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At and USC
At USC, he directed his MFA thesis film, Recon, which starred Peter Gabriel.
At USC, Gifford was named an All-American athlete and player and graduated in the class of 1952.
At Tennessee, Holdsclaw was a four-time Kodak All-America, one of only six women's basketball players to earn the honor ( along with teammate Tamika Catchings, Cheryl Miller of USC, Ann Meyers of UCLA, Lynette Woodard of Kansas and LaToya Thomas of Mississippi State.
At USC, Smith was a member of Beta Theta Pi fraternity.
At USC she was a member of Kappa Delta Sorority.
At USC he was managing editor of the campus magazine Wampus ; he also wrote a column for the college newspaper, the Daily Trojan.
At USC, Jenkins had a standout career from through.
At this time, USC was the leading architectural school in California, and a hotbed of new ideas brought about by the aftermath of the war: ideas about how architecture should respond to social issues, such as the population boom in Los Angeles and the need for low-cost housing, and ideas about how to apply the new materials and industrialized techniques of the wartime economy, such as mass-production and pre-fabrication, to peacetime.
At many film schools, including NYU and USC, initial student films in non digital programs are shot with non synch Arri-S or Bolex film cameras manufactured in the mid 20th century.
At one time Bush dated WWE Diva Eve Torres while at USC.
At that time USC had around 5000 members.
At first, KSCR broadcast online through a USC server using RealAudio.
At USC, Tatupu majored in sociology.
At USC, Patterson met his eventual fiance, Bianca, who was a resident adviser for his student housing.
At USC, Mr. Grant said the university's list of honorary degrees didn't include Lanni either.
At USC, he served as chair of the department of East Asian languages and cultures from 1968 to 1970, and from 1972 to 1976.
At USC in 1997 he directed productions of Good News and The Threepenny Opera, and in the 1990s completed Sister Aimee, a musical based on the life of Aimee Semple McPherson, which was performed in Los Angeles in 1995 and in Chicago in 2004.
At Southern California, Lane earned All-America honors during his senior season ( 1999 ), including pitching 2. 2 innings in the 1998 College World Series championship game to pick up the win and help USC to its 12th NCAA baseball championship, topping Arizona State University 21-14.

At and Korris
At the Institute, Korris worked with talents as diverse as John Milius, Randal Kleiser and David Ayer The initial $ 44. 5 million contract grew substantially as basic research in immersive virtual reality and prototype application development was expanded.

At and led
At Antietam, he led his men into the deadly fighting in the Cornfield and the West Woods, and one colonel described him as a " gallant officer ... remarkably cool and at the very front of battle.
At the very outset, he had to meet the formidable attack of the Normans ( led by Robert Guiscard and his son Bohemund ), who took Dyrrhachium and Corfu, and laid siege to Larissa in Thessaly ( see Battle of Dyrrhachium ).
At the end of 1874, when Field Marshal Serrano left Madrid to take command of the northern army in the Carlist War, Brigadier Martínez Campos, who had long been working more or less openly for the king, led some battalions of the central army to Sagunto, rallied to his own flag the troops sent against him, and entered Valencia in the king's name.
At last, led to the Hippodrome of Constantinople, he was hung up by the feet between two pillars, and two Latin soldiers competed as to whose sword would penetrate his body more deeply, and finally his body, according to the representation of his death, was torn apart.
At the lycée in Rennes when he was 15, he led of a group of boys who devoted much time and energy to poking fun at their well-meaning, but obese and incompetent physics teacher, a man named Hébert.
At that time, they also led the NL West by 6. 5 games.
ACM is led by a Council consisting of the President, Vice – President, Treasurer, Past President, SIG Governing Board Chair, Publications Board Chair, three representatives of the SIG Governing Board, and seven Members – At – Large.
At the same time, local Congregationalists, led by the theologist Ezra Stiles, were working toward a similar end.
At 3 p. m. Duke Jeremi Wiśniowiecki led a successful charge of 18 cavalry companies against the right wing of the Cossack-Tatar Army.
At first, the islands of Cape Verde housed an extensive savanna and dry forest cover, but mostly it was removed to convert to agricultural land, which, together with the arid climate and rugged terrain, has led to a soil erosion and desertification widespread.
At the 18th Party Conference ( 15 – 20 February 1941 ) it was concluded that the abolition of the Central Committee Department on Industry had led to the neglect of industry.
At the same time, Malenkov was accused of being involved in the Leningrad Affair which led to the deaths of innocent party officials.
At the Battle of Lewes in 1264, the rebellious barons, led by Simon de Montfort, had defeated the royal army and taken King Henry III captive.
At La Martinique, playwright Moss Hart saw Danny perform, which led to Hart casting him in Hart's hit Broadway comedy Lady in the Dark.
At one point it was announced that the release had been delayed to allow the inclusion of the video for " May it Be ", while the ( now defunct ) fan sites reported that a dispute over the sound quality of the release led to it being withdrawn.
At Euro 96, held in England, Terry Venables led England to their best performance at a European Championship, reaching the semifinals.
At this point Athena led a procession accompanying them to their new abode, with the escort now addressing them as " Semnai " ( Venerable Ones ), as they will now be honored by the citizens of Athens and ensure the city's prosperity.
At the start of 1986, Essendon were considered unbackable for three successive flags, but a succession of injuries to key players Paul Van der Haar ( only fifteen games from 1986 to 1988 ), Tim Watson, Darren Williams, Roger Merrett and Simon Madden led the club to win only eight of its last eighteen games in 1986 and only nine games ( plus a draw with Geelong ) in 1987.
At all events the prominence of " Ea " led, as in the case of Nippur, to the survival of Eridu as a sacred city, long after it had ceased to have any significance as a political center.
At least a third of the Red terror and perhaps most of the White terror was centrally led.
At the time of Gabon's independence, two principal political parties existed: the Bloc Democratique Gabonais ( BDG ), led by Léon M ' Ba, and the Union Democratique et Sociale Gabonaise ( UDSG ), led by Jean-Hilaire Aubame.
At the time of Gabon's independence in 1960, two principal political parties existed: the Bloc Democratique Gabonais ( BDG ), led by Léon M ' Ba, and the Union Democratique et Sociale Gabonaise ( UDSG ), led by Jean-Hilaire Aubame.
At the time of Gabon's independence in 1960, two principal political parties existed: the Bloc Democratique Gabonais ( BDG ), led by Leon M ' Ba, and the Union Democratique et Sociale Gabonaise ( UDSG ), led by Jean-Hilaire Aubame.

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