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At and 1964
* 1964At the Academy Awards, Sidney Poitier becomes the first African-American male to win the Best Actor award for the 1963 film Lilies of the Field.
At Francis C. Hammond High School in Alexandria, Virginia, he did poorly academically, having little interest in school work, but was popular with other students, and after leaving decided that he wanted to study painting at college, thereby beginning his studies at School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston in 1964, where he was a roommate of Peter Wolf.
At the 1964 Congress in Tel Aviv, a subcommittee was formed to propose changes to the regulations.
At the 1964 / 1965 World's Fair in New York, the Parker Pen pavilion provided a computer pen pal matching service.
At independence in 1964, Zambia's economy grew the British South Africa Company ( BSAC, originally setup by the British imperialist Cecil Rhodes ) retained commercial assets and mineral rights that it acquired from a concession signed with the Litunga of Barotseland in 1892 ( the Lochner Concession ).
At the 1964 Democratic National Convention, Johnson kept the three likely vice presidential candidates, Connecticut Senator Thomas Dodd, fellow Minnesota Senator Eugene McCarthy, and Humphrey, as well as the rest of the nation in suspense before announcing Humphrey as his running-mate with much fanfare, praising Humphrey's qualifications for a considerable amount of time before announcing his name.
* 1964: At The End Of The Open Road by Louis Simpson
At Fort Knox, he was a platoon guide and graduated from United States Army Basic Training January 18, 1964, one week before his marriage to Karolyn.
At Leningrad 1963, the site of the 31st Soviet final, Spassky tied for first with Stein and Ratmir Kholmov, with Stein winning the playoff, which was held in 1964.
At the 1964 Summer Olympics, in Tokyo, Hayes had his finest hour as a sprinter.
At the 6th Party Congress of the KDP in July 1964, representatives from the Ahmad-Talabani faction were promptly arrested upon arrival.
At the age of 19 he married Hilda Amelia Bredt ( 1858 – 1964 ), the 17-year-old daughter of prominent feminist and socialist Bertha Bredt.
At the same time, he was hearing of The Beatles ( whose first American tour would commence in February 1964 ), and wondering how Beatlemania might affect folk music.
At the city's incorporation in 1964, a council-manager form of government was created.
At the end of the 1964 racing season, the Cobra was being outclassed in sports car racing by Ferrari.
At that time, the 1964 federal Civil Rights Act had ended legal racial segregation of public schools.
At the age of 15, in 1964, he joined the Conservative party.
At Roosevelt High School, Jackson attended accelerated programs in both math and science, and graduated in 1964 as valedictorian.
At the Aldwych Theatre, London, in January 1964, he again played Henry VI in the complete The Wars of the Roses history cycle ( 1964 ).
At the Aldwych in October 1964, he was cast as Valentine Brose in the play Eh?
At her 3 September 1964 Prom Concert, she performed the Elgar concerto as well as the world premiere of Priaulx Rainier's Cello Concerto.
At the 1964 Democratic National Convention in Atlantic City, New Jersey, she welcomed the president by serenading him with a parody of Hello, Dolly, which was sung as Hello, Lyndon.
At the end of that season the club won the Cheshire League, beginning a nine year period in which they won three league titles and finished no lower than fifth, and in 1964 won the Cheshire League by a record equalling thirteen point margin.

At and Venice
At the Anabaptist Council of Venice 1550, the early Italian instigators of the Radical Reformation committed to the views of Miguel Servet ( d. 1553 ), and these were promulgated by Giorgio Biandrata and others into Poland and Transylvania.
At the beginning of 1508 Bartolomeo moved to Venice to paint a Holy Father, St. Mary Magdalene and St. Catherine of Siena for the Dominicans of San Pietro Martire in Murano, influenced somewhat by Venetian colorism.
At the time of Leon Battista's birth, his father Lorenzo lived in Genoa, but the family soon moved to Venice, where Lorenzo ran the family bank with his brother.
At this time it is believed that the city was one of the largest in the world ; compared to Europe, only Paris, Venice and Constantinople were larger.
At the very time of Leo's accession Louis XII of France, in alliance with Venice, was making a determined effort to regain the duchy of Milan, and Leo, after fruitless endeavours to maintain peace, joined the league of Mechlin, on 5 April 1513, with the emperor Maximilian I, Ferdinand II of Aragon, and Henry VIII of England.
At the very time ( December 1516 ) that peace between France, Spain, Venice and the Empire seemed to give some promise of a Christendom united against the Turks, Leo was preparing an enterprise as unscrupulous as any of the exploits of Cesare Borgia.
* April 9 – At the mouth of the Mississippi River, near modern Venice, Louisiana, Robert de La Salle buries an engraved plate and a cross, claiming the territory as La Louisiane for France.
At Bulls Bridge, the Paddington Arm branches off to the north and runs 12 miles ( 19 km ) to join the Regents Canal at Little Venice ( see below ).
At the time, this was virtually monopolized by the Republic of Venice, who operated overland routes via Levantine and Egyptian ports, through the Red Sea across to the spice markets of India.
At an early age he joined the order of the Camaldolese ( part of the Benedictine monastic family ) and entered the Monastery of San Michael in Murano, near Venice.
At Messer's urging, she donated her art collection and home in Venice, the Palazzo Venier dei Leoni, to the foundation in 1976.
At that time, real estate developer Mabry McMahan envisioned a bayside luxury development modeled after Venice, Italy ( hence the name " Santa Venetia "-there is no actual Christian saint named Venice or Venetia ), complete with canals and gondolas.
At what period he came to Italy is not certain ; according to some accounts he was summoned to Venice about 1430 to act as amanuensis to Francesco Barbaro, who appears to have already made his acquaintance ; according to others he did not visit Italy till the time of the Council of Florence ( 1438 – 1439 ).
West has recorded over fifty audiobooks, among which are the Shakespeare plays All's Well That Ends Well, Coriolanus, Henry V, The Merchant of Venice, A Midsummer Night's Dream, Much Ado About Nothing and Richard II, the Wind on Fire trilogy by William Nicholson ( The Wind Singer, Slaves of the Mastery and Firesong ), the Arthur trilogy by Kevin Crossley-Holland ( The Seeing Stone, At the Crossing Places and King of the Middle March ), five books by Sebastian Faulks ( Charlotte Gray, Birdsong, The Girl at the Lion d ' Or, Human Traces and A Possible Life ), four by Michael Ridpath ( Trading Reality, Final Venture, Free to Trade, and The Marketmaker ), two by George Orwell ( Nineteen Eighty-Four and Homage to Catalonia ), two by Mary Wesley ( An Imaginative Experience and Part of the Furniture ), two by Robert Goddard ( Closed Circle and In Pale Battalions ) and several compilations of poetry ( Realms of Gold: Letters and Poems of John Keats, Bright Star, The Collected Works of Shelley, Seven Ages, Great Narrative Poems of the Romantic Age and A Shropshire Lad ).
At age 19, Wolf-Ferrari left the conservatory and traveled home to Venice.
At the end of his life he opened a new workshop in Venice where he was working on the statue of Bartolomeo Colleoni, leaving the Florentine workshop in charge of Lorenzo di Credi.
At the time of his death there was hardly a place in France, Germany, Italy ( especially Venice ) or the Netherlands where his face had not been seen searching for antique gables and sculptured pieces of stone.
At the onset of World War I, after the assassination in Sarajevo, Meštrović tried to move back to Split via Venice, but was dissuaded by threats made because of his political opposition to the Austro-Hungarian authorities.
At the age of sixteen Flacius went to study in Venice where he was taught by the humanist Giambattista Cipelli ( Baptista Aegnatius / Battista Egnazio ).
At the Venice Film Festival, Jane Campion and Kate Winslet won the Elvira Notari Prize.
At Venice he wrote his Memoirs ; at Padua, Le Parfait Capitaine.
At the 2002 Venice Film Festival, the film received the UNESCO Award and Ken Loach's segment was the winner of the FIPRESCI Prize for Best Short Film.
At the end of the 18th C, Serres was cotton producing area, exporting 50, 000 balls of cotton to Germany, France, Venice and Livorno.

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