to the U. S. Senate in 1899, and re-elected in 1905, and served from March 4, 1899, to March 4, 1911 ; stumped the state of New York for John C. Frémont in 1856 and for Abraham Lincoln in 1860 ; delegate-at-large to Republican National conventions 1888-1904 and delegate to all following conventions, including 1928, being elected the day before he died ; made the nomination speeches for Harrison in 1892, Governor Morton in 1896, and Fairbanks in 1904 ; at the convention in 1888 received ninety-nine votes for the presidential nomination, and in 1892 declined an appointment as Secretary of State in Harrison's cabinet ; Adjutant of the 18th Regiment, New York National Guard, which served in the American Civil War, and later Colonel and Judge Advocate of the 5th Division, on the staff of Major General James W. Husted of the New York Guard, trustee of Peekskill Military Academy ; president of New York State Society of the Sons of the American Revolution, of the Pilgrims Society from 1918 until his death, of the St. Nicholas Society, and of the Union League for seven years ( member since 1868 and elected honorary life member at the close of his presidency ); an officer of the French Légion d ' honneur ; vice president of New York Chamber of Commerce 1904-08 ( member since 1885 ).
These are the first of the Sherlock Holmes short stories, originally published as single stories in the Strand Magazine from July 1891 to June 1892.
Category: 1892 short story collections
), Cholsey and Moulsford to Didcot ( 27 December 1892 ), Various short sections between Didcot and Swindon, and at Bristol.
The blind American author was accused of plagiarism in 1892 with regard to her published short story, The Frost King.

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