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At and Lima
At its peak during the war, the Lima Tank Depot ( now the Joint Systems Manufacturing Center, operated by General Dynamics ), employed over 5, 000 people.
At the time, investigations were started after suspicions of special relationships with Salvo Lima, a Sicilian DC MP who was alleged to have an association with the Mafia ( though Lima himself was not actually a mafioso ).
At the provincial council of 1582, at Lima, Acosta played a very important part.
At the peak of her career, she had a salon in New York, Washington, Boston, Chicago, Beverly Hills, San Francisco, Maine, Arizona, Phoenix, Southhampton, Surfside, Palm Beach, Philadelphia, Honolulu, Lima.
At a party congress in August 1993, Pires was replaced as General Secretary by Aristides Lima and was instead elected as President of PAICV.
At the University of Lima, she was the director of foreign cooperation and of the master ’ s program on tax revenues and fiscal policies.
At the age of 15 he asked for admission to the Dominican Convent of the Rosary in Lima and was received first as a servant boy, and as his duties grew he was promoted to almoner.
At the Explanada Sur del Estadio Monumental in Lima, some fans camped out for days in to see JYJ.
At 23: 52 they were cleared down to FL90: " Avianca 011 está pasando Barahona, proceda ya directo a Charlie Papa Lima, y continúe descenso para el nivel nueve cero, cambio.
At the time of the coup, he was convalescing in the Presidential winter residence at Chaclacayo, countryside 20 kilometers east of Lima.
At the age of 15, Lima finished first in Ford's " Supermodel of Brazil " competition, and took second place the following year in the Ford " Supermodel of the World " competition before signing with Elite Model Management in New York City.
At the age of eight, de Lima began working with his father as a peasant in farms near his hometown.
At the closing of the event, the International Olympic Committee awarded de Lima the Pierre de Coubertin medal for the spirit of sportsmanship, which included a victory dance by de Lima in the last seconds of the race.
At a party congress in August 1993, Pires was replaced as General Secretary by Aristides Lima and was instead elected as President of PAICV.
At the same time, a more underground scene of Death metal and Black metal developed in Lima.
At the height of Chimú conquests, the language was spoken extensively from the Jequetepeque River in the north, to the Carabayllo ( near present-day Lima ) in the south.
At this time, Shining Path was trying to consolidate its hold on the poorer neighborhoods of Lima, and the circumstances obliged local political leaders to not make a firm commitment towards the grassroots organizations but to also take a principled stand on and pronounce a clear condemnation of terrorist methods.
At the same time, besides the railroads, several major projects were also realized: new piers on the coasts, major avenues in Lima and new bridges in the coast.
At that time, Félix Álzaga, plenipotentiary minister of Provincias Unidas del Río de la Plata arrived to Lima, in order to request Peru its adhesion to the truce, which was rejected by the Peruvian Congress.
At age 15, he studied in Lima, Peru, at the Military School of Leoncio Prado, while also attending classes at the Escuela de Oficiales de la Guardia Civil ( Official School of the Civil Guard ).
At the age of twenty his parents sent him to Lima to study law.
At Peru's Military Aviation School near Lima, President Sánchez approvingly inspected a brand new fleet of Douglas combat planes, just arrived from the United States.

At and again
At the slope's base coils of concertina stretched out of eye range like a wild tangle of children's hoops, stopped simultaneously, weirdly poised as if awaiting the magic of the child's touch to start them all rolling again.
At least he could climb up on the fence when his tormenters roared by again.
At the end of the half-hour, racking his brains, thinking over and over again of Kitti, her friends, her past, he left the bedroom.
Those elegant `` At Home '' cards she sent out, now she could wear her pretty clothes again, and had the house all trimmed up, hadn't brought many callers in two whole months.
At the feeding station, the raffish group of cowbirds again bobbed and gobbled over the ground, but now, gorgeous among them, was a beautiful red cardinal, radiant in its feathered vestments.
At the peak of its efficiency in the early 16th century, the Venetian Arsenal employed some 16, 000 people who apparently were able to produce nearly one ship each day, and could fit out, arm, and provision a newly-built galley with standardized parts on an assembly-line basis not seen again until the Industrial Revolution.
In the list of popes given in the Holy See's annual directory, Annuario Pontificio, the following note is attached to the name of Pope Leo VIII ( 963 – 965 ): At this point, as again in the mid-eleventh century, we come across elections in which problems of harmonising historical criteria and those of theology and canon law make it impossible to decide clearly which side possessed the legitimacy whose factual existence guarantees the unbroken lawful succession of the successors of Saint Peter.
At this place, the Japanese again started selecting prisoners to eat.
At this time, Charles again marched against the Saxons.
At this time Sun remained largely sidelined ; and, without arms or money, was soon expelled from Guangzhou and exiled again to Shanghai.
At Berkeley, Morris once again found that he was not well-suited to his subject.
At daybreak on 22 July, the British armoured brigades again failed to advance.
At this point, Mothra has regained enough strength to fight again, and she charges Godzilla with her antenna rays and collapses a building upon him.
At the start of his ministry Jesus is in Jerusalem for Passover, then he is in Galilee for the following Passover, before going up to Jerusalem again for his death at a third Passover.
At the novel's end, the question of whether or not the Time Lords will be restored remains unanswered, although if the events of the novel are to tie in with later events in the TV series it must be assumed that Gallifrey was at some point restored, only to be destroyed again during the events of the Time War.
At the November 2000 elections, boycotted by the opposition, Aristide was again elected president, with more than 90 % of the vote, on a turnout of around 50 % according to international observers.
At Breslau, he again founded a psychological testing laboratory.
At the end of his second term Jacques Chirac chose not to run again at the age of 74.
At the end of the season, Aaron again finished third in the MVP voting.
At his urgent entreaty his " hand was restored him again " (, compare ); but the miracle made no abiding impression on him.
At lower altitudes, the increased temperature is like day and night, literally: like starting the morning at the highland daytime high, and then adding the heat of the day, again.
At a site simply named " The Sinks " in Sinks Canyon State Park, the river flows into a cave in a formation known as the Madison Limestone, and then rises again a half-mile down the canyon in a placid pool.
At Lade the Chian fleet continued doggedly fighting the Persian fleet even after the defection of the Samians and others but ultimately the Chians were forced to retreat and were again subject to Persian domination.
At this point Lenin again argued that the Soviet government had done all it could to explain its position to Western workers and that it was time to accept the terms.
At the year ending 2004 Tennis Masters Cup, Hewitt defeated Andy Roddick to advance to the final, but was yet again defeated by defending champion Federer.

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