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At and Freeman's
At the request of Freeman's wife, Colonel William M. Fenton argued the case before the Michigan Supreme Court, with the result that Bay County was declared a fully organized county.
At the same time, the General Assembly began its own constitution convention dubbed the Freeman's Convention, making some democratic concessions to Dorr supporters, while keeping other aspects of the 1663 Charter intact.
At one location, he witnesses Freeman's capture by Marines mid-way through Half-Life, before eventually stabilizing at the intended teleport location with Rosenberg at the outskirts of Black Mesa, where they then escape the facility in a company SUV.

At and Farm
He leafed through the light reading provided by Mrs. Kirby for her guests: four separate adventures of the Bobbsey Twins ( At the Seashore, At the Mountains, On the Farm, and In Danger ) and several agricultural bulletins on the treatment of hoof-and-mouth disease in cattle, hideously illustrated.
At Magor Farm in Illogan, near Camborne, an archaeological site has been identified as being a villa.
At the yearling sales at Windfields in Toronto, Ontario, the diminutive Northern Dancer didn't find a buyer at the $ 25, 000 reserve price, so he eventually joined the Windfields Farm racing stable.
* At Sachem Farm ( 1998 ) … Uncle Cullen
At the south end of Vicarage Farm Road, south of the Great West Road is Hounslow West tube station which is nearest to most homes in Heston.
The community library ( left ) and courthouse ( right ). Northbound N St. ( California State Route 33 | SR33 ) at 13th Street, At left is Champion Chevrolet, 1200 N St. At right is Tharp's Farm Supply.
At some unknown time, the dirt berm was removed and Boschome Farm residents could again drive through Long Grove Valley.
At one point, Paulding boasted of three local elevators-Equity Exchange, Paulding Grain and Seed, and the Farm Bureau-but the loss of rail service, most grain is trucked elsewhere.
At Maze Farm it briefly meets Long Sutton then meets Lutton.
Stidham Farm near Keynsham contains at least At least of Pleistocene terrace-gravels, consisting of limestone clasts mainly, but also with Millstone Grit, Pennant Sandstone, flint and chert clasts.
* A Day At The Farm, for orchestra ( 1934 – 1935 )
At about the same time, James Hogg (" The Ettrick Shepherd ") had come to the attention of Scott whilst the former was working at Blackhouse Farm in the Yarrow valley.
At the time that Simon's Rock earned its name ( in the early 1920s ), the woods that now surround it were part of the vast area of land called Great Pine Farm.
At Boxhill Farm, where access to the river from the north bank was required for the herd of dairy cows, a row of twelve concrete cylinders were cast as an anti-tank measure.
At one point, on 25 September near MacKenzie's Farm, Raglan and his staff in front of the British column stumbled across the rear of the retreating Russians ; with the rest of his army strung out behind in hopeless disorder, Menshikov missed a chance to inflict a major reverse on the British.
At the same time German Biodynamic farmer Trauger Groh and colleagues founded the Temple-Wilton Community Farm in Wilton, New Hampshire.
At age 12, his condition having deteriorated, he was settled in a household of his own at Wood Farm on the Sandringham Estate,
At the Saratoga yearling sale in 1918, Man o ' War was sold at a final bid of $ 5, 000 to Samuel D. Riddle, who brought him to his Glen Riddle Farm near Berlin, Maryland.
At Brook Farm, and as in other communities, physical labor was perceived as a condition of mental well-being and health.
At Brook Farm, women had the opportunity to expand beyond their typical sphere of tasks and their labor was highly valued.
At the northernmost point of Efford Down Farm, overlooking Summerleaze Beach and the breakwater, a former coastguard lookout stands.
At Heights Farm was a bombing decoy nicknamed " Manchester on the moors ".

At and they
At first they were only feathers and dark indistinguishable faces and bodies, hunched over their horses' heads.
At the corroborees, when they get to dancing and sweating, you'll see them rubbing up against a man who's supposed to have a specially good smell.
At the same time, I am aware that my recoil could be interpreted by readers of the tea leaves at the bottom of my psyche as an incestuous sign, since theirs is a science of paradox: if one hates, they say it is because one loves ; ;
At last they concluded that the heavy, full feeling in their stomachs was due to lack of exercise.
At last they saw Calcutta, largest city of Bengal and the Caravan's destination.
At least they hadn't stepped up and asked to see papers in the hated, flat, dialect mispronunciation of Mussolini's home district -- Dogumenti, per favore.
At 2130 hours they had passed through the barbed wire at the point of departure.
`` At home, yes '', they argued.
At the same time he started walking the streets, peering at the people passing or shopping at the stalls, storing up fresh impressions of what they looked like, how they moved.
At one time, to most Americans, unless they were fortunate enough to live near a body of navigable water, boats were considered the sole concern of fishermen, rich people, and the United States Navy.
At the moment, Barco's back was to the road so he didn't see the detectives close in on his convertible which, in their quest for the stolen lap rug, they proceeded to search.
At the beginning of the school year, the new students don't eat the cereal right away, but within a short time they are eating it voraciously.
At a nod of his head they let go, turning to cup their ears against the icy slipstream.
At the point where they ended, another settlement grew up around a chapel built at the boat landing by Father Lucian Galtier in 1840.
At 6 o'clock on the morning of August 12, they were in doubt no longer.
At the same time, there is a good deal of self-congratulation at attending a good college -- they are even inclined to exaggerate its not inconsiderable virtues -- and they express pleasure at the cozy in-group feeling that the college generates.
At the base of the rocky hillside, they left their horses and climbed on foot.
At that time, the people at the bank said they felt that they had the situation in hand.
At first I thought they were relatives of your mother, but it was not so.
At times they would ride frenziedly through the camp, letting the women see their courage, how handsome they were in their regalia.
At first they feed on the yolks of the eggs but as this source of nourishment declines they begin to rasp at the ciliated epithelial cells that line the oviduct.

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