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Page "mystery" ¶ 678
from Brown Corpus
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At and moment
At the same moment Wheeler Fiske fired the rifle Mike had given him and another guerrilla was hit.
At the moment, the three men were not saying much of anything.
At the moment he was excited about his son's having received the Prix De Rome in archaeology and was looking forward to being present this summer at the excavation of an Etruscan tomb.
At the moment of crisis it had no more depth than an old school tie.
At the same time the multiple transvestitism involved -- the fat man as girl and as baby, as coquette pretending to be a baby -- touches for a moment horrifyingly upon the secret sources of a life like Jacoby's, upon the sinister dreams which form the sources of any human life.
At this moment the volley-ball hit the ground.
At that moment, up walked a tall young man with glasses who announced himself as a world citizen from Basel, Switzerland.
At this moment Mando came hurrying up to announce that the problem was solved and all Norton had to do was to sign a sheaf of papers.
At that moment the bathroom door flew open and Eugene came out, with his face lathered for shaving, and strode down the hall, tying the sash of his dressing gown as he went.
At the moment, many of these are being pulled down.
At the moment, Barco's back was to the road so he didn't see the detectives close in on his convertible which, in their quest for the stolen lap rug, they proceeded to search.
At least the moment was postponed when he had to face the mystery of the power tools.
At that moment Kipling was overwhelmed with awed amazement, suddenly recalling that these identical details of scene, action and word had occurred to him in a dream six weeks earlier.
At this moment, Loveless and Means arrived, crashing through the undergrowth with their horses, and distracted her, and she ran off a short distance and jumped into a crevice between two rocks.
At this moment she was crouched in a cave-like aperture halfway down the Reef.
At this moment, all he could think of was what he'd been forced to undergo.
At the very moment that every attempt is being made to take management out from under the irrationality of anti-trust legislation, a drive is on to abolish collective bargaining under the guise of extending the anti-monopoly laws to unions who want no more than to continue to set wages in the same way that ship operators set freight rates.
At that moment, the nominal ruler of al-Andalus, emir Yusuf ibn ' Abd al-Rahman al-Fihri ( another member of the Fihrid family, and a favorite of the old Arab settlers ( baladiyun ), mostly of south Arabian or ' Yemenite ' tribal stock ) was locked in a contest with his vizier ( and son-in-law ) al-Sumayl ibn Hatim al-Qilabi, the head of the new settlers ( shamiyum, the Syrian junds or military regiments, mostly of north Arabian Qaysid tribes, which had arrived only in 742 ).
At that moment a mysterious stranger, J. Bowden Hapgood, arrives asking for directions to the Cookie Jar.
At that moment, Cora receives a telegram from the governor warning that if the quota of forty-nine cookies is not filled, she will be impeached.
At some moment a price difference exists, and the problem is to execute two or three balancing transactions while the difference persists ( that is, before the other arbitrageurs act ).
At this critical moment, the Roman army was crippled by the outbreak of a second smallpox pandemic, the plague of Cyprian ( 251-70 ).
At such a moment, he continued indignantly, one was bound to recall the funeral of Pushkin and the Tsar's courtiers -- their miserable hypocrisy and false pride.
At the moment, most community colleges award qualifications up to Level 3 in the Malaysian Qualifications Framework ( Certificate 3 ) in both the Skills sector ( Sijil Kemahiran Malaysia or the Malaysian Skills Certificate ) as well as the Vocational and Training sector but the number of community colleges that are starting to award Level 4 qualifications ( Diploma ) are increasing.

At and Holden
At the same time, the human template for Roy Batty hires Dave Holden, the blade runner attacked by Leon, to help him hunt down the man he believes is the sixth replicant-Deckard.
At the 2005 Australian International Motor Show in Sydney, Holden paid homage to the FJ with the Efijy concept car.
At this time, the company was producing all of its passenger cars in Australia, and every model was of Australian design ; however, by the end of the decade, Holden was producing cars based on overseas designs.
At GM headquarters ’ request, Holden was then reorganised and recapitalised, separating the engine and car manufacturing divisions in the process.
At Bell Labs, William Shockley and A. Holden started investigating solid-state amplifiers in 1938.
* The Ivdgement of the Synode Holden At Dort
At the time the film was cast, William Holden was 37 years old and wary of playing Hal, given Novak was 23.
At the conclusion of the novel, Holden decides not to mention much about the present day, finding it inconsequential.
At Midhurst, West Sussex, Holden designed Tudor-style façades for the Sir Ernest Cassel-funded King Edward VII Sanatorium ( 1903 – 06 ).
At Piccadilly Circus, one of the busiest stations on the system, Holden designed ( 1925 – 28 ) a spacious travertine-lined circulating concourse and ticket hall below the roadway of the junction from which banks of escalators gave access to the platforms below.
At the side of College Road, opposite what was Dakyns ' boarding house ( now East Town and North Town ), is the college's memorial arch designed by Charles Holden, which commemorates teachers and pupils who died in the two World Wars.
At the time of 1870 incorporation, consolidations were also made with the Labette & Sedalia Railway Co. and the Neosho Valley & Holden Railway Co. At this time MKT also acquired the Tebo & Nosho Railroad Co., the St. Louis & Santa Fe Railroad Co., and the Hannibal & Central Missouri Railroad Co.
Holden is very much a character of contradiction ; At six feet, two-and-a-half inches, he is tall for his age and already has some gray hair-though he himself admits that he acts more like a 13-year-old than an adult.
For instance, Stephen Holden of The New York Times lauded its visuals and its evocation of a bygone era but felt that " the monochromatic variations on sepia keep the actors and their adventures at a refined aesthetic distance ... At times the film is hard to see.
At the end of Season Two, Holden Carver is left in a vegetative state.
At that time, GM-controlled divisions in different parts of the world manufactured totally different rear-wheel drive C-segment cars-the Chevrolet Vega in America, the Vauxhall Cavalier / Opel Ascona in Europe, the Holden Torana in Australia and the Isuzu Florian in Japan.
At the time, the TJ Sports and VR-X models proved to be the fastest Australian-made, naturally aspirated 6-cylinder vehicles in comparison to their rivals, the AU Ford Falcon XR6 & Falcon XR8, V6-supercharged Holden Commodore S and even HSV XU6.
At the start of his career in journalism, as a graduate trainee on Thomson Regional Newspapers ’ Hemel Hempstead Evening Post-Echo, Holden covered the trial in St Albans of the psychopathic poisoner, Graham Young.
At times, Robert Donat and William Holden were considered for the film.
At Harrington's funeral, Holden meets the dead man's niece, Joanna, who provides him with Harrington's diary.
At his hotel, Holden and his colleagues discuss Karswell and make plans to further examine Rand Hobart.
At the beginning of her career she had roles in memorable movies where she was usually cast as blonde floozies and burlesque dancers as in Down to Earth starring Rita Hayworth ( 1947 ), The Dark Past starring William Holden ( 1948 ).
At the 12th Genie Awards in 1991, Diabo and Meddings were nominated for Best Actress, Holden and Roche were nominated for Best Supporting Actress, and the film was nominated for Best Picture.

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