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At and River
At Yalta he thought more about the six million Germans who would have to leave, trying to find work in Germany, and Roosevelt objected to the Western Neisse River being chosen in the south, instead of the Eastern Neisse, both of which flow into the Oder.
At Manzikert, on the Murat River, north of Lake Van, Diogenes was met by Alp Arslan.
At the end of this year and early in 895 ( or 896 ), the Danes drew their ships up the River Thames and River Lea and fortified themselves twenty miles ( 32 km ) north of London.
At the age of five, his young voice and exuberance won him a talent contest singing a then-popular song, " Have You Ever Gone Sailing ( Down the River of Memories ).
At the estuary of the Isère River, the Teutons and the Ambrones met Marius, whose well-defended camp they did not manage to overrun.
At the Battle of Vercellae, at the confluence of the Sesia River with the Po River, in 101 BC, the long voyage of the Cimbri also came to an end.
At this time the Piast duke Konrad I of Masovia with the consent of Pope Innocent III had started the first of several unsuccessful Prussian Crusades into the adjacent Chełmno Land and Christian acted as a missionary among the Prussians east of the Vistula River.
At the age of 13 he read Thomas's Elpis Israel and was subsequently baptised in 1853 at the age of 14 in the River Dee and joined the " Baptised Believers ".
At that moment the aircraft was flying through a heavy rainstorm over the Lewis River in southwestern Washington.
At that time, numerous influences-including a growing awareness of the unity and fragility of the biosphere following mankind's first steps into outer space ( see, for example, the Blue Marble ), increased public concern over the impact of industrial activity on natural resources and human health ( see, for example, the 1969 Cuyahoga River fire, the increasing strength of the regulatory state, and more broadly the advent and success of environmentalism as a political movement-coalesced to produce a huge new body of law in a relatively short period of time.
At Teperu a pontoon ferry was installed across the Mazaruni River to Itaballi.
At the end of the decade a Tweed Mill was established, which was steam powered using water from the Duck River.
At one point in its history, the southwest corner of Hanover was known as Dresden, which in the 1780s joined other disgruntled New Hampshire towns along the Connecticut River that briefly defected to what was then the independent Republic of Vermont.
Leine River At Hanover City
At Economy the Harmonists intended to become more involved in manufacturing and their new town on the Ohio River provided better access to eastern markets and water access to the south and west than they had in Indiana.
At that point, conservation officers allowed the public back into areas of the Cache River National Wildlife Refuge that had been restricted upon the initial reported sightings.
* 1863 – American Civil War: Morgan's Raid – At Buffington Island in Ohio, Confederate General John Hunt Morgan's raid into the north is mostly thwarted when a large group of his men are captured while trying to escape across the Ohio River.
At Vicksburg, the failure to coordinate multiple forces on both sides of the Mississippi River rested primarily on the his inability to create a harmonious departmental arrangement or to force such commanders as generals Edmund Kirby Smith, Earl Van Dorn, and Theophilus H. Holmes to work together.
At the age of 25, in the summer of 1835, Carson attended an annual mountain man rendezvous, which was held along the Green River in southwestern Wyoming.
At one time, the land actually grew when spring floods from the Mississippi River added sediment and stimulated marsh growth ; the land is now shrinking.
At 9, 500 BP, Lake Onega, previously draining into the White Sea, started emptying into Ladoga via the River Svir.
At 7: 15 p. m. on 1 May each year, the Kettle Bridge Clogs morris dancing side dance across Barming Bridge ( otherwise known as the Kettle Bridge ), which spans the River Medway near Maidstone, to mark the official start of their morris dancing season.

At and I
At first I thought he had missed.
At the last second I dropped my sights from the bare chest and bright red circle to the chest of his pony.
At last, when I put it to him directly, the clerk was forced to admit that the delay in my case was unusual.
At these words of sympathy and understanding, Harmony said generously, `` I don't mind setting here along with Gran while you go out and join in the games ''.
At once my ears were drowned by a flow of what I took to be Spanish, but -- the driver's white teeth flashing at me, the road wildly veering beyond his glistening hair, beyond his gesticulating bottle -- it could have been the purest Oxford English I was half hearing ; ;
At first, I thought he was out of his head, talking wildly like this.
At a party an English intellectual -- so-called -- asked me why I write always about distress.
At the same time, I am aware that my recoil could be interpreted by readers of the tea leaves at the bottom of my psyche as an incestuous sign, since theirs is a science of paradox: if one hates, they say it is because one loves ; ;
At least I had been unable to lay hold on the experience of conversion.
At Lee Simonson's house, I had dined with Edith Hamilton, the nonogenarian rationalist and the charming scholar who had a great popular success with The Greek Way.
At least I should like them to know that I know these discounts are being made.
At about the age of twelve I became a Spencerian liberal, and I have always considered myself a liberal of some kind even though the definition has changed repeatedly since Spencer became a reactionary.
At the risk of losing my charge-a-plate at Marshall Field and Company, I would like to challenge an old and hallowed stereotype.
At least, I have found it so.
At no time did I attempt to seek approval or commendation for the members of the Chicago board of election commissioners for the discharge of their duties.
At five o'clock that night it was already dark, and behind my closed door I was dressing as carefully as a groom.
At 7:25 two hotel doormen came thumping down the steps, carrying a saw-horse to be set up as a barricade in front of the haberdashery store window next to the entranceway, and as I watched them in their gaudy red coats that nearly scraped the ground, their golden, fringed epaulets and spic, red-visored caps, I suddenly saw just over their shoulders Jessica gracefully making her way through the crowd.
At that time, he afforded me the courtesy of his busy workday for such length as I may need, to speak about my background, my hopes, my views on various national and local topics, and any problems that I may have been vexed with at the time.
At the beginning of the Hippodrome I saw the Kaiser's Fountain, an ugly octagonal building with a glass dome, built in 1895 by the German Emperor, and on my left, directly across from it, the tomb of Sultan Ahmet, who constructed the Blue Mosque, more properly known by his name.
At the same time, however, I availed myself of the services of that great English actor and master of make-up, Sir Gauntley Pratt, to do a `` quickie '' called The Mystery of the Mad Marquess, in which I played a young American girl who inherits a haunted castle on the English moors which is filled with secret passages and sliding panels and, unbeknownst to anyone, is still occupied by an eccentric maniac.

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