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At and American
At least in Indonesia, Khrushchev found an American proud to be at total war with Communism ''!!
At the same time, however, I availed myself of the services of that great English actor and master of make-up, Sir Gauntley Pratt, to do a `` quickie '' called The Mystery of the Mad Marquess, in which I played a young American girl who inherits a haunted castle on the English moors which is filled with secret passages and sliding panels and, unbeknownst to anyone, is still occupied by an eccentric maniac.
At last the White House is going to get some much-copied furniture by that master American craftsman, Duncan Phyfe, whose designs were snubbed in his lifetime when the U. S. Presidents of the 19th Century sent abroad for their furnishings.
At the same time, David H. Price's work on American anthropology during the Cold War provides detailed accounts of the pursuit and dismissal of several anthropologists from their jobs for communist sympathies.
* 1862 – American Civil War: Battle of Cedar Mountain – At Cedar Mountain, Virginia, Confederate General Stonewall Jackson narrowly defeats Union forces under General John Pope.
At the time of Kennedy's proposal, only one American had flown in space less than a month earlier and NASA had not yet sent an astronaut into orbit.
At the time both South African and South American plants were placed in the same genus ; subsequently they were separated into two different genera.
At the North American International Auto Show in Detroit, Michigan in 2003, Aston Martin introduced the AMV8 Vantage concept car.
* 1969 – Vietnam War: At the apartment of French intermediary Jean Sainteny in Paris, American representative Henry Kissinger and North Vietnamese representative Xuan Thuy begin secret peace negotiations.
At the Vatican Council II, as representative of American Jews, Heschel persuaded the Roman Catholic Church to eliminate or modify passages in its liturgy that demeaned the Jews, or expected their conversion to Christianity.
At the San Diego Comic Con in July 2009, IDW announced the upcoming publication of Al Capp's Li ' l Abner: The Complete Dailies and Color Sundays as part of their ongoing Library of American Comics project.
At the end of the 1900 season, the American League removed itself from baseball's National Agreement ( the formal understanding between the NL and the minor leagues ).
At least, three short periods in the history of Chicago have had a lasting influence on American Literature.
At the 2012 meeting in Vancouver, Canada, the American Association for the Advancement of Science ( the world's biggest science conference ), support was reiterated for a cetacean bill of rights, listing cetaceans as " non-human persons ".
At home, Eisenhower was more effective in making the case for NATO in Congress than the Truman administration ; by the middle of 1951, American and European support for NATO was substantial enough to give it a genuine military force.
At the time, the final episode of The Fugitive held the record for the greatest number of American homes with television sets to watch a series finale, at 72 % in August 1967.
* 1776 – At The College of William and Mary, Phi Beta Kappa is founded and becomes the first American college fraternity.
* 1862 – American Civil War: At the Battle of Fredericksburg, Confederate General Robert E. Lee defeats the Union Major General Ambrose E. Burnside.
At the International Zoological Congress at Budapest in 1927, Mayr was introduced by Stresemann to banker and naturalist Walter Rothschild, who asked him to undertake an expedition to New Guinea on behalf of himself and the American Museum of Natural History in New York.
At this time, a paper written by the American philosopher Edmund Gettier provoked major widespread discussion.
At Columbia, Dewey worked with other educators such as Charles Eliot and Abraham Flexner to help bring progressivism into the mainstream of American education.
At that date it is quite easy to find American films such as Stella Maris in which only fades are used.
At this time, American gangster films like Little Caesar and Wellman's The Public Enemy ( both 1931 ) became popular.
At most they were sautéed in a pan ...." Some Belgians believe that the term " French " was introduced when American soldiers arrived in Belgium during World War I, and consequently tasted Belgian fries.

At and publisher's
At the publisher's invitation he revised the storyline and the improvements impressed the editor sufficiently to invite Barks to try his hand at contributing both the script and the artwork of his follow-up story.
The French writer Albert Camus died in a Facel Vega FV3B driven by his publisher, Michel Gallimard At the time of his death, Camus had planned to travel by train, with his wife and children, but at the last minute accepted his publisher's proposal to travel with him.

At and insistence
At the insistence of his own supervisor -- the president of the firm -- he enrolled in a course designed to develop leaders.
At the emperor's further insistence, and for their own protection they took refuge at the convent of Petrion, where eventually they were joined by Irene Doukaina's mother, Maria of Bulgaria.
At Sarah's insistence Ishmael and his mother Hagar are driven out into the wilderness, but God saves them and promises to make Ishmael a great nation.
At Nazarbayev's insistence, Moscow surrendered control of the republic's mineral resources in June 1991.
At the insistence of their superiors in the UK, EMI Australia signed The Saints.
At the insistence of Charles, Martin IV excommunicated the Roman Emperor Michael VIII Palaeologus, who stood in the way of Charles's plans to restore the Latin Empire of the East that had been established in the aftermath of the Fourth Crusade.
At the insistence of Gebhard, Bishop of Ratisbon, the 24-year-old Gebhard was appointed Bishop of Eichstätt.
At the insistence of the Ottoman leader Talat Pasha, all lands Russia had captured from the Ottoman Empire in the Russo-Turkish War ( 1877 – 1878 ), specifically Ardahan, Kars, and Batumi, were to be returned.
At the insistence of Republican Representative Richard Armey, the Act had a number of sunset provisions built in, which were originally set to expire on December 31, 2005.
At Maecenas ' insistence ( according to the tradition ) Virgil spent the ensuing years ( perhaps 37 – 29 BC ) on the longer didactic hexameter poem called the Georgics ( from Greek, " On Working the Earth ") which he dedicated to Maecenas.
At the insistence of Cato the Younger, then quaestor, all men who had profited during the proscriptions were brought to trial.
At the insistence of Johnston and of Confederate President Jefferson Davis, Sherman conditionally agreed to generous terms that dealt with both political and military issues.
At his repeated insistence, new laws were passed against ‘ sodomy ’ ( which included male and female same sex relations ), adultery, public drunkenness, and other moral transgressions, while his lieutenant fra Silvestro Maruffi organized boys and young men to patrol the streets to curb immodest dress and behavior.
At the urging of several bishops, and at the personal insistence of King Louis XIV, Pope Alexander VII sent to France the apostolic constitution Regiminis Apostolici ( dated February 15, 1664 ) which required all French Catholics to subscribe to the following formulary:
At the insistence of Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette, Charles and his family left France three days later, on 17 July, along with several other courtiers, including Madame de Polignac, the Queen ’ s favourite.
At Hitchcock's insistence, the film was made in Paramount's VistaVision widescreen process, making it one of the few VistaVision films made at MGM.
At Brian's insistence, Capitol agreed to let The Beach Boys pay for their own outside recording sessions, to which Capitol would own all the rights, and in return the band would receive a higher royalty rate on their record sales.
At Yu Suzuki's insistence, the game's environment and culture adhere closely to this period.
At Shaw's insistence, she starred as Eliza Doolittle in the film Pygmalion ( 1938 ) with Leslie Howard as Professor Higgins.
At the insistence of William Few, the county was partitioned.
At her insistence, Jimmy wishes the dying girl out of existence.
At the insistence of the film company, Wise agreed to direct a " fill-in " project, The Sound of Music, a film that became one of the most popular and acclaimed films of the 1960s.
At one point the plant's smoke was removed from the city seal at the insistence of some residents due to environmental concerns.
At Stephen F. Austin ’ s insistence, the petition of the citizens to be attached to his colony was finally approved in August, 1828.

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