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with and SunDog
SunDog was first developed for the Apple II, with version 1. 0 was released in March 1984, and version 1. 1 ( bug fixes ) released three weeks later.
The game begins with the player finding his uncle's ship, the SunDog, in need of repairs.
The merchant space avenues abound with pirates eager to rob merchant vessels, like the SunDog.
The equipment the SunDog comes with is only suitable for landing in cities with a starport.
The only way to do this is by outfitting the SunDog with advanced equipment.
* Bruce Webster's official SunDog site ( currently being refurbished ) with history, feedback from SunDog players, and old design notes.
* A history of FTL and SunDog with helpful tips and strategies for the game ( archived version )

with and packaging
Extruded expandable styrene film or sheet -- claimed to be competitive price-wise with paper -- also showed much potential, particularly for packaging.
The high price was likely due to the rare documents and packaging offered in the sale in addition to the computer, including the original packaging ( with the return label showing Steve Jobs ' parents ' address, the original Apple Computer Inc ' headquarters ' being their garage ), a personally typed and signed letter from Jobs ( answering technical questions about the computer ), and the original invoice showing ' Steven ' as the salesman.
They are used extensively in the woodworking and packaging industries ; also used with fabrics and fabric-based components, and in engineered products such as loudspeaker cones.
Atari 5200 system with controller, game cartridges and packaging
In 1991, Atari Corp. relaunched the Lynx with a new marketing campaign, new packaging, slightly improved hardware, and a new sleek look.
* Following controversy over possible increased mortality ( death ) related to antipsychotics in individuals with dementia, warnings have been added to packaging.
Anheuser-Busch has introduced many can designs with co-branding and sports marketing promotional packaging.
Because chip packaging was not available with enough pins, the F8 was instead fabricated as a pair of chips that had to be used together to form a complete CPU.
The ancestral genome was complex with at least 41 genes including ( 1 ) the replication machinery ( 2 ) up to four RNA polymerase subunits ( 3 ) at least three transcription factors ( 4 ) capping and polyadenylation enzymes ( 5 ) the DNA packaging apparatus ( 6 ) and structural components of an icosahedral capsid and the viral membrane.
A market might deal with a product ( such as apples, aluminium and mobile phones ), or with services of a factor of production, ( brick laying, book printing, food packaging ).
Even though Microsoft released a cheap version of Adventure with its initial version of MS-DOS 1. 0 for IBM PCs, Zork I was still a popular seller for the PC, thanks to the superior quality of its writing and packaging.
* The Gallery of Zork an updated version of the Infocom Gallery with higher-resolution photos, more material, such as more photos of earlier packaging, and online playable versions of the Infocom games.
Intellivision's packaging and promotional materials, as well as television commercials, promised that with the addition of a soon-to-be-available accessory called the " Keyboard Component ", originally portrayed in TV ads as a larger box with an opening in the top that the Intellivision fit into.
High-volume lithography is used presently to produce posters, maps, books, newspapers, and packaging — just about any smooth, mass-produced item with print and graphics on it.
This is confirmed in an interview with a Maxis employee on a bonus disc released with The Sims: Makin ' Magic advertising The Sims 2 and also in early packaging of SimCity 2000 Special Edition.
Nintendo allowed the Super NES version of Mortal Kombat II to ship uncensored the following year with a content warning on the packaging.
Neapolitan ice cream is made up of blocks of chocolate, vanilla and strawberry ice cream side by side in the same container ( typically with no packaging in between ).
To sell would-be customers on its technical abilities as a computer-based console, the Odyssey² was marketed with superlative phrases such as " The Ultimate Computer Video Game System ", " Sync-Sound Action ", " True-Reality Synthesization ", " On-Screen Digital Readouts " and " a serious educational tool " on the packaging for the console and its game cartridges.
When ultra-heat treatment ( UHT ) is combined with sterile handling and container technology ( such as aseptic packaging ), it can even be stored unrefrigerated for 6 to 9 months.
A DPDT AC coil relay with " ice cube " packaging
This occurs in a series of wafer processing steps collectively referred to as BEOL ( not to be confused with back end of chip fabrication which refers to the packaging and testing stages ).

with and cover
It was as if they could hardly wait to get into their costumes, cover their faces with masks and go adventuring.
The daybed Eugene had slept in, made up now with its dark-brown velours cover and pillows.
The doctor sat down rather wearily, caressing the hen and remarking that the city was not the place for a poultry-loving man, but no sooner was the remark out than a knock at this door obliged him to cover the hen with his greatcoat once more.
A 10-gallon garbage can, with a tightly fitting cover, could be used to keep the wastes until it is safe to leave the shelter.
Then I cover the sowing with a board.
Fury has made a few mistakes but looks like a wonderful prospect, with his impressive gait and stride which certainly make him cover the ground.
Set the apples in the pastry-lined tin, spread over them three tablespoonfuls of softened butter, with as much brown sugar, a sprinkling of nutmeg, and a fresh bay leaf, then lay on a cover of pastry, and gild it with beaten yolk of egg.
Sear on both sides then cover meat loosely with heat reflecting foil for juiciest results.
In June, 1960, an early draft of the questionnaire, along with a cover letter, was mailed to fourteen companies in the state of Washington.
Each questionnaire was mailed with a cover letter addressed personally to the president or other executive of each firm.
Five of the tests were conducted with a polyethylene cover to simulate an ice cover.
( He'd get the engine oil flowing with an electric heater under a big canvas cover.
Add enough warmed cream, seasoned to taste with onion juice, to about half cover the chicken breasts.
In the 12 months ended in February, 1960, the highway earned enough to cover 64 per cent of its interest load -- with the remainder paid out of initial reserves.
Next we freeze over the oceans and cover the whole earth with peas, then we go out among the neighboring stars, collect 250 planets each the size of the earth, and also cover each of these with peas four feet deep ; ;
we cover each of these with our blanket of peas and then at last we have octillion peas corresponding in number to the atoms in the body.
Some remained in the Wollman enclosure, fortified with raincoats or with newspapers to cover their heads.
Area can be understood as the amount of material with a given thickness that would be necessary to fashion a model of the shape, or the amount of paint necessary to cover the surface with a single coat.

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