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At and MRA
At the end of the war, the MRA workers returned to the task of establishing a lasting peace.
At the end of the war, the MRA workers returned to the task of establishing a lasting peace.
At this time MRA started what became an extensive use of theatrical reviews and plays to convey its message.

At and meetings
At speaker meetings one or two members tell their stories, while discussion meetings allocate the most time for general discussion.
At one of these meetings, Douglass was unexpectedly invited to speak.
At around this time the ad hoc meetings of Friends began to be formalized and a monthly meeting was set up in County Durham.
At the end of the day, members met for meetings and had a curfew of 9 p. m. On Sundays, the members respected the " Holy day " and did no unnecessary work, but attended church services, singing groups, and other social activities.
At subsequent congresses of the Russian Communist Party and meetings of the ECCI, Radek and Brandler were made the scapegoats for the defeat of the revolution by Zinoviev, with Radek being removed from the ECCI at the Fifth Congress of the Comintern
At one point she is arguing that witches went to their meetings on foot or on horseback in a quite non-magical way, and quotes from the well-known confession of Isobel Gowdie: " I had a little horse, and would say ' Horse and Hattock, in the Devil's name!
At these meetings, in which his western followers were invited to meet his Indian disciples, Baba gave darshan to many thousands of people despite the physical strain this caused.
At these meetings, Stalin discussed with the Politburo the field for which he was responsible ( members were responsible for a specific field ).
At the other two meetings, the troops who were summoned agreed to the manifesto without further protest.
At the World Cup Classics meetings there are usually two heats taking place to decide qualification for the final.
At the winter meetings that year, it awarded a new team to Los Angeles ( the Angels, now the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim ) as well as a new team in the nation's capital.
At Geneva, the Idcs were successful in their proposal for the conference with its Secretariat to become a permanent organ of the UN, with meetings every four years.
At these meetings students discuss school concerns of any nature.
He would arrange " At Homes " in his rooms on Sunday evenings, as well as Sunday morning breakfast meetings ; he also organised informal discussions and formal lectures ( many of which he gave himself ) in the College Hall.
" At one of their last meetings, Joyce suggested to Frank Budgen that he write an article about Finnegans Wake, entitling it " James Joyce's Book of the Dead ".
At meetings held at the Westminster Palace Hotel, the delegates reviewed and approved the 72 resolutions ; although Charles Tupper had promised anti-union forces in Nova Scotia that he would push for amendments, he was unsuccessful in getting any passed.
At the meetings, no resolutions are proposed, no votes taken, and no policy statements issued " and noted that the names of attendees were available to the press.
At first the meetings took place in London at the home of Dr. Emanuel Herbert, King Hussein's physician.
At all our story meetings he would say, ' Hey, Steven, you always said you wanted to shoot musicals.
* At the Roses Theatre in Tewkesbury, the Eric Morecambe Room is used by local and national companies for conferences and meetings.
At early camp meetings southwest of Harrisonville after Americans came, as many as 500 Native Americans were often in attendance and seemed to enjoy religious services as much as the whites, with whom they mingled on such occasions.
At one of these meetings the question was asked " What shall we name this place?
At Workshop meetings, the governing body discusses and debates proposed resolutions, ordinances and other policy matters.
At this time several Free Blacks and slaves were members of Barnwell Baptist Church, and they asked to use the 1829 sanctuary for worship services and meetings.

At and she
At one and the same time, she was within it but still searching for the drawbridge that would give her entry.
At one time she felt impelled to make dances that `` moved all over the stage '', much as Pollock's paintings move violently over the full extent of the canvas.
At the beginning of the play she has partial illumination and at the end she has complete illumination, but there has been no question but that she moves toward the dark.
At last her lawyer, Arthur D. Cloud, gave up the case because she turned down three successive settlements he arranged.
At this point Mrs. Frances Cupply, one of Wright's handsome daughters by his first wife, came from the house and tried to calm Miriam as she tore down a no visitors sign and smashed the glass pane on another sign with a rock.
At the University of Chicago she studied Whitman and Shelley, and became a Socialist.
At night, when Mama would turn back the covers, she would have to take all the dolls off the bed and place them elsewhere for the night.
At the landing she saw Juanita, her face flushed pink with excitement, run down the hall from the kitchen to the front door.
At the end of the room there was a desk heaped with papers, and she began to riffle these, making sighs and and noises of girlish exasperation.
`` At least there is room here '', she said.
At first I did not know what she meant ; ;
At another phase in the therapy, when a pathogenic mother-introject began to emerge more and more upon the investigative scene, she muttered in a low but intense voice, to herself, `` I hate that woman inside me ''!!
`` At Deauville she met an Egyptian by the name of Pulley Bey.
At least she never knew what the bottom was like ''.
At the inquest she was asked specifically whether she knew anybody her father had bad feelings toward, or who had bad feelings toward her father.
At this moment, Loveless and Means arrived, crashing through the undergrowth with their horses, and distracted her, and she ran off a short distance and jumped into a crevice between two rocks.
At this moment she was crouched in a cave-like aperture halfway down the Reef.
At the door she turned back, her Roman nose looking very long now and satiric.
At the time the will was drawn Mr. Hohlbein mentioned to me how mentally alert she seemed for her age, knowing just what changes she wanted made and so forth ''.
At the time of her divorce Forbes had promised to pay her a lump sum in lieu of further alimony if she remarried.
Those elegant `` At Home '' cards she sent out, now she could wear her pretty clothes again, and had the house all trimmed up, hadn't brought many callers in two whole months.

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