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At and Oxford
At once my ears were drowned by a flow of what I took to be Spanish, but -- the driver's white teeth flashing at me, the road wildly veering beyond his glistening hair, beyond his gesticulating bottle -- it could have been the purest Oxford English I was half hearing ; ;
At first it had been just a romantic dream of his, the same as the idea of finishing Oxford after the war.
At Oxford one hundred years ago there were very few Catholics, partly because religious tests were removed only in 1854.
At this point Italian financier Benedict Spinola had loaned Oxford over £ 4, 000 for his 15 month long continental tour, while in England over 100 tradesmen were seeking settlement of debts totalling thousands of pounds.
* At Oxford University, the Oxford Libertarian Society was previously known as the Hayek Society.
At Oxford the vice-chancellor, following papal directions, confined the Reformer for some time in Black Hall, from which Wycliffe was released on threats from his friends ; the vice-chancellor was himself confined in the same place because of his treatment of Wycliffe.
At Oxford Circus the tunnel runs close to the Bakerloo line tunnel of the London Underground.
At first, the dictionary was unconnected to Oxford University but was the idea of a small group of intellectuals in London ; it originally was a Philological Society project conceived in London by Richard Chenevix Trench, Herbert Coleridge, and Frederick Furnivall, who were dissatisfied with the current English dictionaries.
* At 12, Oxford was made a royal ward and placed in the household of Lord Burghley, who was the Lord High Treasurer and Queen Elizabeth I's closest and most trusted advisor.
At the University of Oxford bumping races were first organised in 1815 when Brasenose College and Jesus College boat clubs had the first annual race while at Cambridge the first recorded races were in 1827.
for being " the most amiable and beautiful person that ever eye beheld ; a person also of innate modesty, virtue and courtly deportment, which made him then, but especially after, when he retired to the great city, much admired and adored by the female sex " At the age of eighteen, during a three-week celebration at Oxford, he was granted the degree of Master of Arts.
At Magdalen College, Oxford is one which is perforated.
At the time the first edition of the Oxford English Dictionary was published, " tablespoon " ( which by then was no longer hyphenated ) still had two definitions in the UK: the original definition ( eating spoon ) and the new definition ( serving spoon ).
At Oxford he matriculated at Christ Church, where his studies were largely focused on natural history rather than the classical curriculum.
At Oxford and Cambridge business schools an MPhil, or Master of Philosophy, is awarded in place of an MA or MSc.
At Braunston Junction, the Oxford Canal diverges north and south.
At 19 he won an entrance scholarship to Balliol College, Oxford.
Oxford: At the Clarendon Press, 1908.
At one point non-governmental composition at Oxford was reduced to 32 pages a week.
At Oxford he met Robert Graves, also an Old Carthusian, and they co-edited a poetry publication, Oxford Poetry, in 1921.
At Folly Bridge in Oxford the remains of an original Saxon structure can be seen, and medieval stone bridges such as Newbridge and Abingdon Bridge are still in use.
* At colleges in the universities of Oxford and Cambridge, Hall is the dining hall for students, with High Table at one end for fellows.
Oxford: At the Clarendon Press, 1961.

At and also
At General Power's seat in the balcony there is also a gold phone.
At Khrushchev's door, therefore, can be placed the primary blame but also at fault are those who permitted themselves to be intimidated.
At the end of its letter was the information that applicants for this position `` must also be prepared to teach costume design and advertising art ''.
At times, clumps of 10 to 15 closely-packed nuclei were also observed.
At the same time that religion binds the individual helpfully to the supernatural and gives him cosmic peace and a sense of supreme fulfillment, it also has great therapeutic value for him.
At the same time that religion exercises a conserving influence, it also energizes and motivates both individuals and groups.
At Fort Garry some of the Swiss also decided to cast their lot with the United States, and in 1823 several families paid guides to take them to Fort Snelling.
At this Women's University we find a monument to a courageous family who believed that Japanese women also should be educated.
At Berger's direction, the city also intervened in the Hughes bankruptcy case in U. S. District Court in a move preliminary to filing a claim there.
At the beginning of the war, he also sought to persuade the states to accept compensated emancipation in return for their prohibition of slavery.
Poirot also bears a striking resemblance to A. E. W. Mason's fictional detective — Inspector Hanaud of the French Sûreté — who, first appearing in the 1910 novel At the Villa Rose, predates the writing of the first Poirot novel by six years.
At Alba Augusta ( Alba-la-Romaine ) the devastation was so complete, that the Christian bishop retired to Viviers, but in Gregory's account at Mende in Lozère, also deep in the heart of Gaul, bishop Privatus was forced to sacrifice to idols in the very cave where he was later venerated.
At any rate affairs in that region, including the future of the church of Ephesus ( 20: 28 – 30 ), are treated as though they would specially interest " Theophilus " and his circle ; also an early tradition has Luke die in the adjacent Bithynia.
At first, the falcon crest logo was also put on the jersey sleeves, but it was replaced by a red and white stripe pattern four years later.
At that time, they also led the NL West by 6. 5 games.
At that time MCP did also sell imported home computers like the TRS-80, the Video Genie, ( another TRS-80 clone ), the Luxor ABC 80 and the Apple II.
At this time Cossa also had some links with local robber bands, often used to intimidate his rivals and attack carriages, this part of Cossa's life isn't widely known, but gave him certain influence and power in the region.
At the time, precautions were not taken against this unintended side reaction, which caused also the Seveso disaster in Italy in 1976.
At higher elevations, where the atmospheric pressure is much lower, the boiling point is also lower.
At the same time, Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access and OneNote, both 2007 and 2010, are also backward compatible with their 97-2003 file formats and features in the same manner.
At higher altitudes, a form of arid shrubland was also present.
At least one additional, two-letter generic chemical symbol is also in informal usage, " Ln " for any lanthanide element.
At the same time, too much air or water also slows the process, as does too much carbon ( or too little nitrogen ).
At the Battle of Vercellae, at the confluence of the Sesia River with the Po River, in 101 BC, the long voyage of the Cimbri also came to an end.
At the center of the city rose the giant ziggurat called Etemenanki, " House of the Frontier Between Heaven and Earth ," which lay next to the Temple of Marduk. He also made The Hanging Gardens of Babylon, for his wife from the mountains so that she would feel at home.

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