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At and Limelight
At age thirteen, Strong was accepted into a performing arts school, where she landed her first professional role: the role of Gracie in the Limelight Theater's production of The Music Man.
* At the Geneva Watchmaking Grand Prix, Piaget were awarded the Ladies ’ Jewellery Watch Prize in 2006, for their Limelight Party model.
* Live At Shelly's Manne Hole, Limelight
* Live At The Bohemian Caverns, Washington, DC, Limelight

At and Manhattan
At the intersection of Columbus Avenue and West 65th Street, Broadway passes by the Juilliard School and Lincoln Center, both well-known performing arts landmarks, as well as a temple of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints ( the Mormon or LDS Church ), known as the Manhattan New York Temple.
At Public School 179 in Manhattan, the boy's artistic abilities were recognized and he was asked to draw all of the school posters during his years there.
At the age of four, she was spotted by an agent in a restaurant in Uptown Manhattan.
At 09: 01, two minutes before impact as United Airlines Flight 175 continued its descent into Lower Manhattan, the New York Center alerted another nearby Air Traffic Facility responsible for low-flying aircraft, which was able to monitor the aircraft's path over New Jersey, and then over Staten Island and New York Harbor in its final moments.
At his inauguration, O ' Dwyer celebrated to the song, " It's a Great Day for the Irish ," and addressed the 700 people gathered in Council Chambers at City Hall: " It is our high purpose to devote our whole time, our whole energy to do good work ..." He established the Office of City Construction Coordinator, appointing Robert Moses to the post, worked to have the permanent home of the United Nations located in Manhattan, presided over the first billion-dollar New York City budget, created a traffic department and raised the subway fare from five cents to ten cents.
* November 4 – At Park Central Hotel in Manhattan, Arnold Rothstein, New York City's most notorious gambler, is shot to death over a poker game.
At Oak Ridge and at the University of California, Berkeley, Ernest O. Lawrence developed electromagnetic separation for much of the uranium used in the first United States atomic bomb ( see Manhattan Project ).
At its peak, the resort occupied approximately, about the size of San Francisco, or twice the size of Manhattan.
At the time, rail lines terminated on the New Jersey side of the harbor, while ocean shipping was centered on Manhattan and Brooklyn.
At the start of 1917 the band began an engagement playing for dancing at Reisenweber's Cafe in Manhattan.
At the time, it was seen as provocation on a grand scale: crowning a Manhattan skyscraper with a shape echoing a historical wardrobe top defied every precept of the modernist aesthetic: historical pattern had been effectively outlawed among architects for years.
At the time, it was America's premier museum devoted exclusively to modern art, and the first of its kind in Manhattan to exhibit European modernism.
At the New York state line, which is located at the midpoint of the Hudson River, the road continues as New York State Route 495 and heads into midtown Manhattan in New York City.
At times Late Show even came in third in its timeslot ( behind Nightline, most recently in November 2008 ), once prompting Letterman to arrange for a Manhattan billboard proudly declaring himself and his show to be "# 3 in Late Night ," aping an older, nearby billboard which promoted Leno and The Tonight Show as # 1.
At Newark Penn Station, connections can be made to Pennsylvania Station in Midtown Manhattan.
At the same time, Manhattan was fast becoming a center of education.
At age 19, she was stopped from walking in front of a car on a Manhattan street by the founder of Vogue, Condé Nast, thus launching her modeling career when she appeared on the cover of the March 15, 1927 edition, in an illustration by George Lepape.
At 1, 600 feet in 1903, it was the longest bridge in the world at the time and a key factor in opening Brooklyn up as a working-class neighborhood for Manhattan.
At that point a new opening with current shots of the Manhattan skyline were used with the Trade Center towers being seen in the closing credits.
At that time, Bell Laboratories headquarters were located in 463 West Street, Manhattan, New York City instead of New Jersey and he lived in New Jersey such that he took the ferry every morning to go to work.
At the age of 19, Hall was recruited to the Manhattan Project, where he was the youngest scientist at Los Alamos.
At its formation, the Institute was located in Manhattan at Fifth Avenue and 12th Street.
At the time of the unconditional surrender of Germany on May 8, 1945, the Manhattan Project was still months away from producing a working weapon.
At age 5, he and his family moved from Morningside Heights, Manhattan, to the northeast Bronx.

At and artwork
At the publisher's invitation he revised the storyline and the improvements impressed the editor sufficiently to invite Barks to try his hand at contributing both the script and the artwork of his follow-up story.
At least three different artists painted the artwork inside the church.
At her death, Gertrude's remaining collection emphasized the artwork of Picasso and Juan Gris, most of her other pictures having been sold.
At the age of 15, after discovering Gene Byrnes ' Complete Guide to Cartooning at the public library, Bakshi took up cartooning to document his experiences and create fantasy-influenced artwork.
At school, West showed an aptitude for woodwork and artwork, but did not excel academically.
At the end of 2009, the artwork on the strip was given a revamp to match Dave Eastbury's new style on Ball Boy.
At Disneyland, Tinker Bell is prominently featured in Peter Pan's Flight, a suspended dark ride based on the artwork from the animated film.
At court he produces artwork, firearms, air guns, crossbows, and movable globes.
At this time, not only was Sköld the bassist for the band, but he was also producing, editing, creating artwork, electronics, programming drums and beats, playing guitar, keyboards, accordion and synthesizer bass for the album The Golden Age of Grotesque.
At the time of release many online stores displayed an incorrect earlier version of the artwork for the box set, which features alternate artwork for the Post Live and Homogenic Live albums.
He was also a fine water colourist and contributed his own artwork to the covers of the 1994 novel Catalysts and the feschrift, ' Stanley Middleton At Eighty '.
At roughly the same time in England, Mews Books / New American Library reprinted four Spider novels sporting new cover artwork, each being different in style and execution from those used by Pocket Books.
At the middle and upper school campus, there is a Gallery Space, in which students have an opportunity to curate shows of their artwork for anyone who walks in to see.
At a time when foldouts were usually reserved for double-disc albums, this one-disc album had a foldout emphasizing the photography as well as the elaborate artwork of Cal Schenkel.
At the 53rd Grammy Awards, Brothers and its songs won awards in three of the five categories they were nominated in ; the band received honors for Best Alternative Music Album ( for Brothers ) and Best Rock Performance by a Duo or Group with Vocal ( for " Tighten Up "), while Michael Carney, the band's creative director and Patrick's brother, won Best Recording Package for designing the artwork for Brothers.
At the bottom of the scroll is a wooden cylindrical bar, called digan ( 地杆 ), attached to give the scroll the necessary weight to hang properly onto a wall, but it also serves to roll up a scroll for storage when the artwork is not in display.
This album, later confirmed to be titled At the Edge of the World, features studio material, as well as five remixes, and contains artwork by English artist Sam Shearon.
At the same time that her artwork diminished, she became the subject of literary portraits by three writers.
The mezzanine and street elevator shaft includes artwork titled At the Start ... At Long Last by Sheila LaBrettville.
At the release of Adrenalize he used an array of Chaparral Max 5-string models in various colours including a black & white " Granite " finish, one with a variation of the Adrenalize album artwork custom painted on it, and a black-painted model from 1990-1999.
The album was repackaged with the same track listing but completely different artwork in 2003, again as a promotional tool but this time for her album At Last.
At the western end, there is a pictorial history of Northbridge, and at the eastern end, the Aboriginal artist Ron Corbett created images based on indigenous artwork.

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