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well and there
Some chaps that know an area well can make their way by landmarks, a tree here, a wash here, a boulder there.
But there have been abrupt changes as well: the sit-ins, the picket lines, the bus strikes -- all of these were unheard-of even ten years ago.
Thus, there is freshness not only in the individual movements of the dance but in the shape of their continuity as well.
In method as well as in theme this little anecdote with its details selected as much for expressiveness and allegory as for `` realism '', anticipates a kind of musical composition, as well as a kind of fictional composition, in which, as Leverkuhn says, `` there shall be nothing unthematic ''.
Henrietta, however, was at that time engaged in a lengthy correspondence with Joe's older and more serious brother, Morris, who was just about her own age and whom she had got to know well during trips to Philadelphia with Papa, when he substituted for Rabbi Jastrow at Rodeph Shalom Temple there during its Rabbi's absence in Europe.
You may do well to take notice, that besides the title to land between the English and the Indians there, there are twelve of the English that have subscribed their names to horrible and detestable blasphemies, who are rather to be judged as blasphemous than they should delude us by winning time under pretence of arbitration ''.
for if this can be proved we shall surely be the gainers -- I mean, if there is a use in poetry as well as a delight ''.
It usually turned out well for him because either he liked the right people or there were only a few wrong people in the town.
In spite of his being well liked there were a few people who were very careful about Alfred.
The first time I went there he asked me to bring him water from Flagler's well -- water that reminded him of his first days in the mountains -- and before I came the next time I filled a five-gallon jug for him and brought it to the hospital.
Small wonder that Milton later boasted of how well his work had been received there, since he attained a rank in the order of commencing bachelors higher than that of any other inceptor from Christ's of that year.
If they do as well as they did in 1960 there can be no complaint.
As for rebuilding, well, that might be looked into, but there was no hurry, no hurry at all.
For a moment she thought of answering with the truth but she knew there were men who shied away from virginity, who demanded some degree of education in body as well as mind.
At the same time there has been an upgrading and expansion of municipal services as well.
Consequently there have developed several forms of grants-in-aid and shared taxes, as well as the unrestricted grant to local governments for general purposes whose adoption accompanied the introduction of a sales tax at the state level.
But there are indications that many developing nations will welcome Peace Corps volunteers, and that if the volunteers are well chosen, they will soon demonstrate their value and make many friends.
No matter how well conceived and efficiently run, there probably will be failures.
And, besides, there are a large number of scholars, artists, composers of music, novelists, poets, essayists, choreographers, lawyers, servants of government, and men of affairs -- hundreds, indeed -- who serve the Foundation well with the advice they give us freely and gratis out of their experience.
As mass dealer and distributor organizations grow in size, there is every reason to expect them to try to share in the manufacturer's as well as the distributor's profits -- which is, in effect, what the sale of private brands tends to do.
Although there is no question but that the process of washing fabrics involves a number of phenomena which are related together in an extremely complicated way and that these phenomena and their interrelations are not well understood at the present, this section attempts to present briefly an up-to-date picture of the physical chemistry of washing either fabrics or hard surfaces.
probably it is correct to think of it as a matter of a well-grooved, stereotyped mode of expression -- and no, or but a few, other communicational grooves, as yet -- being there, available for the patient's use, as newly-emerging emotions and ideas well up in him over the course of months.
Often, therefore, there are a number of rules having the same effect, and commonly other sets of rules as well, having the opposite effect.

well and have
If it were not that I knew who it was I could have mistaken it for my Aunt so well did her clothes fit him.
Had Dandy been older or wiser, instinct might have warned him that he would be well advised to flee from the Lalauries' tender care if he valued his life.
-- liberal considers that the need for a national economy with controls that will assure his conception of social justice is so great that individual and local liberties as well as democratic processes may have to yield before it.
Such problems are of extreme interest as well as importance and are so much like fighting in a rain forest or guerrilla warfare at night in tall grass that we might have to re-examine primitive conflicts for what they could teach.
But all this, I am well aware, is the bel canto of love, and although I have always liked to think that it was to the bel canto and to that alone that I listened, I know well enough that it was not.
But I have been blest with excellent spirits, and to-day have been running about the deck, and dancing in our room for exercise, as well as ever ''.
`` It would be a disgrace, and, as I have already said to the people of Tennessee, if Hearst is nominated, we may as well pen a dispatch, and send it back from the field of battle: ' All is lost, including our honor ' ''.
The orator of this period, in order to earn a reputation, had to pay close attention to the formal composition of his speech, judging how it would appear in print as well as the effect it would have on the audience that heard it.
As I have said, words from Tennyson remain ever in my memory: `` That mind and soul, according well, May make one music as before ''.
The headquarters of Morgan was on a farm, said to have been particularly well located so as to prevent the farmers nearby from trading with the British, a practice all too common to those who preferred to sell their produce for British gold rather than the virtually worthless Continental currency.
But although in many of these discussions Othon and Amadee might have been tempted to consider their own interests as well as those of the king, Edward's confidence in them was so absolute that they were made the acknowledged leaders of the embassy.
Physically as well as mentally I have reached the limit of my endurance.
The Manchester Guardian wondered how anyone in a railway carriage would have an opportunity to talk to Mr. Lewis, since it was well known that Mr. Lewis always did all of the talking.
The churches, the taverns, and the various other places of the town must have known his figure well as he roved to and about them.
Since the great flood of these dystopias has appeared only in the last twelve years, it seems fairly reasonable to assume that the chief impetus was the 1949 publication of Nineteen Eighty-Four, an assumption which is supported by the frequent echoes of such details as Room 101, along with education by conditioning from Brave New World, a book to which science-fiction writers may well have returned with new interest after reading the more powerful Orwell dystopia.
Not all recent science fiction, however, is dystopian, for the optimistic strain is still very much alive in Mission Of Gravity and Childhood's End, as we have seen, as well as in many other recent popular novels and stories like Fred Hoyle's The Black Cloud ( 1957 ) ; ;
The reason is, I think, my awareness that my remarks last quarter on pacifism may well have served to confirm the opinion of some that my tendency to skepticism and dissent gets us nowhere, and that I am simply too old to hope.
The narrator feels himself catching a glimpse of pre-history, learning of man's `` age-old familiarity with misfortune '', as well as his `` equally age-old ingenuity, his secret faith in endurance, however crammed with catastrophes, the same faith perhaps as the cave-men used to have in the face of famine ''.
The United States might well have exploited the opportunity provided by the European Recovery Program to push the hesitant European nations toward political federation as well as economic cooperation, but all proposals to this effect were rejected by the United States Government at the time.
`` It might well start a craze like swallowing goldfish or pee-wee golf '', wrote Kenneth Rexroth in an explanatory note in the Evergreen Review, and he may have been right.

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