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At and many
At the moment, many of these are being pulled down.
Those elegant `` At Home '' cards she sent out, now she could wear her pretty clothes again, and had the house all trimmed up, hadn't brought many callers in two whole months.
At the other extreme are languages such as English, where the spelling of many words simply has to be memorized as they do not correspond to sounds in a consistent way.
At the same time, Angola has promoted the revival of the Community of Portuguese-Speaking Countries ( CPLP ) as a forum for cultural exchange and expanding ties with Portugal ( its former ruler ) and Brazil ( which shares many cultural affinities with Angola ) in particular.
At present the Alps are one of the more popular tourist destinations in the world with many resorts such Oberstdorf, in Bavaria, Saalbach in Austria, Davos in Switzerland, Chamonix in France, and Cortina d ' Ampezzo in Italy recording more than a million annual visitors.
At the time, of course, she had no idea she would be going on writing Poirot books for many decades to come.
While Miss Marple is described as ' an old lady ' in many of the stories, her age is mentioned in " At Bertram's Hotel ", where it is said she visited the hotel when she was 14 and almost 60 years have passed since then.
" At his death, Doubleday left many letters and papers, none of which describe baseball, or give any suggestion that he considered himself a prominent person in the evolution of the game.
At a time when pristine wilderness was becoming scarce in many parts of Europe, what constitutes “ nature ” was confused with the last remnants of wilderness — cultivated fields, managed woodlands, and cultivated livestock and crops.
At very low temperatures in the vicinity of absolute zero, matter exhibits many unusual properties, including superconductivity, superfluidity, and Bose – Einstein condensation.
At a meeting of the U. S. House Committee on Science and Astronautics one day after Gagarin's flight, many congressmen pledged their support for a crash program aimed at ensuring that America would catch up.
At his and Lincoln's inaugural ceremony on March 4, 1865, Johnson, who had been drinking with John W. Forney that morning, as well as the night before, gave a rambling speech and appeared intoxicated to many.
At the First Buddhist Council, convened shortly after the Buddha died, Ananda was called upon to recite many of the discourses that later became the Sutta Pitaka of the Pāli Canon.
At Acadia University, students have access to the Student Union Building which serves as a hub for students and houses many Student Union organizations.
At the time of the design of ATM, 155 Mbit / s Synchronous Digital Hierarchy ( SDH ) with 135 Mbit / s payload was considered a fast optical network link, and many Plesiochronous Digital Hierarchy ( PDH ) links in the digital network were considerably slower, ranging from 1. 544 to 45 Mbit / s in the USA, and 2 to 34 Mbit / s in Europe.
At present, many such jobs appear to be flowing towards China, though some that require command of English are going to India and the Philippines.
At the northern part of the Gulf of Bothnia the water is no longer salty and many fresh water species live in the sea.
At the time Blowfish was released, many other designs were proprietary, encumbered by patents or were commercial / government secrets.
At the same time, globalization of shipping made transboundary movement of waste more accessible, and many LDCs were desperate for foreign currency.
At birth, there are over 270 bones in an infant human's body, but many of these fuse together as the child grows, leaving a total of 206 separate bones in an adult.
At the 1922 and 1923 elections the Liberals won barely a third of the vote and only a quarter of the seats in the House of Commons, as many radical voters abandoned the divided Liberals and went over to Labour.
At the 1945 general election, Sinclair and many of his colleagues lost their seats to both Conservatives and Labour, and the party returned just 12 MPs to Westminster.
At the same time, some settlers observed " all natives throughout these ... districts have a tradition ( of ) a very large animal having at one time existed in the large creeks and rivers and by many it is said that such animals now exist.
At the end of his term, Frei had accomplished many noteworthy objectives, but he had not fully achieved his party's ambitious goals.
At the present time many scientists and philosophers consider the arguments for an important role of quantum phenomena to be unconvincing.

At and medieval
At around the same time in the medieval Islamic world, a vigorous monetary economy was created during the 7th – 12th centuries on the basis of the expanding levels of circulation of a stable high-value currency ( the dinar ).
At this point the Scandinavians had entered their medieval period and consolidated their kingdoms of Denmark, Norway, and Sweden.
Occitan was the vehicle for the influential poetry of the medieval troubadours and trobairises: At that time, the language was understood and celebrated throughout most of educated Europe.
At the Carolingian abbey of Corvey in Westphalia, a unique ninth-century wall painting depicts, among other things, Odysseus ' fight with Scylla, an illustration not noted elsewhere in medieval arts.
At this siege the attackers also made use of " sows "-mobile armoured shelters which were used throughout the medieval period, and allowed workers to fill in moats with protection from the defenders ( thus levelling the ground for the siege towers to be moved to the walls ).
At many medieval universities this would have been the principal undergraduate course.
At the same time, the impact of the Renaissance would soon backfire against traditional Roman Catholicism, ushering in an age of reform and a repudiation of much of medieval Latin tradition.
At Folly Bridge in Oxford the remains of an original Saxon structure can be seen, and medieval stone bridges such as Newbridge and Abingdon Bridge are still in use.
At the entrance to the north in the center, between the streets Via Aliprandi and Via Zanzi, a fork of the river artificially created for defensive purposes in the early decades of the 14th century gives rise to Lambretto, which is joined to the main course Lambro at its exit to the south from the ancient circle of medieval walls ( Monza ) ( now completely demolished ).
At its origin in medieval England, copyhold tenure was tenure of land according to the custom of the manor, the " title deeds " being a copy of the record of the manorial court.
At the close of the medieval period, the modern era brought a shift in Christian thinking from an emphasis on the resurrection of the body back to the immortality of the soul.
At age sixteen, a discussion with a childhood friend on faults perceived in Christianity ( such as contradictions in creeds, along with medieval traditions ) led Charles to question his faith.
At that time, Rzeszów finally grew beyond its medieval borders, marked by fortifications.
At Khorsabad there are the remains of a wall, still high, built of blocks of stone 3 to thick, and the evidences wanting as to finishing of these is completely supplied by the sculptures, which show an extraordinary resemblance to medieval works of the same class.
At least from the 17th century the name Ahasver has been given to the Wandering Jew, apparently adapted from Ahasuerus, the Persian king in the Book of Esther, who was not a Jew, and whose very name among medieval Jews was an exemplum of a fool.
At Lincoln, for example, he identified three phases of urban development, beginning with a British settlement at the top of the hill ( close to which " much Romaine mony is found "), the Saxon and medieval town further south, and a more recent riverside development at Wigford.
At Ferrara his work there included the celebrated Blasons ( a descriptive poem, improved upon medieval models ), which set all the verse-writers of France imitating them.
At the end of the century, in true medieval fashion, it acquired a complete system of defensive walls, with two gates, a series of watchtowers, and a keep.
At Tingelstad, there is another medieval stone church.
At Kaupang in Tjølling, lie the remains of the medieval Skiringssal trading outpost.
At first, Ulm's significance was due to the privilege of a Königspfalz, a place of accommodation for the medieval German kings and emperors on their frequent travels.
At the east end of the street is where the River Fleet flowed against the medieval walls of London ; at the west end is the Temple Bar which marks the current City of London / City of Westminster boundary, extended there in 1329.
At Jena, he began his history of medieval Europe, starting with the fall of Rome.
Explaining that the medieval usurer differed to modern capitalist by the fact that in medieval society wealth was fixed ( land ), while in industrial society the function of money had changed completely: “ At the new framework, none could accumulate money under the bed for stroke him between dawn swoon of fetishistic perversion, but I had to bet it quickly on overall growth of the economy before inflation turned it into dust.

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