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At and Augsburg
* 1530 – At the Diet of Augsburg the Augsburg Confession is presented to the Holy Roman Emperor by the Lutheran princes and Electors of Germany.
At Augsburg in 1573, a German military engineer by the name of Samuel Zimmermann invented an extremely effective mine known as the fladdermine.
At the same time they decided to invite Gregory to Augsburg to decide the conflict.
At this time, Augsburg was not quite touching the left bank of the river, upon which it was basically situated.
At the Colloquy of Worms in 1557 which he attended only reluctantly, the adherents of Flacius and the Saxon theologians tried to avenge themselves by thoroughly humiliating Melanchthon, in agreement with the malicious desire of the Roman Catholics to condemn all heretics, especially those who had departed from the Augsburg Confession, before the beginning of the conference.
At the same time, Austria was becoming more involved in competition with France in Western Europe, with Austria fighting the French in the Third Dutch War ( 1672 – 1679 ), the War of the League of Augsburg ( 1688 – 1697 ) and finally the War of the Spanish Succession ( 1701 – 1714 ), in which the French and Austrians ( along with their British, Dutch and Catalonian allies ) fought over the inheritance of the vast territories of the Spanish Habsburgs.
At the Diet of Augsburg ( 1530 ) Eck played the leading part among the Roman Catholic theologians.
At Augsburg he was charged by the emperor to draw up, in concert with twenty other theologians, a refutation of the Lutheran Augsburg Confession, which had been delivered to the emperor on 25 June 1530, but he had to rewrite it five times before it suited the emperor.
At the Augsburg Interim in 1548 he created an interim solution giving certain allowances to Protestants until the Council of Trent would restore unity.
At first Raetia formed a distinct province, but towards the end of the 1st century AD Vindelicia was added to it ; hence Tacitus ( Germania, 41 ) could speak of Augusta Vindelicorum ( Augsburg ) as " a colony of the province of Raetia ".
* At Lechfeld, a stony plain between the Lech and the Wertach near Augsburg, Otto I defeated the Magyars in August 955.
At the opposite end, the authority of Cologne, Aachen, Worms, Goslar, Wetzlar, Augsburg and Regensburg barely extended beyond the city walls.
At a Roman synod held in the Lateran on 31 January 31 993, John XV solemnly canonized Bishop Ulrich of Augsburg, an event which the Pope announced to the French and German bishops in a papal bull dated 3 February.
At the conclusion of this violent but brief social storm they were rebuilt more extensively than before, with a road connecting Mainz and Augsburg ( Augusta Vindelicorum ).
At its foundation the court was seated in Frankfurt, but was later moved to Worms, Augsburg, Nürnberg, Regensburg, Speyer, Esslingen, again Speyer ( 1527 to 1689 ) and finally to Wetzlar until it was dissolved in 1806.
At an early period he felt the influence of Rembrandt, and this is apparent in a Slaughtered Pig of 1639, in the gallery of Augsburg.
At the Lechfeld air base near Augsburg, large numbers of Me 262s were discovered but also valuable German air-to-air rockets.
At the time, the Fugger merchant family from Augsburg had control over mining operations in Schwaz and Kitzbühel, and they extended their activities to include the Alpbach valley.
At the 1282 Diet of Augsburg, he installed his sons Albert and Rudolf II as Austrian dukes ; their descendants held the ducal dignity until 1918.
* Augsburg Publishing House: At the time of the 1988 ELCA merger, the company was affiliated with The American Lutheran Church.
At the later Diet of Augsburg the Zwinglians and Lutherans again explored the same territory as that covered in the Marburg Colloquy, and presented separate statements which showed the differences in opinion.
At 107, 2 m ( 158 m with the antenna ) it is the highest building in the Augsburg area and among the ten highest in Bavaria.

At and on
At the pool's far end was the little cabana Joyce had mentioned, and on the water's surface floated scattered lavender patches of limp-looking lather.
At the end of this period two pious Christians in Rome receive the revelation which leads them to seek the next Pope on the rock.
At the time of his capture Helion had on his person a sketchbook he had bought at Woolworth's in New York.
At this time Miriam Noel appeared, urging on Constable Henry Pengally, whose name showed him to be a descendant of the Welsh settlers in the neighborhood.
At this point Mrs. Frances Cupply, one of Wright's handsome daughters by his first wife, came from the house and tried to calm Miriam as she tore down a no visitors sign and smashed the glass pane on another sign with a rock.
At least I had been unable to lay hold on the experience of conversion.
At Milcote on November 3, 1597, the aldermen asked him to support their petition for a new charter.
At a recent meeting of the Women's Association of the Trumbull Ave. United Presbyterian Church, considerable use was made of material from The Detroit News on the King James version of the New Testament versus the New English Bible.
At State College, he had no time to walk among the violets on the water's edge.
At two thirty he sent Fujimoto to the top of the wall at the northeast corner of the mission to keep an eye on the ridge road and give a signal when he first glimpsed the approach of Kayabashi's party.
At the time Alex arrived he was engaged in some sort of intimate communication with the hen, who had settled herself on the nest most peacefully after the occurrences of the morning.
At that time, he afforded me the courtesy of his busy workday for such length as I may need, to speak about my background, my hopes, my views on various national and local topics, and any problems that I may have been vexed with at the time.
At the entrance side of the shelter, each roof beam is rested on the inside 4 inches of the block wall.
At some colleges and universities, a faculty committee reviews and reports to the administration on the qualifications of candidates.
At the Westminster KC Dog Show in Madison Square Garden, New York on the second day, the Finals of the Junior Class brought out the most competitive competition in the history of this Class.
At the top of the hill the buildings on the left gave way to a park.
At the beginning of the Hippodrome I saw the Kaiser's Fountain, an ugly octagonal building with a glass dome, built in 1895 by the German Emperor, and on my left, directly across from it, the tomb of Sultan Ahmet, who constructed the Blue Mosque, more properly known by his name.
At the moment, Barco's back was to the road so he didn't see the detectives close in on his convertible which, in their quest for the stolen lap rug, they proceeded to search.
At the same time, however, I availed myself of the services of that great English actor and master of make-up, Sir Gauntley Pratt, to do a `` quickie '' called The Mystery of the Mad Marquess, in which I played a young American girl who inherits a haunted castle on the English moors which is filled with secret passages and sliding panels and, unbeknownst to anyone, is still occupied by an eccentric maniac.
At the present time we do not know by what biochemical mechanism TSH acts on the thyroid, but for bio-assay of the hormone there are a number of properties by which its activity may be estimated, including release of iodine from the thyroid, increase in thyroid weight, increase in mean height of the follicular cells and increase in the thyroidal uptake of Af.
At first the patient felt stronger, and the hemoglobin rose to 13.8 gm., but on Oct. 20, 1958, he complained of `` caving in '' in his knees.
At about the time the Marsden enterprise was getting under way, the Vail Light and Lumber Company started construction of a chair stock factory on the site of the present Bennington Co-operative Creamery, intending to use its surplus power for generating electricity.
At the close of Davis' speech the following preamble and resolutions were read by the president, and on the question of their adoption passed unanimously:
At the very first, then, Brumidi was required, by the classically pyramidal shape of his central group, to fill in the triangular space above the seated girl on Liberty's right, before starting on the allegorical figures themselves.

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