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At and United
At a recent meeting of the Women's Association of the Trumbull Ave. United Presbyterian Church, considerable use was made of material from The Detroit News on the King James version of the New Testament versus the New English Bible.
At that time consideration will be given to whether in the light of the United States supplies of rice available for Title 1, disposal, India's production, consumption and stocks of food grains, other imports from the United States and countries friendly to the United States, India's storage capacity, and other related factors, any increase would be possible in the portion of the total rice programmed which is currently planned for procurement during the first year.
At one time, to most Americans, unless they were fortunate enough to live near a body of navigable water, boats were considered the sole concern of fishermen, rich people, and the United States Navy.
At Fort Garry some of the Swiss also decided to cast their lot with the United States, and in 1823 several families paid guides to take them to Fort Snelling.
* 2006 – At least 21 suspected terrorists are arrested in the 2006 transatlantic aircraft plot that happened in the United Kingdom.
At the 2 November 2004 election Eni F. H. Faleomavaega of the Democratic Party ( United States ) defeated the Republican candidate and was re-elected.
At its peak, the Electron was the third best selling micro in the United Kingdom, and total lifetime game sales for the Electron exceeded those of the BBC Micro.
* 2011 – At least 300 people killed in deadliest tornado outbreak in the Southern United States since the 1974 Super Outbreak.
At a time when the Southern United States was segregated racially, Bill's grandparents sold goods on credit to people of all races.
At the United Nations, Brazil continues to oppose sanctions and foreign military intervention, while seeking to garner support for a permanent seat at the Security Council.
At the same time, he was doing his National Service with the Royal Army Ordnance Corps in Shrewsbury, where Busby had advised him to apply as it meant he could still play for United at the weekend.
At that time, Anton Dilger lived in Germany, but in 1915 he was sent to the United States carrying cultures of glanders, a virulent disease of horses and mules.
At the time of its formation BSC comprised around 90 percent of the UK's steelmaking capacity, had around 268, 500 employees and around 200 wholly or partly owned subsidiaries based in the United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Africa, South Asia, and South America.
At present, the capital city of N ' Djamena hosts 17 embassies, including those of the United States, Egypt, Algeria, Iraq, Sudan, Germany, the Central African Republic, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Nigeria, Cameroon, and the European Union.
At the time of Croatia's application to the European Union, three EU countries were yet to ratify the Stabilization and Association Agreement: the United Kingdom, the Netherlands and Italy.
At a time when scientific research in the United States was still in its infancy, George Ellery Hale, a solar astronomer from the University of Chicago, founded the Mount Wilson Observatory in 1904.
At one point, almost every major city in the US had a velodrome or two for track racing events, however since the middle of the 20th century cycling has become a minority sport in the US whilst in Continental Europe it continues to be a major sport, particularly in the United Kingdom, France, Belgium, Italy and Spain.
At Young's death in 1877, he was followed by other powerful members, who continued the practice of polygamy despite opposition by the United States Congress.
At some point during the war he left France and joined the United States Air Force as a paratrooper, although some sources claim that this is a myth.
At the very end of the novel, where Superman stands poised to destroy the United Nations, Norman McCay makes him realise that, when he abandoned Clark Kent fifteen years ago after the murder of Lois Lane by the Joker and retreated into his Superman self, he lost this instinctive morality and thus the ability to be the hero Superman.
At this consultation, the MRMRM document was met with resistance, and concern was raised in particular that CUIC was focusing to narrowly on reconciliation of ministries and " not taking seriously our commitment to working on those issues of systemic racism that remain at the heart of our continuing and separated life as churches here in the United States.
At the 2010 census, the population was 141, 527 ; the Dayton metropolitan area had 841, 502 residents, making it the fourth largest metropolitan area in Ohio and the 61st largest in the United States.
* 1867 – At Tremont Temple in Boston, British author Charles Dickens gives his first public reading in the United States.

At and States
At its core, the term " Balkans " are States that have been shaped by membership of Byzantium and the Ottoman Empire.
At present, the United States is working towards resettling more than 60, 000 ethnic Nepalese from Bhutan in the US as a third-country settlement programme.
At the beginning of the 21st century, destroyers are the heaviest surface combatant ships in general use, with only three nations ( the United States, Russia, and Peru ) operating the heavier class cruisers and none operating battleships or true battlecruisers.
At first the movement grew most in the Russian empire and eastern Europe, but soon spread to western Europe and beyond: to Argentina in 1889 ; to Canada in 1901 ; to Algeria, Chile, Japan, Mexico, and Peru in 1903 ; to Tunisia in 1904 ; and to Australia, the United States, Guinea, Indochina, New Zealand, Tonkin, and Uruguay in 1905.
At the 1888 Republican National Convention, Douglass became the first African American to receive a vote for President of the United States in a major party's roll call vote.
At his inauguration, Washington took the oath of office as the first President of the United States of America on April 30, 1789, on the balcony of Federal Hall in New York City.
At sixteen years, Hackman left home to join the United States Marine Corps, where he served four-and-a-half years as a field radio operator.
At least since first-wave feminism in the United States, there has been interest in analyzing religion to see if and how doctrines and practices treat women unfairly, as in Elizabeth Cady Stanton's The Woman's Bible.
At present, the Hong Kong Economic and Trade Offices under the Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region in countries that are the major trading partners of Hong Kong, including Japan, Canada, Australia, Singapore, the United Kingdom, Belgium, Germany, Switzerland, the United States and the European Union.

At and Naval
At that time, a friend " Swede " Hazlet was applying to the Naval Academy and urged Dwight to apply to the school, since no tuition was required.
At the end of 1944, Kelly enlisted in the U. S. Naval Air Service and was commissioned as lieutenant junior grade.
At that event, the president of the Theodore Roosevelt Association presented a bust of TR to the commander of the Portsmouth Naval Shipyard, and the Portsmouth Peace Treaty Forum chairman presented an authentic replica of the Nobel Peace Prize to the Shipyard for their Building 86 museum.
At the same time in early 1940, Hitler had finally decided upon a plan for the invasion of France ; the prospect of seizing bases in France, which were regarded as offering better access to the North Atlantic than Norway, caused many Naval Staff officers to abandon their support for Weserübung.
At the time, his son, Admiral Sir Caspar John was First Sea Lord and Chief of Naval Staff.
At the beginning the girls ’ school was situated there and later, between 1920 and 1930, it was the location of the first Naval School in Poland which was later moved to Gdynia.
At Ludham the MNAO assembled and despatched the first five Mobile Naval Air Bases ( MONAB ) and one " Transportable Aircraft Maintenance Yard " ( TAMY ).
At the outbreak of World War I, Gardner was commissioned into the Royal Naval Volunteer Reserve as a lieutenant-commander.
At the start, the principal naval forces were the Ranger battle group ( with Commander, Carrier Group One embarked on as Commander, Naval Forces ), the Kitty Hawk battle group, an amphibious task unit including,,, and MV Lummus, and three ships from MPSRON TWO ( MV Anderson, MV Bonnyman, and MV Phillips ).
At the end of March 1943, O ' Hare made Ensign Alexander Vraciu, a young Naval Reservist just out of flight school, his wingman.
At the outbreak of the Korean War, Admiral Forrest Sherman, then Chief of Naval Operations, ordered Burke to duty as Deputy Chief of Staff to Commander Naval Forces, Far East.
At the time of his appointment as Chief of Naval Operations, Burke was still a Rear Admiral, Upper Half ( Two Star ) and was promoted over the heads of many Flag Officers who were senior to him.
At almost the same time, the Georgian government created a Joint Naval Brigade, consisting of several boats, a battalion of marines, an artillery division and a communication detachment.
:" At all Events, they could not maintain such an Independency, without a Strong Naval Force, which it must forever be in the Power of Great Britain to hinder them from having: And whilst His Majesty hath 7000 Troops kept up within them, & in the Great Lakes upon the back of six of them, with the Indians at Command, it seems very easy, provided the Governors & principal Civil Officers are Independent of the Assemblies for their Subsistence, & commonly Vigilant, to prevent any Steps of that kind from being taken.
At Naval Air Station North Island in Coronado, California, the main gate ( inaugurated on August 30, 2007 ) and the headquarters building for the Pacific Fleet's Survival, Evasion, Resistance and Escape ( SERE ) school were both named in his honor.
At the time, Arthur was the Vice Chief of Naval Operations, effectively the Navy's number two officer, and was also the Navy's most senior Naval Aviator on active duty immediately after the 1991 Tailhook Incident.
At the beginning of the year 1776, Hewes was appointed as the new Secretary of the Naval Affairs Committee.
At the Washington Naval Conference of 1921 – 1922, the Great Powers met to set limits on naval armament.
At the same time, the Quantico Shipyards were established on Hospital Point ( the land that formerly held the Naval Medical Clinic but is now home to Marine Corps Systems Command ) to build ocean freighters and oil tankers.
At the beginning of the Revolt crew from the Haifa Naval Force's two cruisers were used to carry out tasks ashore, manning two howitzers and naval lorries equipped with QF 2 pounder naval guns and searchlights used to disperse Arab snipers.
At the outset of World War I, at the behest of Great Britain, Australia occupied German New Guinea with the volunteer Australian Naval and Military Expeditionary Force.
At China Lake Naval Ordnance Test Station ( NOTS ) he tested weapons systems such as the Sidewinder missile and the F7U-3 Cutlass jet fighter.

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