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At and University
At the University of Chicago she studied Whitman and Shelley, and became a Socialist.
At Charlottesville, Va., shoot Monticello and the beautiful buildings of the University.
At the University of Washington Medical School, the electronics group has developed the `` Respiratory Gas Analyzer '' shown in Fig. 3.
At this Women's University we find a monument to a courageous family who believed that Japanese women also should be educated.
At the University of Notre Dame, he trained as an engineer and began working for a lighting company in Chicago.
At Home with Andre and Simone Weil by Sylvie Weil, translated by Benjamin Ivry ; ISBN 978-0-8101-2704-3, Northwestern University Press, 2010.
At Acadia University, students have access to the Student Union Building which serves as a hub for students and houses many Student Union organizations.
At the beginning of 1236, he entered the Franciscan order ( he was at least 50 ) and was the first Franciscan to hold a chair at the University of Paris.
At age 14, he passed the Preliminary Examination of the University of Copenhagen with distinction, after receiving dispensation to take it because he was younger than the usual minimum age.
At a time when scientific research in the United States was still in its infancy, George Ellery Hale, a solar astronomer from the University of Chicago, founded the Mount Wilson Observatory in 1904.
At the request of his Poznań University professor, Zdzisław Krygowski, on arriving at Göttingen Rejewski laid flowers on Gauss's grave.
At the age of 18, Clement received a bachelor's degree from Transvaal University College in Pretoria ( now the University of Pretoria ).
At Moscow, Sun Yat-sen University Portraits of Chiang were hung on the walls ; and, in the Soviet May Day Parades that year, Chiang's portrait was to be carried along with the portraits of Karl Marx, Vladimir Lenin, Joseph Stalin, and other socialist leaders.
At the age of 23, he received a Ph. D. in Political Science from Johns Hopkins University.
At the University, he founded a lecture course on sociology, maintaining it until his retirement.
At the age of 14, he enrolled at Madison University ( now Colgate University ) where he became a member of Delta Upsilon fraternity.
At the primary school level Corsican is taught up to a fixed number of hours per week ( three in the year 2000 ) and is a voluntary subject at the secondary school level, but is required at the University of Corsica.
* The Dover Boys At Pimento University, or The Rivals Of Roquefort Hall ( 1942 )
At the same time, the Grundlegung systematically integrated previous specialized work done at Free University of Berlin in the ' 70s by critical psychologists who also had been influenced by Marx, Leontyev and Seve.
* 1982 – At the University of Utah, Barney Clark becomes the first person to receive a permanent artificial heart.
At the age of 12, David was sent to the University of Edinburgh ( graduating MA in 1800 ), being intended for the clergy.
At the University of Michigan and Indiana University, he co-authored, with Melanie Mitchell, a computational model of " high-level perception " – Copycat – and several other models of analogy-making and cognition, including the Tabletop project, co-developed with Robert M. French.

At and Göttingen
At the age of 13 he entered the Göttingen Gymnasium, residing at the home of one of the professors.
At Göttingen, Bismarck became friends with the American student John Lothrop Motley.
At Göttingen at almost the same moment, the Classical historian Christian Gottlob Heyne, working from one of these prints, made a new Latin translation of the Greek text that was more reliable than Ameilhon's.
At Göttingen he studied Plato with Arnold Heeren ; history with Heeren and Gottlieb Jakob Planck ; Arabic, Hebrew, New Testament Greek and scripture interpretation with Albert Eichhorn ; natural science with Johann Friedrich Blumenbach ; German literature with Georg Friedrich Benecke ; French and Italian literature with Artaud and Bunsen ; and classics with Georg Ludolf Dissen.
At the end of 1734 he ran ads for a magazine project called News worth reading for the city and the new University of Göttingen, but it probably was never published.
At at least one point ( Göttingen ) the river is partially diverted into a canal that runs more or less parallel to the river.
At Göttingen, he studied Shakespeare and Elizabethan drama.
At the University of Göttingen, he received a thorough philological training under Heyne and became an admirer and friend of Bürger, with whom he was engaged in an ardent study of Dante, Petrarch and Shakespeare.
At Halle Michaelis felt himself out of place, and in 1745 he gladly accepted an invitation to Göttingen as Privatdozent.
At Göttingen he remained, declining all further calls elsewhere, as to Erlangen, Kiel, Halle, Tübingen, Jena and Leipzig, until his death.
At Göttingen he studied jurisprudence, and at Berlin Oriental languages and archaeology.
At the invitation of Heinrich Christian Boie, whose attention he had attracted by poems contributed to the Göttinger Musenalmanach, he went to the University of Göttingen in 1772.
At Göttingen, whither he had returned as Privatdozent, he wrote a little work on the names of the Hebrew months, proving that they were derived from the Persian, prepared the great article on India in Ersch and Gruber's Encyclopaedia, and published from 1839 to 1842 the Lexicon of Greek Roots which gained him the Volney prize of the Institute of France.
At the age of fifteen, he and his two younger brothers were sent to the University of Göttingen, located in his father's domain of Hanover.
At the invitation of the grand-duke of Baden, Thibaut went to Heidelberg to fill the chair of civil law and to assist in organizing the university ; and he never left the town, though in later years, as his fame grew, he was offered places at Göttingen, Munich and Leipzig.
At that time, Göttingen was a world-class center of mathematics under the three “ Mandarins ” of Göttingen: Felix Klein, David Hilbert, and Hermann Minkowski.
At Göttingen, Richard Courant had taken Hilbert ’ s lecture notes which were available in the Lesezimmer, edited them and added to them to write a two-volume work.
At the station in Höxter-Ottbergen is a connection with the railway line to Lauenförde, Bodenfelde, Göttingen and Northeim.
At Göttingen Jordan became an assistant first to mathematician Richard Courant and then to physicist Max Born.
At that time, the Max Planck Society established the Max Planck Institute for Physical Chemistry in Göttingen as follow-up of the former Kaiser Wilhelm Institute for Physical Chemistry in Berlin.
At first, he studied mineralogy at the academy of mining in Freiberg, later primarily zoology and anatomy in Göttingen and finally in Paris.
At this time, the territory consisted of the regions formerly owned by the Counts of Northeim, the towns of Göttingen, Uslar, Dransfeld, Münden, Gieselwerder at the border with Hesse and half of Moringen.

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