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well and outstanding
A more complete list would also include Bradbury's `` The Pedestrian '' ( 1951 ), Philip K. Dick's Solar Lottery ( 1955 ), David Karp's One ( 1953 ), Wilson Tucker's The Long Loud Silence ( 1952 ), Jack Vance's To Live Forever ( 1956 ), Gore Vidal's Messiah ( 1954 ), and Bernard Wolfe's Limbo ( 1952 ), as well as the three perhaps most outstanding dystopias, Frederik Pohl and C. M. Kornbluth's The Space Merchants ( 1953 ), Kurt Vonnegut's Player Piano ( 1952 ), and John Wyndham's Re-Birth ( 1953 ), works which we will later examine in detail.
and now, therefore, do I, John A. Notte, Jr., governor of the State of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations, proclaim the week of april 29th to may 7th, 1961, as Rhode Island Heritage Week, advising our citizens that throughout this week many historic houses and beautiful gardens will be open to visitors as well as industrial plants, craft shops, museums and libraries and I earnestly urge all to take advantage of these opportunities to see as many of these places as they can during this outstanding week.
:" On the other hand, a goddess of death who represents the horrors of slaughter and decay is something well known elsewhere ; the figure of Kali in India is an outstanding example.
He was also an outstanding cricketer, whose performance would still be well remembered decades later, leading to the near unmasking of his incognito in Murder Must Advertise.
Glamour Women of the Year 2001, 2001 SAIS-Novartis International Journalism Award from Johns Hopkins University, Certificate of Special Congressional Recognition from the U. S. Congress, 2004, Honorary Doctorate from University of Antwerp ( Belgium ) for outstanding non-academic achievements, as well as many other awards.
More's work, and that of contemporary historian Polydore Vergil, reflects a move from mundane medieval chronicles to a dramatic writing style ; for example, the shadowy King Richard is an outstanding, archetypal tyrant drawn from the pages of Sallust, and should be read as a meditation on power and corruption as well as a history of the reign of Richard III.
Although ZIPI provided many outstanding new features, they did not line up well with existing MIDI-based implementations.
He served as a General in the Union Army during the American Civil War ( 1861 – 65 ), for which he received recognition for his outstanding command of military strategy as well as criticism for the harshness of the " scorched earth " policies that he implemented in conducting total war against the Confederate States.
The Ivor Novello Awards for songwriting, established in 1955 in Novello's memory, are awarded each year by the British Academy of Songwriters, Composers and Authors ( BASCA ) to British songwriters and composers as well as to an outstanding international music writer.
The proximity of the ancient woodland Burnham Beeches and Black Park to Pinewood ( as well as to Shepperton and Bray studios ) and the outstanding natural beauty of the forest have made Burnham Beeches a desirable filming location for productions being filmed at Pinewood.
Though not an outstanding student there and composing little, he progressed well in violin under Valdemar Tofte and received a solid grounding in music theory from Orla Rosenhoff, who would remain a valued adviser during Nielsen's early years as a professional composer.
A safe learning environment, a strong commitment to every student through the district-wide implementation of RtI ( Response to Intervention ), innovative grading and assessment practices as well as outstanding staff are all reasons the students at Dansville Schools are learning and thriving every day
The district spends $ 9, 242 per pupil ( a $ 2, 297 deficit in spending per pupil according to the study ), with outstanding results and a well rounded program.
The outstanding care of the residents can be attributed to the dedication and hard work of the employees, as well as to the individual attention given in mind to all resident well being.
Haughey's status by 1961 was such that Opposition Leader James Dillon complimented him lavishly on the floor of the Dáil, remarking on his opponent's " skill with which he has had recourse to his brief ," as well as his " extraordinary erudition " and " his exceptional and outstanding ability.
The surviving church is the town's outstanding feature, which is all the more remarkable because the abbey, as a nunnery, would have been less well financially endowed than other religious establishments of the time.
" That salegirl was very la-la "/" The clothes are so la la " These days, the term is also used to describe guys who sports outstanding / bizarre hairstyle and wear outstanding clothes and accessories resulting in bad taste as well.
To coincide with the centennial of Canadian Confederation, the three-tiered order was established in 1967 as a fellowship that recognizes the achievement of outstanding merit or distinguished service by Canadians who made a major difference to Canada through lifelong contributions in every field of endeavour, as well as the efforts made by non-Canadians who have made the world better by their actions.
The University invests over £ 700, 000 annually in its scholarship programme to help academically excellent students as well as students with outstanding achievements in various sports disciplines, such as hockey, tennis and basketball.
Rewald focused on outstanding early Post-Impressionists active in France: on Van Gogh, Gauguin, Seurat, Redon, and their relations as well as the artistic circles they frequented ( or they were in opposition to ):
Watercolor painting also became popular in the United States during the 19th century ; outstanding early practitioners include John James Audubon, as well as early Hudson River School painters such as William H. Bartlett and George Harvey.
For example, if being a truly outstanding scientist requires impressive math skills, so that one might say " doing mathematics well is necessary to be a first rate scientist ".
It possesses many outstanding features that have made it well known among linguists.

well and drama
The drama in the theater and the concert in the hall both have a fixed time, but the time is fixed by the director and the players, the conductor and the instrumentalists, subject, therefore, to much variation, as record collectors well know.
* Loanwords that have a low central vowel in their language of origin, such as llama, pasta, and pyjamas, as well as place names like Gaza, tend to have rather than ( which is the same as due to the father – bother merger, see below ); this also applies to older loans like drama or Apache.
The city served as the venue for the medical dramas ER and Chicago Hope, as well as the fantasy drama series Early Edition and 2005 – 2009 drama Prison Break.
Barrymore's role in the costume drama Ever After ( 1998 ) offered a modern take on the classic fairy tale of Cinderella and served as a reminder, according to Roger Ebert, of how well Drew Barrymore " can hold the screen and involve us in her characters ".
With a legendary Hollywood " girl next door " image, and capable of delivering comedy and romance as well as heavy drama, she appeared in 39 films, released 29 albums, spent 460 weeks in the Top 40 charts and eventually became one of America's most beloved entertainers.
Opened in 1962, the Hop houses the College's drama, music, film, and studio arts departments, as well as a woodshop, pottery studio, and jewelry studio which are open for use by students and faculty.
An ensemble courtroom drama, the film was well received by critics, earning an 88 % rating on Rotten Tomatoes.
Working closely with his librettists and well aware that dramatic expression was his forte, he made certain that the initial work upon which the libretto was based was stripped of all " unnecessary " detail and " superfluous " participants, and only characters brimming with passion and scenes rich in drama remained.
They seem to be working pretty well together, but at some point drama must rear its head.
The drama also introduced and popularised the phrase: " You might very well think that ; I couldn't possibly comment.
Going beyond faithful renderings of anatomy, Audubon employed carefully constructed composition, drama, and slightly exaggerated poses to achieve artistic as well as scientific effects.
While Baum was touring with The Maid of Arran, the theatre in Richburg caught fire during a production of Baum's ironically-titled parlor drama, Matches, destroying not only the theatre, but the only known copies of many of Baum's scripts, including Matches, as well as costumes.
The celebration was given a more organised form in 1974, including a Miss Culture Show and a Calypso Competition, as well as drama performances, old fashion Troupes ( including Johnny Walkers, Giant and Spear, Bulls, Red Cross and Blue Ribbon ), arts and crafts exhibitions and recipe competitions.
Sex, Lies, and Videotape was followed by a series of low-budget box-office disappointments: Kafka, a biopic mixing fact and Kafka's own fiction ( notably The Castle and The Trial ), written by Lem Dobbs and starring Jeremy Irons as Franz Kafka ; King of the Hill ( 1993 ), a critically acclaimed Depression-era drama ; The Underneath ( 1995 ), a remake of Robert Siodmak's 1949 film noir Criss Cross ; and Schizopolis ( 1996 ), a comedy which he starred in, wrote, composed, and shot as well as directed.
ITV produced youth-oriented genre programmes during the 1970s, such as Timeslip ( 1970 – 71 ), The Tomorrow People ( 1973 – 79 ), and Children of the Stones ( 1977 ), as well as shows aimed at a wider audience such as the time-travel drama Sapphire & Steel ( 1979 – 82 ).
The corpus of Sanskrit literature encompasses a rich tradition of poetry and drama as well as scientific, technical, philosophical and dharma texts.
Barnett also observes that the opposing noises in the soundtrack — gritty little harp figures — are as hard as shards of steel as well as a jazz drum-kit placing the drama in the city – indicative of loneliness while surrounded by people.
However, Johnson was well aware that Aristotle had only recommended the unity of action, and knew that rules must serve drama, not vice versa:
She won the Best Actress Academy Award for her portrayal of Blanche DuBois in A Streetcar Named Desire ( 1951 ), a role she also played on stage in London's West End, as well as for her portrayal of the southern belle Scarlett O ' Hara, alongside Clark Gable, in the American Civil War drama Gone with the Wind.
* October 14 – October 16 – The United States is caught up in a drama that unfolds on television as a young child, Jessica McClure, falls down a well in Midland, Texas, and is later rescued.
In 1992, Eastwood directed Unforgiven, a revisionist western drama for which he won an Oscar for best director, as well as Best Picture.
Beza found time to write a Biblical drama, Abraham Sacrifiant, in which he contrasted Catholicism with Protestantism, and the work was well received.
After embarking on an acting career in 1950, at the age of 20, Grace Kelly appeared in New York City theatrical productions as well as in more than forty episodes of live drama productions broadcast during the early 1950s Golden Age of Television.
Here serious drama and politics were blended with high and low comedy ; the plot centered on a love affair between Catiline and a daughter of Cicero as well as the historic political situation.

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