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from Brown Corpus
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Aside and from
Aside from the matter of adjusting the fiscal and tax calendars, there is the problem of financing the adjustment when this is necessary.
Aside from the Ruger carbine, a number of hunting rifles have been introduced for the first time.
Aside from the
Aside from Boris himself, one need but examine the secondary roles to place Mussorgsky among the masters of musical portraiture.
Aside from availability and economic considerations, each has certain practical advantages ; ;
Aside from the comico-romantico content here, a good linguist-anthropologist could readily pick up a few other facts, especially if he had a little more of the conversation to go on.
Aside from the fact that business was slow this time of year and his one salesgirl was not the most enterprising, Mr. Phillips had no worries at all, and he said as much to Gun Matson, who sat across from him in civilian clothes, on a Jiffy-Couch-a-Bed, mauve velour, $79.89 nothing-down special!!
Aside from a quaint concern with witches and devils which provides the immediate problem in the opening scene, it is a quite normal community.
Errors in publication may be corrected by issuing a revision of the faulty Circular T or by errata in a subsequent Circular T. Aside from this, once published in Circular T the TAI scale is not revised.
" Aside from Roger Ackroyd, the most critically acclaimed Poirot novels appeared from 1932 to 1942, including such acknowledged classics as Murder on the Orient Express, The ABC Murders ( 1935 ), Cards on the Table ( 1936 ), and Death on the Nile ( 1937 ).
Aside from the 22 standard amino acids, there are many other amino acids that are called non-proteinogenic or non-standard.
Aside from the loss of the first thirteen books, the remaining eighteen are in many places corrupt and lacunose.
Aside from the crusades, Alphonse stayed primarily in Paris, governing his estates by officials, inspectors who reviewed the officials work, and a constant stream of messages.
( Aside from its historic role as a total-computable-but-not-primitive-recursive function, Ackermann's original function is seen to extend the basic arithmetic operations beyond exponentiation, although not as seamlessly as do variants of Ackermann's function that are specifically designed for that purpose — such as Goodstein's hyperoperation sequence.
Aside from the local silk production, the city imported raw silk from Iran, and occasionally from China, and was the main production center for the kaftans, pillows, embroidery and other silk products for the Ottoman palaces until the 17th century.
Aside from relations with other ASEAN states, Brunei also has extensive relations with the Islamic and Arab world.
Aside from the genetic material of the cell, nucleic acids often play a role as second messengers, as well as forming the base molecule for adenosine triphosphate, the primary energy-carrier molecule found in all living organisms.
Aside from those pharmaceutical products directly incorporating biological agents or materials, even developing chemical drugs is considered to require substantial BME knowledge due to the physiological interactions inherent to such products ' usage.
Aside from the American version and the newly-published Philippine Book of Common Prayer, the Filipino-Chinese of Saint Stephen's Pro-Cathedral in the Diocese of the Central Philippines uses the English-Chinese Diglot Book of Common Prayer, published by the Episcopal Church of Southeast Asia.
Aside from facilitating increased reliability and lower power consumption, transistors also allowed CPUs to operate at much higher speeds because of the short switching time of a transistor in comparison to a tube or relay.

Aside and average
Aside from its somewhat larger than average tourist trade, Prairie du Chien's economy is similar to most other Midwestern cities of its size.
Aside from his batting average, disagreements with Pittsburgh's manager, Guy Hecker, reportedly contributed to the decision.
Aside from the Talbot Hotel / Inn there is the Jovial Sailor and the George as further larger than average, food-serving public houses.
Aside from being absurdly large, his house looks like the average home found in suburbia, although his refrigerator — one of the kinds with vertical doors — has the freezer section on the wrong side.

Aside and portion
Aside from the landowner's land tax paid in a portion of their crop yield, the poll tax and property taxes were paid in coin cash.
Aside from these larger groups, there is a large Hispanic population in Ozone Park, mainly concentrated in the northern portion of the neighborhood near the Woodhaven border, and an African-American minority, spread throughout the neighborhood.
Aside from its commercial activities, the Tenderloin was also the home neighborhood for a large part of Manhattan's African-American population, especially in the downtown and western portion of the district: Seventh Avenue within the Tenderloin, in fact, became known as the " African Broadway.
Aside from that, it also updated its logo by placing the new 3D glass effect version of the peacock logo on the left side portion of the number 5 logo ( although the new version of the logo was launched by the network in May 2011 ), becoming the first NBC O & O to add the new version of the peacock to their logo.
Aside from Mindanao, other parts of Luzon were similarly offered for settlement and development including the province of Isabela, particularly the northwestern portion of the province which was later called Mallig Plains.
Aside from its teaching and research activities, it provides medical services to more than 100 counties, a geographic region larger than most states, as well as to all Texas Department of Corrections facilities in the western portion of Texas.
Aside from minor spot improvements, no other major projects are anticipated for this portion of the Turnpike.

Aside and contains
Aside from numerous " royal fanfares " ( Fredigundis held the French throne in the sixth century ) the score contains some fine examples of Schmidt's later style.
Aside from the immediate game mission, the game also contains an artificial life (" A-Life ") system, a precursor to the Chao featured in Sonic Team's later Sonic Adventure titles.
Aside from the Motithang Hotel, the district contains several notable state guest houses such as the Kungacholing and Lhundupling, Rapten Apartments and the Amankora Thimphu.
Aside from the national park, Lizard Island also contains a number of other facilities:
Aside from the issues regarding receiver synchronization, the key disadvantage of PPM is that it is inherently sensitive to multipath interference that arises in channels with frequency-selective fading, whereby the receiver's signal contains one or more echoes of each transmitted pulse.
Aside from Baldy, the ranch contains a number of prominent peaks.
Aside from simply having insufficient musculature to rapidly move water in and out of the lungs, a more significant problem for all air-breathing animals, such as mammals and birds, is that water contains so little dissolved oxygen compared with atmospheric air.
Aside from the main village, the parish contains a number of outlying areas of settlement, including the university campus and the hamlet of Zouch.
Aside from the primary worship space the chapel building also contains a choir practice room, one classroom, the dean of chapel's office, the housefellow's quarters, and a chapel that is used primarily for small worship services and for worship practice.
Aside from the high fructose corn syrup, one 12-ounce can of Coca Cola C2 contains 19 mg of aspartame, 4 mg of sucralose and 19 mg of acesulfame potassium.
Aside from the little-boy's narration, the movie's not much fun once you've gotten the picture, which is that of a tubby, outcast samurai wandering the length and breadth of Japan, pushing an antique baby carriage that contains his tiny, remarkably observant son.
Aside from the main game, Viewtiful Joe 2 also contains an optional gameplay extra called the " 36 Chambers of Viewtiful ", a series of stages which test the player's skills.
Aside from a church and monastery it also contains a library and catacombs.
Aside from ten remastered tracks from their previous albums, it contains a re-recorded version of The Franconian Woods In Winter's Silence from the album A Wintersunset, as well as two new tracks in the neofolk style of late Empyrium ( Der Weiher and Am Wolkenstieg ).
Aside from the overdrive circuit, the amp contains a spring reverb, and provision for external effects loops and switches.
Aside from the salt processing reputation of the town, it is also a centre for furniture manufacture and contains many furniture stores along the Avenida de los Descubrimientos.
Aside from two promotional videos from the album Powerslave, the video also contains two live tracks and interviews with band members.
Aside from the red oil sauce, it contains a few scraps of meat and preserved vegetables.
Aside from the dancing-which contains a famous solo performance to the standard " One For My Baby ", described by Astaire as " the best song specially written for me " -- the script provided him with his first opportunity to act in a serious dramatic role, and one with which his acting abilities, sometimes disparaged, appear to cope.

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