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At and foreign
At the other end of the spectrum, where the more advanced countries can be relied upon to make well thought through decisions as to project priorities within a consistent program, we should be prepared to depart substantially from detailed project approval as the basis for granting assistance and to move toward long-term support, in cooperation with other developed countries, of the essential foreign exchange requirements of the country's development program.
At the durbar on July 22, 1880, Abdur Rahman was officially recognized as Amir, granted assistance in arms and money, and promised, in case of unprovoked foreign aggression, such further aid as might be necessary to repel it, provided that he align his foreign policy with the British.
At the United Nations, Brazil continues to oppose sanctions and foreign military intervention, while seeking to garner support for a permanent seat at the Security Council.
At the same time, globalization of shipping made transboundary movement of waste more accessible, and many LDCs were desperate for foreign currency.
At various times countries have either re-stamped foreign coins, or used currency board issuing one note of currency for each note of a foreign government held, as Ecuador currently does.
At the turn of the 20th century, a conservative anti-imperialist movement, the Boxer Rebellion, violently revolted against foreign suppression over vast areas in Northern China.
At about the same time the Romans began to recruit foreign auxiliary cavalry from among Gauls, Iberians, and Numidians, the last being highly valued as mounted skirmishers and scouts ( see Numidian cavalry ).
At the same time, imports — mostly of food aid, manufactures, and transportation equipment — continue to rise, and foreign reserves have declined to precarious levels.
At the same time, discourse with other leaders of state constitutes exercising of foreign policy, which is the president's responsibility.
At independence, Ghana had a substantial physical and social infrastructure and $ 481 million in foreign reserves.
At a press conference held later the same day, Hermann Göring was asked by foreign correspondents to respond to a hot rumour that General von Schleicher had been murdered in his home.
At first the king agreed with these changes and enjoyed reasonable popularity with the people, but as anti-royalism increased along with threat of foreign invasion, the king, stripped of his power, decided to flee along with his family.
At the same time, nascent democratic institutions withered, opposition and labor activities were suppressed, and national interests at times were sacrificed to benefit supporters and relatives of Carías or major foreign interests.
At the outbreak of the war, Iraq had amassed an estimated 35 billion in foreign exchange reserves.
At the same time, the aggressive foreign policy of Mussolini led to an increasing military expenditure.
At the time an IRC could be exchanged for a single-rate, ordinary postage stamp for surface delivery to a foreign country, as this was before the introduction of airmail services.
At this point, Hitler was not carrying out a foreign policy that had carried a high risk of war, but was now carrying out a foreign policy aiming at war.
At the same time, the majority of Luxembourgers have consistently believed that European unity makes sense only in the context of a dynamic transatlantic relationship, and thus have traditionally pursued a pro-NATO, pro-US foreign policy.
At the same time North Korea's policy of self-reliance and the antagonism of America and its allies made it difficult for them to expand foreign trade or secure credit.
At the turn of the 20th century, films emerged as the new cultural agents, depicting events and showing foreign images to mass audiences in European and American cities.
At the behest of the United States, the Organization of American States convened a meeting of foreign ministers but was unable to obtain Noriega's departure.
At the time, the country's $ 800 million external foreign debt was equivalent to almost 175 percent of its gross domestic product.

At and conferences
He eliminates Woolton by a prolonged scheme: At the party conferences, Urquhart pressures O ' Neill into persuading his personal assistant and lover, Penny Guy, to have sex with Woolton in his suite, with the encounter recorded through a bugged ministerial red box.
At the conferences, St-Laurent, compelled by his belief that the UN would be ineffective in times of war and armed conflict without some military means to impose its will, advocated the adoption of a UN military force.
At subsequent premiers ’ conferences he opposed the ' centralising ' tendencies of Canberra and became a strong advocate of the rights of the states.
At least two modern conferences within Hellenic philosophy fields of study have been held in order to address what Plotinus stated in his tract Against the Gnostics and who he was addressing it to, in order to separate and clarify the events and persons involved in the origin of the term " Gnostic ".
* At the Roses Theatre in Tewkesbury, the Eric Morecambe Room is used by local and national companies for conferences and meetings.
At the same time, Irving started to appear more frequently at the annual conferences hosted by the IHR.
At various Iraq reconstruction conferences, the Baghdad Museum Project gave presentations to the reconstruction community advocating preservation of Iraq's cultural heritage in rebuilding projects.
At the latter of these two conferences, when Doellinger was seventy-six years of age, he delivered a series of marvellous addresses in German and English, in which he discussed the state of theology on the continent, the reunion question, and the religious condition of the various countries of Europe in which the Roman Catholic Church held sway.
At the same time he continued to express elements of his longstanding germanophobia by arguing in La Seule France that Frenchmen must not be drawn to the German model and by hosting anti-German conferences and he opposed both the " dissidents " in London and the collaborators in Paris and Vichy ( such as Lucien Rebatet, Robert Brasillach, Pierre Laval, or Marcel Déat ).
At a senior level as of 2011, it is played by fifteen teams divided into two regional conferences, North ( Scotland ), and South ( England & Wales ) with the top teams qualifying for playoffs at the end of the season.
At the time, the traditional four " major " bowl games — the Cotton, Orange, Sugar and Rose — had contracts with the major conferences whose champions were guaranteed selections.
At full-building use, the Complex can host conferences, conventions and trade shows with up to 1200 delegates / exhibitors.
At first he ordered story conferences at his home, typically with start times of eleven p. m., to both Hecht's and Hitchcock's profound annoyance.
At the outset of the administration, Tumulty convinced Wilson, who was known for his distaste of the press, to hold news conferences on a regularized schedule, sometimes as much as twice every week.
At his direction his theologians were prominent in the various conferences where representative Roman Catholics and Protestants assembled to attempt to find a working basis for reunion.
At the core of the service were many thousands of " conferences "-groups established by users to discuss particular topics, conceptually not unlike newsgroups but limited to CIX subscribers ( who sometimes describe themselves as ' Cixen ').
At the Charlottetown Conference and the two later conferences discussing the confederation, Johnson vigorously asserted the fact that the provincial governments should not hold any power above the course of the county or zone.
At the age of sixteen, Eleanor became her father's secretary and accompanied him around the world to socialist conferences.
At the north end of the college is the Kresge Town Hall, which has seen many groundbreaking performances, including the first Talking Heads concert on the west coast, and the legendary acid conferences which included appearances by the likes of Allen Ginsberg and Owlsley.
At the 2010 season's end, six teams from the Western Conference qualified for the playoffs, whereas only two clubs from the East qualified, making it the largest disparity between the two conferences in league history.
At both the 2007 BikeWalk California conference and at other bicycling conferences, Oberstar advocated converting the U. S .' s transportation system " from a hydrocarbon-based system to a carbohydrate-based system.
At their party conferences each year, they play to the gallery by projecting themselves as the communal heroes.
At AASG we build awareness through our publications, school curricula, conferences, and Speakers ’ Bureau — consisting mainly of survivors of slavery.
At branch meetings and national conferences, all members have full democratic rights of discussion, debate, and voting rights.

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