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At and President
At dinner, lunch, or breakfast, the President would call out, `` Supper ''!!
At the meeting of the Board of Trustees, on March 3, 1910, Miss Upton presented the annual report of the President.
-- At a gay party in the Kremlin for President Sukarno of Indonesia, Premier Khrushchev pulled out his pockets and said, beaming: `` Look, he took everything I had ''!!
At 4 p.m. the President left the White House to welcome the young musicians, students from the ages of 12 to 18 who spend six weeks at the Brevard Music Center summer camp, and to greet the 325 crippled, cardiac and blind children from the District area who were special guests at the concert.
At the same time the President took pains not to rule out an eventual meeting with the Soviet leader.
At one time, while still under the impression that he was dealing with a Cuban plot, the President talked about invoking a total embargo on trade with Cuba.
In his journal for November 6, 1860, he wrote: " At Town House, and cast my vote for Lincoln and the Republican candidates generally — the first vote I ever cast for a President and State officers.
At this time, Lord Sandwich, together with the President of the Royal Society, Sir Joseph Banks, was advocating establishment of a British colony in New South Wales.
ACM is led by a Council consisting of the President, Vice – President, Treasurer, Past President, SIG Governing Board Chair, Publications Board Chair, three representatives of the SIG Governing Board, and seven Members – At – Large.
At the time of the SDP's creation, Owen and Rodgers were sitting Labour Members of Parliament ( MPs ); Jenkins had left Parliament in 1977 to serve as President of the European Commission, while Williams had lost her seat in the 1979 general election.
At 3: 00 pm EDT on October 22, President Kennedy formally established the Executive Committee ( EXCOMM ) with National Security Action Memorandum ( NSAM ) 196.
At the 2005 General Assembly, over 3000 delegates voted nearly unanimously to elect the Sharon E. Watkins as General Minister and President of the denomination.
At the end of June 1703 Gundaker Starhemberg replaced Gotthard Salaburg as President of the Treasury, and Prince Eugene succeeded Henry Mansfeld as the new President of the Imperial War Council ( Hofkriegsratspräsident ).
At the 1888 Republican National Convention, Douglass became the first African American to receive a vote for President of the United States in a major party's roll call vote.
At that point, Madero would declare himself provisional President of Mexico, and called for a general refusal to acknowledge the central government, restitution of land to villages and Indian communities, and freedom for political prisoners.
At his inauguration, Washington took the oath of office as the first President of the United States of America on April 30, 1789, on the balcony of Federal Hall in New York City.
At the urging of Abraham Flexner, who had done pioneering studies of medical education, and University of Rochester President Rush Rhees, Whipple agreed in 1921 to become Dean of the newly funded and yet-to-be-built medical school in Rochester, New York.
Edward Everett At the Consecration of the National Cemetery At Gettysburg, 19th November 1863, with the Dedicatory Speech of President Lincoln, and the Other Exercises of the Occasion ; Accompanied by An Account of the Origin of the Undertaking and of the Arrangement of the Cemetery Grounds, and by a Map of the Battle-field and a Plan of the Cemetery ).
At the 2010 International Conference on Afghanistan in London, Afghan President Hamid Karzai said he intends to reach out to the Taliban leadership ( including Mullah Omar, Sirajuddin Haqqani and Gulbuddin Hekmatyar ).
Prime Minister of the United Kingdom | British Prime Minister Clement Attlee, President of the United States | U. S. President Harry S. Truman and Joseph Stalin at the Potsdam Conference, July 1945. At the Potsdam Conference from July to August 1945, though Germany had surrendered months earlier, instead of withdrawing Soviet forces from Eastern European countries, Stalin had not moved those forces.

At and funeral
At Emerson's request, Alcott helped arrange Thoreau's funeral, which was held at First Parish Sanctuary in Concord, despite Thoreau having disavowed membership in the church when he was in his early twenties.
At his mother's funeral, Nero was witless, speechless and rather scared.
" At noon, Johnson conducted his first cabinet meeting in the Treasury Secretary's office, asked all members to remain in their positions, and directed the appropriate members to initiate Lincoln's funeral arrangements.
At such a moment, he continued indignantly, one was bound to recall the funeral of Pushkin and the Tsar's courtiers -- their miserable hypocrisy and false pride.
At the same meeting, Grishin was asked to chair the commission responsible for Chernenko's funeral ; Grishin turned down the offer, claiming that Gorbachev was closer to Chernenko than he was.
At the funeral Marcela appears, delivering a long speech vindicating herself from the bitter verses written about her by Grisóstomo, claiming her own autonomy and freedom from expectations put on her by Pastoral clichés.
At her funeral on 28 April, the coffin was taken to Westminster Abbey on a hearse drawn by four horses hung with black velvet.
At the funeral, Matthew recites the poem Funeral Blues (" Stop all the clocks ...") by W. H. Auden, commemorating his relationship with Gareth.
At the request of Giulietta Masina, trumpeter Mauro Maur played the " Improvviso dell ' Angelo " by Nino Rota during the funeral ceremony.
At his funeral, there were no procession statues of Germanicus.
At White's funeral, Parsons and Bernie Leadon launched into an impromptu touching rendition of " Farther Along "; that night, the distraught and drunken musician reportedly informed Phil Kaufman of his final wish: to be cremated in Joshua Tree.
At a funeral service for a total stranger, Harold meets Maude ( Ruth Gordon ), a 79-year-old woman who shares Harold's hobby of attending funerals.
At their funeral, the boys are made into martyrs against homophobia.
At his mother's funeral, Harry, then twelve years old, accompanied his father, brother, paternal grandfather, and maternal uncle in walking behind the funeral cortège from Kensington Palace to Westminster Abbey.
At Andropov's funeral, he could barely read the eulogy.
At her funeral service, John White ( the Bishop of Winchester ) praised Mary: " She was a king's daughter ; she was a king's sister ; she was a king's wife.
At his funeral, with the rectory full of guests, the widow Anne Marie Abel got drunk and went openly to bed with one of the servants.
At the funeral for a child murdered by the Real IRA in Omagh she symbolically walked up the main aisle of the church hand-in-hand with the Ulster Unionist Party leader and then First Minister of Northern Ireland, David Trimble, MP.
At Mary Bono's request, Cher gave a eulogy at Sonny's funeral.
At the funeral, mourners traditionally rend an outer garment, a ritual known as keriah.
At his funeral 6 days later, 42 people are killed amid gunfire and bombs.
At Otto III's funeral on Easter, 1002, in Aachen, the German nobles repeated their opposition to Henry IV.
At the funeral ceremony, on February 15, Colter sang " Storms Never Last " for the attendees, who included Jennings ' close friends and fellow musicians.
At his funeral, Carol Channing spoke and said, " He did Carol Channing better than I did.

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