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Page "learned" ¶ 1371
from Brown Corpus
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At and each
At the entrance side of the shelter, each roof beam is rested on the inside 4 inches of the block wall.
At first each child should do a kick-up by himself so that the teacher can determine those ready to work alone, and those who need help.
At the end of the run, the strips in the third and sixth positions in each chamber were dried, stained for 1 hr, washed and dried, while the other strips were maintained in a horizontal position at 1-degree-C.
At the conclusion of the washing, 8 liters of water at 90-degrees-F ( 32*0C. ) are automatically metered from the rinse reservoir to the washing tubs, 4 liters to each tub.
At each angle of its pitch a big skylight had been fitted into the roof and all these skylights were fitted with systems of multiple screens and shades.
At the same time the orchestra announced that next season it would be giving twenty-five programs at Carnegie, and that it would be taking these concerts to the suburbs, repeating each of them in five different communities.
At such hearings each party is allowed a brief presentation at which the appellate judges ask questions based on their review of the record below and the submitted briefs.
At the peak of its efficiency in the early 16th century, the Venetian Arsenal employed some 16, 000 people who apparently were able to produce nearly one ship each day, and could fit out, arm, and provision a newly-built galley with standardized parts on an assembly-line basis not seen again until the Industrial Revolution.
At the end of the session, each voter tossed one of these into a large clay jar which was afterwards cracked open for the counting of the ballots.
At the beginning of the game, each player receives $ 6000 in cash.
At Sparta, however, youths each sacrificed a puppy to Enyalios before engaging in ritual fighting at the Phoebaeum.
At family or small social gatherings, one mate may be shared by the group, with the host preparing the mate to the preference of each guest.
At the end of each line the beam returns to the start of the next line ; the end of the last line is a link that returns to the top of the screen.
At the inception of cellular in 1983, the FCC had granted each carrier within a market 333 channels ( 666 channels total ).
At several points, Sondheim has multiple performers each sing a different song simultaneously.
At the beginning of each round, up to three players place their bets in the " betting box " at each position in play.
At the end of the hand each player returns his hand, intact, to the correct slot in the bridge board in which it is transported to other tables so that everyone can play the same deals.
At the start of each round, the rectangular playing arena contains a prearranged pattern of coloured " bubbles ".
At each of these levels a botanist might be concerned with the classification ( taxonomy ), structure ( anatomy and morphology ), or function ( physiology ) of plant life.
At the start of each game, the doubling cube is placed on the bar with the number 64 showing ; the cube is then said to be " centered, on 1 ".
At regular intervals, the housemates each privately nominate a number of fellow housemates that they wish to see evicted from the house.
At each of the corners, a 1 m radius quarter-circle is drawn, and a dotted line is painted parallel to the shortline and five metres away from it without extending into the penalty area.
* At least one wheelset, composed of an axle with a bearings and wheel at each end

At and step
At the second step, the nucleophilic hydroperoxide or halogen anion attacks the boron atom.
At a given time step, half of the particles would move left and half would move right.
At the top of the Grand Gallery there is a step giving onto a horizontal passage approximately long, in which can be detected four slots, three of which were probably intended to hold granite portcullises.
At step 6 in the example parse, only " A * 2 " has been parsed, incompletely.
Another Minor Threat song from the second EP, Out of Step, further demonstrates the belief: " Don't smoke / Don't drink / Don't fuck / At least I can fucking think / I can't keep up / I'm out of step with the world.
At the end of Canada's centennial year in 1967, Prime Minister Pearson announced his intention to step down, and Trudeau entered the race for the Liberal leadership.
At the end of this episode, a budding hint of a romantic relationship is slowed down when a blushing Beverly tells Jean-Luc, Maybe we should be afraid, implying that she's not ready to take that step forward in their relationship.
At first he attempted to attain his ends by an embassy, but when Gregory rejected his overtures he took the celebrated step of going to Italy in person.
At each step in time, the following transitions occur:
At each step of the algorithm, some output is derived from x < sub > n + 1 </ sub >; the output is commonly either the bit parity of x < sub > n + 1 </ sub > or one or more of the least significant bits of x < sub > n + 1 </ sub >.
" At a time when my soul is filled with nothing but love for the party and its leadership, when, having lived through hesitations and doubts, I can boldly say that I learned to highly trust the Central Committee's every step and every decision you, Comrade Stalin, make ," Kamenev wrote.
At this step, placing one trough together with another, one pours the molten bronze down into an opening.
At this speed dancers take one step per beat of the music.
At the Final 3, after Kathy was the first eliminated from the final Immunity Challenge, Vecepia went back on her deal with Kathy by agreeing to step down and give Neleh immunity, in exchange that Neleh would vote off Kathy.
" At first, the step started off with a simple twisting of the feet, to rhythm in a lazy sort of way.
At Matins on Sundays and feast days throughout the year, special hymns called anavathmoi (, from βαθμός, ' step '; Slavonic: stepénnyi ) are chanted immediately before the prokeimenon and Matins Gospel.
At that point Governor McGinty ( Brian Donlevy ) and The Boss ( Akim Tamiroff ) step in and provide a phone call which results in a happy ending for everyone.
At this point the director will step up and ask the performers to repeat the sketch with the necessary adjustments.
At the special request of the FCC, however, this step was occasionally ( though rarely ) skipped.
At the onset of the Chilean War of Independence, the First Government Junta was proclaimed on 18 September 1810, marking Chile's first step toward independence.
" At the close of the play, the knights step up, address the audience, and defend their actions.
At one point during the movie Jay, knowing boredom is the first step to relapse, dances to the song " Goodbye Horses " by Q Lazzarus after Silent Bob puts the tape in the boom-box.
At Saqqara, the oldest complete stone building complex known in history was built: Djoser's step pyramid, built during the third dynasty.
At each step of the algorithm, the node with the lowest value is removed from the queue, the and values of its neighbors are updated accordingly, and these neighbors are added to the queue.

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