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At and Noel
At this time Miriam Noel appeared, urging on Constable Henry Pengally, whose name showed him to be a descendant of the Welsh settlers in the neighborhood.
At the departure of drummer Mal Green from Split Enz in 1981, their percussionist Noel Crombie took up the role of drummer.
At President Hyde's funeral, the whole of the Irish government and opposition contingent, bar Noel Browne and Childers, stayed out in the foyer of the church.
At one time the UK TV presenter and Radio DJ Noel Edmonds had a home in Weston Turville.
At the 2007 general election he lost his seat to Noel Coonan of Fine Gael.
At the Vancouver International Film Festival it received the $ 10, 000 CITY-TV award for Best Canadian Film and Noel Baker won the Rogers prize for Best Canadian Screenplay.
* Rolling Stones: " At the Max ", 1991 ( co-director with Julien Temple, David Douglas, Noel Archambault ; IMAX )
At the BBC's Children in Need 2011 telethon, Kermit and Miss Piggy introduced a performance of the song, which featured many stars of British television, including Harry Hill, Noel Edmonds and Gary Lineker.
At first little known in the jungle community ( though his roots, like many of jungle proper's biggest names, lay firmly in hardcore ), Noel rode a fast track to notoriety through a string of acclaimed releases for 4Hero's noted Reinforced label, recording such tracks as " Liquid Earth ," " Silent Running ," and " The Beckoning " under his own name and as Arcon 2.
At the age of 24, he began as a staff artist at the Associated Press, where he worked alongside illustrator Noel Sickles and sports cartoonist Tom Paprocki.
At its eastern end, it becomes Noel Street.
At first, she appears unfriendly to Noel, but eventually becomes good friends with him when he helps her with her ' bug problems ', which is actually a prank Noel thoughtlessly pulled on her.
At a ceremony on Noel Field, MG Peter W. Chiarelli presented the colors to COL Stephen Twitty, the first commander of the brigade.

At and highway
At that time highway engineers traveled rough and dirty roads to accomplish their duties.
At the time, there was no state highway system, since roads were purely a local responsibility.
At the center was a huge transportation hub, that on different levels included depots for buses and trains, as well as highway intersections, and at the top, an airport.
" ( At 66 on a sandy highway.
At this point, as a limited-access highway, it becomes Southern Maryland Boulevard.
At the Ontario border, the number designation of the highway changes from 1 to 17.
At that junction, the highway turns southeast and changes designation to Autoroute 85 for, and then downgrades to Route 185 until the New Brunswick border.
At exit 189 the highway continues west out of Casper, and no longer runs concurrent with the interstate.
At exit 189 the highway continues west out of Casper, and no longer runs concurrent with the interstate.
At exit 51, in Upper Macungie Township, US 22 leaves the highway.
At that point, Route 38 was proposed as a highway from Camden ( where it would end ), past its former terminus at State Highway Route 39 to an intersection with State Highway Route 4-N in the community of Wall Township east of Fort Dix.
At the traffic circle, Route 34 turns northwest to form a concurrency with Route 33 on a four-lane divided highway with a speed limit of that passes businesses, crossing into Howell Township.
At this point the highway narrows for its final three miles ( 5 km ) as it reaches its terminus in Wahiawa, near Wheeler Army Airfield and Schofield Barracks.
At the time construction began in July 1969, the I-35 interchange was the largest highway construction project in state history at $ 11 million ($ 65 million in 2007 ).
At a length of just over, it is the longest two-digit interstate highway without an auxiliary route.
At the intersection with 12th Street, the highway enters New Brunswick.
At the southern end of the 33 / 130 multiplex, where Route 33 heads west, an old and narrow bridge used to carry the highway over the aforementioned railroad tracks.
At the same time, the government procured a similar-sized tract west of the San Diego highway that bordered the base and established Camp Haan as an anti-aircraft artillery training facility.
At the southern end of town, the highway divides into two three-three lane one way segments, with the northbound section on 5th Street and the southbound segment on 4th Street.
At Kahaluʻu, visitors to the windward side travelling via the Pali Highway, H-3, or Likelike Highway first encounter the ocean ( actually Kaneohe Bay ) close beside the highway ( Kamehameha Highway or Route 83 ).
At Cooperstown, NY-80 is partly conjoined with New York State Route 28 as an east-west highway.
At 21st Avenue it turns into a divided four-lane highway in the Retail District, intersecting with 69 / 75 as a parclo interchange.
At the intersection of Main and First Avenue, the highway turns northward onto First Avenue as a 3-lane street, concurrent with Highway 70 and Business Routes 69 / 75.
At that time, the town moved to each side of the highway, which became the new " main " street in the community.
At the next exit, Gun Hill Road, the Williamsbridge station serving that neighborhood on Metro-North Railroad's Harlem Line, which closely parallels the parkway from this point on, is located immediately west of the highway.

At and leaves
At the same time, I am aware that my recoil could be interpreted by readers of the tea leaves at the bottom of my psyche as an incestuous sign, since theirs is a science of paradox: if one hates, they say it is because one loves ; ;
At the beginning of the novel, Rieux's wife, who has been ill for a year, leaves for a sanatorium.
At the point where the Arno leaves the Apennines, flow measurements can vary between 0. 56 m³ / s and 3, 540 m³ / s.
At the simplest level, the process of composting simply requires making a heap of wetted organic matter ( leaves, " green " food waste ) and waiting for the materials to break down into humus after a period of weeks or months.
At the forum, Falwell told homosexuals in attendance " I don't agree with your lifestyle, I will never agree with your lifestyle, but I love you " and added " anything that leaves the impression that we hate the sinner, we want to change that " He later commented to New York Times columnist Frank Rich that “ admittedly, evangelicals have not exhibited an ability to build a bond of friendship to the gay and lesbian community.
At about this stage it begins to consume small quantities of the mother ’ s " pap " ( formerly thought to be excrement, but now thought to come from the mother's cecum ) in order to inoculate its gut with the microbes necessary to digest eucalypt leaves.
At the end of the novel, Spenser leaves his father and uncles behind in Wyoming to attend college in Boston.
At the age of seven the boy or the girl leaves the house and goes hunting by night and can change to person or wolf whenever he wants.
At the end of the night, group members use a special rallying call and gather to sleep in a nest made of leaves, a group of branches, or a hole in a tree.
At eighteen months, the mother leaves the cubs, who then form a sibling (" sib ") group that will stay together for another six months.
At least one other Thing appears on-screen: when Lady Fingers leaves Princess von Schlepp's service, she is replaced by " Esmeralda ", a rather hideous old female claw with jewels and nasty black pointy fingernails.
At ebb, the river leaves a land bridge from this island to the shore ; the description seems to have matched the Northey Island causeway at that time.
At Alexandria, Cleopatra begs Antony not to go, and though he repeatedly affirms his deep passionate love for her, he eventually leaves.
At some point, eclipses are no longer possible and the series terminates ( Sun leaves the beginning of the node ).
At spring time, it reinfects the new leaves.
At least 70 million pounds of raw silk are produced each year, requiring nearly 10 billion pounds of mulberry leaves.
At least one of the reasons for its inclusion in grass mixtures was its deep roots, with leaves rich in minerals.
At the dance Polly ’ s date recognizes Betsy as an accomplished singer and asks her to perform ; Andy is scared that she will embarrass him but she proves to be a fantastic singer and quickly wins over the crowd with “ It Never Rains But it Pours ” and encores with “ Meet the Beat of My Heart .” Betsy and Andy lead the dance in a grand march after Polly leaves in tears.
At tea with Miss Spink and Miss Forcible, Miss Spink spies danger in Coraline ’ s future after reading her tea leaves, and gives her a stone with a hole in it for protection.
At exit 60 ( A-B going westbound ), PA 309 south leaves for Quakertown.
At higher altitudes smaller-leaved species grow, and in alpine areas there are whipcord species with leaves reduced to thick scales.
At the north and south, where the river Maine arrives in and leaves Angers, the landscape is formed by islands, ponds and floodplains which are a haven for birds and a typical flora of the Val de Loire.
At the end of the episode, she leaves Smallville to search for Kandor.
At that point, Route 15 leaves Rockaway Township and enters Jefferson Township.

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