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from Brown Corpus
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At and present
At the moment he was excited about his son's having received the Prix De Rome in archaeology and was looking forward to being present this summer at the excavation of an Etruscan tomb.
At the present time, the counter-attack takes the line that there's no more of the true spirit of `` integration '' in the North than in the South.
Having hedged its bets in this way, PHS apparently decided it would be possible to make some sort of determination after all: `` At present radiation levels, and even at somewhat higher levels, the additional risk is slight and very few people will be affected ''.
At the present time the research team which pioneered this new technique is primarily interested in advancing and perfecting it.
At present, both the familiar cast acrylic and the newer extruded sheets are being used by sign manufacturers, with extruded now representing an estimated 10% of the total.
At the present time we do not know by what biochemical mechanism TSH acts on the thyroid, but for bio-assay of the hormone there are a number of properties by which its activity may be estimated, including release of iodine from the thyroid, increase in thyroid weight, increase in mean height of the follicular cells and increase in the thyroidal uptake of Af.
At about the time the Marsden enterprise was getting under way, the Vail Light and Lumber Company started construction of a chair stock factory on the site of the present Bennington Co-operative Creamery, intending to use its surplus power for generating electricity.
At present all offenses must be taken to Sixth District Court for disposition.
At present the doctor's main concern was in seeing to it that Japanese salvage firms were not permitted to operate on the hulks of warships sunk too close inshore, because the work involved setting off nerve-shattering blasts at all hours.
At present, techniques to establish the realization of an ampere have a relative uncertainty of approximately a few parts in 10 < sup > 7 </ sup >, and involve realizations of the watt, the ohm and the volt.
At the time, the periodic table had been restructured by Seaborg to its present layout, containing the actinide row below the lanthanide one.
At present the region is home to 14 million people and has 120 million annual visitors.
At present the Alps are one of the more popular tourist destinations in the world with many resorts such Oberstdorf, in Bavaria, Saalbach in Austria, Davos in Switzerland, Chamonix in France, and Cortina d ' Ampezzo in Italy recording more than a million annual visitors.
At the exact midpoint between the two pKa values, the trace amount of net negative and trace of net positive ions exactly balance, so that average net charge of all forms present is zero.
At Athens some citizens were far more active than others, but the vast numbers required just for the system to work testify to a breadth of participation among those eligible that greatly surpassed any present day democracy.
At present the archbishop has three suffragan bishops:
However, there is limited evidence that mistletoe's effects on the immune system help the body fight cancer .... At present, the use of mistletoe cannot be recommended outside the context of well-designed clinical trials.
At present the nearest airport is the Jaipur International Airport, about 132 km away, with daily flights to the major cities in India.
At present the canal does not flow in district Gurgaon, but only in Faridabad, which was earlier a part of Gurgaon.
At present, the islands are organized as Amakusa District, Amakusa City, and Kami-amakusa City, all of which are under the administration of Kumamoto Prefecture.
At present, many such jobs appear to be flowing towards China, though some that require command of English are going to India and the Philippines.
At present, the private sector plays a major role in Bonn's economy.
At present Berlin consists of 96 localities, which are commonly made up of several city neighborhoods — called Kiez in the Berlin dialect — representing small residential areas.
At present, such areas comprise about 30, 000 km², and several are in countries where political stability is fragile.

At and it's
At the time, they announced that " Apple realized that it's not in the business to create a networking system.
' At which Peggy snapped, ' Come on, dearie, it's only a gesture, not a recipe ,' a line surely worthy of Joe himself, though indicative of the contempt in which Ramsey held the Orton family.
McDermid said of the project, " At its heart it's a teen novel, and a satire-that's something which fits really well with contemporary fiction.
During the summer I was an apprentice, they were entertaining in a Jewish summer camp ... At the end of the summer they said to me: " You may have talent for something, but it's certainly not acting.
At the ceremony, screenwriter Budd Schulberg, who wrote On the Waterfront, thanks his lifelong friend saying, “ Elia Kazan has touched us all with his capacity to honor not only the heroic man, but the hero in every man .” In an interview with the American Film Institute in 1976, Kazan spoke of his love of the cinema: " I think it's the most wonderful art in the world.
" At least as much as they've been attacked from a theological point of view ," notes Rowling, " books have been lauded and taken into pulpit, and most interesting and satisfying for me, it's been by several different faiths.
At the end there is often a sign-out page as well where it's dated.
At another point in the series, however, it's said that Morticia had Cleopatra before she and Gomez married, having grown her from a seedling.
At the time Bogdanovich was married to Polly Platt and he asked her to read it, and her response was, " I don't know how you make it into a picture, but it's a good book.
At the end of the scene Milton is arrested, and the Superintendent, who has been vomiting during the entire conversation ( it's stated that he ate a Crunchy Frog and implied that he tried some of the others ), faces the camera and warns the public to take more care when purchasing their sweeties.
At the bottom of the mountain it has a elevation of and at the top it has a elevation of, so it's quite possible to be raining at the bottom and then having a few inches of snow at the top and it has a temperature difference of 3-5 degrees depending on the day.
At the 2008 Comic-Con International Karen Berger outlined plans for a new " sub-imprint " called Vertigo Crime: " it's a line of graphic novels, in black and white, hardcover ".
At this time, the " new town " community named it's town Denmark, S. C., in honor of a Captain Denmark, who was an official and promoter of The South Bound Railroad.
At the very beginning of the televised portion of the Philadelphia concert, Joan Baez announced to the assembled crowd ( and the viewing audience ) that " this is your Woodstock, and it's long overdue ", before leading the crowd in " Amazing Grace " ( paired with a couple of verses of " We Are the World ").
:" At the time we wrote Disintegration ... it's just about what I was doing really, how I felt.
" At least as much as they've been attacked from a theological point of view ", notes Rowling, " books have been lauded and taken into pulpit, and most interesting and satisfying for me, it's been by several different faiths ".
At one point Hamilton quipped, " I've found it's much better making political jokes than being one.
At least it's something that we can think about now, where before it wasn't on the table.
At the plea agreement hearing, U. S. Magistrate Thomas B. McCoun said, " if you're satisfied you're guilty or you believe it's in your best interest to plead guilty ... let me know that.
At its worst, it's annoying and preachy.
At the 2007 French Open, Martina Navratilova said that " Henin's offense is just phenomenal ... it's sort of like we've got ' the female Federer ', or maybe the guys have ' the male Justine Henin ', because she is just head and shoulders above everyone else right now.
At the end of the third season, Jackson left the show saying, " I served it well and it served me well, now it's time to go.
At another, a dialogue choice is a distinctly British " it's well smart!
At 10 p. m. local time, Davis conceded that he had lost to Schwarzenegger, saying, " We've had a lot of good nights over the last 20 years, but tonight the people did decide that it's time for someone else to serve, and I accept their judgment.

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