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Page "belles_lettres" ¶ 258
from Brown Corpus
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At and four-thirty
At four-thirty in the afternoon, the crew would vote on whether they should continue working on overtime, or wrap for the day.

At and coming
At that time, early LAN systems were just coming to market, including Ethernet, Token Ring and ARCNET.
At a time when comic books were coming under fire for supposed sexual, violent and subversive content, Kelly feared the same would happen to comic strips.
At this time, there will be a resurrection of the people of God who have died, and a rapture of the people of God who are still living, and they will meet Christ at his coming.
At this stage, the synapsis ( pairing / coming together ) of homologous chromosomes takes place, facilitated by assembly of central element of the synaptonemal complex.
At the same time, plans were made for a new South Stand, which was estimated to cost £ 60, 000, however the tender price came out at GB £ 90, 000, a compromise was made, and it was decided to build a new upper South Stand costing £ 64, 000 instead, with the Cardiff Athletic Club contributing £ 15, 000 and the remainder coming from the WRU.
At the time the two of us were in Heliopolis and we both witnessed the extraordinary phenomenon of the moon hiding the sun at the time that was out of season for their coming together ... We saw the moon begin to hide the sun from the east, travel across to the other side of the sun, and return on its path so that the hiding and the restoration of the light did not take place in the same direction but rather in diametrically opposite directions ..."
At this council Adrian was represented by legates who presided at the condemnation of Photius as a heretic, but did not succeed in coming to an understanding with Ignatius on the subject of jurisdiction over the Bulgarian church.
At 39 years of age and coming off a 15 – 14 season with Texas, little was expected of him.
At 33-3, the combined records for the two teams coming into the game were and still are the best in Super Bowl history.
At the Putney Debates in 1647, Colonel Thomas Rainsborough defended natural rights as coming from the law of God expressed in the Bible.
At the end of the act ( and its successor ), a boy arrives, purporting to be a messenger sent from Godot, to advise the pair that he will not be coming that " evening but surely tomorrow.
At age ten, his older brother Burnie recalled that he stopped coming home for supper, instead hurrying down to the riverfront and slipping aboard one or another of the excursion boats to play the Calliope.
At first Keokuk accepted the loss of land as inevitable in the face of the vast numbers of white soldiers and settlers coming west.
At the same time, gas lights using natural gas or coal gas were coming into wide use.
At the Restoration of the king in 1660 he was favourably received at court, and in 1665 would have received the provostship of Eton College, if he would have taken orders ; but this he refused to do on the ground that his writings on religious subjects would have greater weight coming from a layman than a paid minister of the Church.
At the time, there was an average of 200, 000 refugees coming to the United States, most of which were Indochinese and Soviet Jews.
At around 3 am, the first casualties of the putsch occurred when the local garrison of the Reichswehr spotted Röhm's men coming out of the beer hall.
At the time of the Muslim invasion in 711, the Visigothic king Roderic was fighting the Basques in Pamplona and had to turn his attention to the new enemy coming from the south.
At the centre of a large rural agricultural hinterland that encompasses some of the flattest and most productive land in Scotland, Stirling principally functioned as a market town, symbolised by its Mercat cross, with farmers coming to sell their products and wares in the large agricultural market that was held in the town.
At 45, Mao was nearly twice Jiang's age, and Jiang had lived a highly bourgeois lifestyle before coming to Yan ' an.
At the 1980 NBA All-Star Game, league owners voted to admit the new team, with the team's name coming from the 1957 – 1962 TV western Maverick.
At the same time while Jeremiah was prophesying coming destruction because of the sins of the nation, a number of other prophets were prophesying peace.
At Hull on 5 August, Chamberlain began his election campaign by addressing an enthusiastic crowd in front of large posters declaring him to be ' Your coming Prime Minister '.
At the beginning of the 1800s a harbour was developed, but it was the coming of the railways in 1843 that would have the bigger impact.

At and newsboy
At the age of ten, when he was working as a newsboy in the Loop, he was knocked down by a streetcar which resulted in his permanently shortened leg.

At and marked
At this time a detailed neuromuscular examination revealed diffuse muscle atrophy that was moderate in the hands and feet, but marked in the shoulders, hips, and pelvic girdle, with hypoactive deep-tendon reflexes.
At the end of the corridor Alec noticed a door marked: Fire Stairs.
At the age of eleven, he joined his father on a ship as an apprentice ; his seagoing career would be marked by headstrong disobedience.
At 2200 B. C., a marked increase in aridity and wind circulation, subsequent to a volcanic eruption, induced a considerable degradation of land-use conditions.
* At Consett the closure of the British Steel works in 1980 marked the end of steel production in the Derwent Valley and the decline of the area.
At the contrary, Zagreb-Split trait construction enjoyed a constant support from Croatian public and its on-schedule completion was marked with enormous joy and pride all through the country.
At the end of the Discourse on Inequality, Rousseau explains how the desire to have value in the eyes of others comes to undermine personal integrity and authenticity in a society marked by interdependence, and hierarchy.
At the present time, Nineveh's location is marked by two large mounds, Kouyunjik and Nabī Yūnus ( Prophet Jonah ).
At this time, Waits made a return to acting after a five-year break, marked at first by the re-release of his 1993 Jim Jarmusch-directed short Coffee and Cigarettes: Somewhere in California, costarring Iggy Pop, compiled in Coffee and Cigarettes.
At its most primitive, however, patients may be simply marked with coloured tape, or with marker pens, when triage tags are either unavailable or insufficient.
At home, 1919 was marked by major strikes in the meatpacking and steel industries, and large-scale race riots in Chicago and other cities.
At any time, a router can send a packet to a destination marked " Passive " through any of its successors or feasible successors without alerting them in the first place, and this packet will be delivered properly.
" At Moscow State University, Jews were required to take their entrance exams in different rooms from non-Jewish applicants, which were nicknamed " gas chambers ", and they were marked on a harsher scale.
At the age of 42, in his last substantial major league season, Henderson finished the year with 25 stolen bases, ninth in the NL ; it also marked his 23rd consecutive season with more than 20 steals.
At this time both sexes of newt become more strikingly and colourfully marked, with vivid spots and orange bellies.
At that time, Rzeszów finally grew beyond its medieval borders, marked by fortifications.
At the molecular level, NMS is caused by a sudden, marked reduction in dopamine activity, either from withdrawal of dopaminergic agents or from blockade of dopamine receptors.
At the end of 1983 there was a marked change in Douglas ’ s thinking.
At the top of Bradshaw, along the American River, close to the oak tree that marked the northwest boundary of the Spanish Land Grant, Rancho Rio De Los Americanos, there are still some remains of foundations.
At junctions there are signs marked ‘ Peddars Way ’ on plain wood fingerposts.
At that time it was known as the Wellstream or Old Wellenhee, and parts of that course are marked by the Old Croft River and the border between Cambridgeshire and Norfolk.
At this time the Russians cartographers marked all landmarks in and around this ridge as " Fort Malakoff ".
At least one parade marked the flag's 60th anniversary in January 2008.
At that time, one very well may conclude, that the vernal equinox also marked the sun's enterance into this constellation of the Golden Calf, the Taurus.

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