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At and Siege
At the beginning, there was ambivalence in Nova Scotia, " the 14th American Colony " as some called it, over whether the colony should join the Americans in the war against Britain and rebellion flared at the Battle of Fort Cumberland and the Siege of Saint John ( 1777 )).
* 1863 – American Civil War: Battle of Missionary Ridge – At Missionary Ridge in Tennessee, Union forces led by General Ulysses S. Grant break the Siege of Chattanooga by routing Confederate troops under General Braxton Bragg.
At the second Siege of Przemysl, the Austro-Hungarian garrison showed an excellent knowledge of siege warfare, not only waiting for relief, but sending sorties into Russian lines and employing an active defense that resulted in the capture of the Russian General Lavr Kornilov.
* November 25 – American Civil War – Battle of Missionary Ridge: At Missionary Ridge in Tennessee, Union forces led by General Ulysses S. Grant break the Siege of Chattanooga by routing Confederate troops under General Braxton Bragg.
At the joint request of the German authorities and the Strasbourg Comité de Secours, she superintended the supplying of work to the poor of Strasbourg in 1871, after the Siege of Paris, and in 1872 had charge of the public distribution of supplies to the destitute people of Paris.
At the Siege of Rouen ( May – October 1562 ), the crown regained the city, but Antoine de Navarre died of his wounds.
At the time of the Siege of Boston, the Continental Army at Cambridge, Massachusetts, in June 1775, is estimated to have numbered from 14-16, 000 men from New England ( though the actual number may have been as low as 11, 000 because of desertions ).
At the Second Siege of Saragossa, he won further promotion to the rank of captain, and in 1809-1810 found opportunities for winning distinction under Suchet in the eastern theatre of the Peninsular War, in which he rose to the rank of major and the command of a full regiment.
At the outbreak of the War of the Polish Succession, Saxe served under Marshal the Duke of Berwick, and for a brilliant exploit at the Siege of Philippsburg he was named lieutenant-general.
At intervals came from his studio such pieces as The Red Cross Knight, Abraham Offering up Isaac, Hagar and Ishmael in the Wilderness, The Death of Major Peirson, The Arrest of Five Members of the Commons by Charles the First, The Siege of Gibraltar, The Surrender of Admiral DeWindt to Lord Camperdown, The Offer of the Crown to Lady Jane Grey by the Dukes of Northumberland and Suffolk, The Resurrection, and others.
At the Siege of Louisbourg, General Jeffery Amherst ordered his regiments to create light infantry companies.
At the Battle of Crécy, he was one of the principal commanders in the van under the Prince of Wales and he, afterwards, served at the Siege of Calais in 1346-7.
At around this time, the Siege of Gezer ( c. 733 BC ), 20 miles west of Jerusalem, is recorded on a stone relief at the Assyrian royal palace in Nimrud
At the Siege of Brescia in 1512, Bayard led a wedge of dismounted men-at-arms against the defenders, himself at its tip.
* " The World Turned Upside Down " by Leon Rosselson, 1975, a song about the Diggers and their activities on St. George's Hill in 1649 ; this song was performed by Billy Bragg on his Between the Wars EP, 1985 ; by Dick Gaughan on Handful of Earth, 1981 ; by Chumbawumba on the b-side of their single " Timebomb ," 1993 ; by Attila the Stockbroker with Barnstormer on The Siege of Shoreham, 1996 ; by Oysterband on their albums Shouting End of life and Alive and Shouting, 1995 and 1996 ; by Clandestine, a Houston-based Celtic group, on their To Anybody At All album, 1999 ; by the Fagans, an Australian folk group, on their album, Turning Fine, 2002 ; and by Seattle Celt-rock band Coventry on the album Red Hair and Black Leather, 2005.
At the Siege of Port Hudson, the Confederate forces surrendered on July 9, 1863, and Beall was taken as a prisoner of war.
At the time of Warren's death, his children were staying with his fiancee, Mercy Scollay, in Worcester as refugees from the Siege of Boston.
At the time of the Siege of Rouen ( July 1418 – January 1419 ), the city had a population of 70, 000, making it one of the leading cities in France, and its capture crucial to the Normandy campaign during the Hundred Years ' War.
At the outbreak of the First World War, Hood's experience with coastal operations recommended him to serve with a small flotilla of Humber class monitors on the Belgian coast, bombarding German positions and troop formations during the Siege of Antwerp and then the Battle of the Yser, assisting Belgian forces to hold the coastline during the Race for the Sea.
At the Siege of Savannah in 1779, American and French troops ( the latter including a company of free blacks from Haiti ) fought unsuccessfully to retake the city.
At the time, Colonel Stark was the senior commander of the New Hampshire men who had marched to the Siege of Boston.
At the Siege of Sevastopol ( 1854 – 1855 ) during the Crimea War the French called a strategic hillock ( location: 44. 60048 N, 33. 55606 E ) the Mamelon.
At about the same time super-sized bombards were phased out in Western Europe, the technology was transmitted to the Ottoman army by Orban, a Hungarian gunfounder, on the occasion of the Siege of Constantinople in 1453.
At E3 2010 it was announced that Obsidian would be developing Dungeon Siege III for Square Enix ; the game was released in 2011.

At and Bayonne
At the back of Petit Bayonne is the Château Neuf, among the ramparts.
At this same period the conversos were seeking refuge beyond the Pyrenées, settling at Saint-Jean-de-Luz, Tarbes, Bayonne, Bordeaux, Marseille, and Montpellier.
At this point, Sousa Mendes rushed to the consulate at Bayonne, near the Spanish border where his visas were being honored for the crowds rushing out of the country.
At its final stretch, i. e. on its way through Bayonne and a short extent upstream, the river draws the borderline between the Northern Basque Country and Landes regions.
At the assembly of Bayonne in 1808, he was one of the most prominent of those who accepted the new constitution from Joseph Bonaparte as King of Spain.
At the intersection of Forest Avenue / Richmond Avenue, riders can also take the X10, X12, X30, and X42 express buses directly to Manhattan, as well as the S89 to Bayonne ( which also stops at Morningstar Road / Walker Street ).
At Bayonne were 5, 595 French conscripts.
At Vitoria, his regiment was part of the force, under Sir Thomas Graham, that blocked the French retreat towards Bayonne.

At and October
At the October 2006 Conservative Conference, she was Chief Dragon in a political version of the television programme Dragons ' Den, in which A-list candidates were invited to put forward a policy proposal, which was then torn apart by her team of Rachel Elnaugh, Oliver Letwin and Michael Brown.
At Méteren, near the Belgian border at Bailleul on 13 October 1914, during an Allied counter-offensive, he was shot through the right lung by a sniper.
At a War Cabinet meeting, held on 31 October 1917, Balfour suggested that a declaration favorable to Zionist aspirations would allow Great Britain " to carry on extremely useful propaganda both in Russia and America "
At the same time, in October 1908, Austria-Hungary seized the opportunity of the Ottoman political upheaval to annex the de jure Ottoman province of Bosnia-Herzegovina, which it had occupied since 1878 ( see Bosnian Crisis ), and Bulgaria declared itself a fully independent kingdom.
*" Ship Missing In Bermuda Triangle Now Presumed To Be Lost At Sea ", The New York Times, October 19, 1976.
At the Battle of Jena-Auerstedt on October 14, 1806 – when Napoleon invaded Prussia and defeated the massed Prussian-Saxon army commanded by Karl Wilhelm Ferdinand, Duke of Brunswick – he was captured, one of the 25, 000 prisoners captured that day as the Prussian army disintegrated.
At the 2010 10th Conference of Parties ( COP ) to the Convention on Biological Diversity in October in Nagoya, Japan, the Nagoya Protocol was adopted.
At 6: 30 pm EDT, Kennedy convened a meeting of the nine members of the National Security Council and five other key advisers, in a group he formally named the Executive Committee of the National Security Council ( EXCOMM ) after the fact on October 22 by the National Security Action Memorandum 196.
At 3: 00 pm EDT on October 22, President Kennedy formally established the Executive Committee ( EXCOMM ) with National Security Action Memorandum ( NSAM ) 196.
At the beginning of October each year, the Dussehra Hindu Festival is also held on Calton Hill.
At the beginning of July, the governments of both German states decided on the schedule: elections in the GDR would be held on October 14, and a common election for the entire country on 2 December.
At a special " Leadership Convention " in Kilkenny on 6 October 2001, Trevor Sargent was elected the first official leader of the Green Party.
At IBC in Amsterdam in September, an updated Linux demo was presented, and it was announced that the initial alpha version for Linux would become available on October 30.
" Speaking at the opening of the Michael Reagan Center in Spring, Texas, October 7, 2005, Michael said, " At 8 years old, I thought I was going to hell.
At the end of October 1939, Germany enacted the death penalty for disobedience to the German occupation.
At the end of October, it was announced that he would become a member of the House of Lords ( intending to be a working peer ), when he was able to leave his EU responsibilities.
At the end of the decade, in October 1970, the Phillies played their final game in Connie Mack Stadium and prepared to move into newly built Veterans Stadium, wearing new maroon uniforms to accentuate the change.
At the diet of Besançon in October 1157, the legates presented to Frederick I, Holy Roman Emperor a letter from Adrian IV which alluded to the beneficia or " benefits " conferred upon the Emperor, and the German chancellor translated this beneficia in the feudal sense of the presentation of property from a lord to a vassal ( benefice ).
At the end of October 1669 Clement IX fell ill after receiving news that the Venetian fortress of Candia in Crete had surrendered to the Turks.
At 2: 50 AM on October 13, Musharraf addressed the nation with a recorded message.
At Mass on Sunday, 5 October 816, Stephen consecrated and anointed Louis as emperor, placing a crown on his head that was claimed to belong to Constantine the Great.
At 8. 00 p. m. on 8 October 1923, Germany's first radio broadcast was made, using the world's first medium-wave transmitter, from a building ( Vox-Haus ) close by in Potsdamer Straße.
At five past midnight ( CET ) on 18 October, the plane was stormed in a seven-minute assault by the GSG 9, an elite unit of the German federal police.
* At the Queen Elizabeth Hall ( Clear Records 1989, live album recorded on October 1, 1986.

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