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At and assembly
At the same time, the third car moves to the engine assembly.
At the time the assembly wanted to create a constitutional monarchy, and over the following two years passed various laws including the Declaration of the Rights of Man and of the Citizen, the abolition of feudalism, and a fundamental change in the relationship between France and Rome.
At this stage, the synapsis ( pairing / coming together ) of homologous chromosomes takes place, facilitated by assembly of central element of the synaptonemal complex.
At the request of the Corinthians, the Spartans summoned members of the Peloponnesian League to Sparta in 432 BC, especially those who had grievances with Athens to make their complaints to the Spartan assembly.
At the party's April national convention in Tampa, Florida, the assembly voted not to disaffiliate Nevada, citing that affiliate's official position on the issue and national party policy against dictating the internal affairs ( such as electing leaders ) of any affiliate.
At about the same time, the new assembly language was also extended to accommodate the added addressing possibilities in the more advanced Intel 8080 chip ( the 8008 and 8080 shared a language subset without being binary compatible ; however, the 8008 was binary compatible with the Datapoint 2200 ).
At an assembly of the Reichstag held in Solingen in September 944, Otto III was granted the ability to fully govern the kingdom without the need of a regent.
At the assembly, Otto II appointed Conrad ( a distant relative of Otto II ) and Henry III as the new Dukes of Swabia and Bavaria respectively.
At the level of machine or assembly language, control flow instructions usually work by altering the program counter.
At the 1961 conference, a 32-year old Russian Orthodox Bishop named Aleksey Ridiger was sent as delegate to the assembly, and then appointed to the WCC's central committee.
At that time succession to the English throne was not by primogeniture but was decided jointly by the king and by an assembly of nobility, the Witenagemot.
At the beginning of the 11th century the citizens established a constitution, composed of a general council or legislative assembly and a credenza or executive body.
At the Forum, Claudius threatens the assembly with violence and Verginius ' supporters flee.
At an assembly at Hagia Sophia, the people escorted a furious Theodora from Petrion, and proclaimed her empress along with Zoe.
At the same time, Valley car culture and middle class jobs left when General Motors closed its assembly plant in 1992.
At the end of the assembly, the First Estate ( the clergy ) chose him to deliver the address enumerating its petitions and decisions.
At the assembly he required men and supplies to build the new cathedral at Lund.
At first, it appeared that they might be treated leniently, but in the end, public displays of bereavement by the families of the deceased and aggressive prosecution by a politician named Callixenus swung the opinion of the assembly ; the six generals were tried as a group and executed.
At the 1680 assembly, he asked the estates whether he was still bound to the council, to which the estates gave him his desired reply: " he was not bound by anyone other than himself ", and thereby the absolute monarchy was formally established in Sweden.
At an assembly at Borja intended to resolve the succession, a misunderstanding alienated Pedro from his supporters, yet they were unwilling to accept the Aragonese-favored Ramiro, and in the end the kingdoms were divided.
At the 2004 annual general assembly of the United Malays National Organisation, which is the largest member of the governing coalition, deputy chair Badruddin Amiruldin cautioned against questioning the Bumiputras ' special rights, which met with approval from the delegates: " Let no one from the other races ever question the rights of Malays on this land.
At the time of its completion, it was the largest motor vehicle assembly plant in the United States.
At Warwick, Gaveston was condemned to death for violating the terms of the Ordinances, before an assembly of barons, including Warwick, Lancaster, Hereford and Arundel.
At the sound of the bell, the prostitutes have five minutes to get to an assembly area where they line up, virtually naked, and submit to a humiliating inspection by any prospective customer who has happened to drop by ".
* At a fall 2005 school assembly, Macalester President Brian C. Rosenberg summarized these rankings and honors by saying Macalester students are " cheap smart hotties with a conscience.

At and Bayonne
At the Siege of Bayonne in October 1131, three years before his death, he published a will leaving his kingdom to three autonomous religious orders based in Palestine and politically largely independent on the pope, the Knights Templars, the Hospitallers, and the Knights of the Holy Sepulchre, whose influences might have been expected to cancel one another out.
At the back of Petit Bayonne is the Château Neuf, among the ramparts.
At this same period the conversos were seeking refuge beyond the Pyrenées, settling at Saint-Jean-de-Luz, Tarbes, Bayonne, Bordeaux, Marseille, and Montpellier.
At this point, Sousa Mendes rushed to the consulate at Bayonne, near the Spanish border where his visas were being honored for the crowds rushing out of the country.
At its final stretch, i. e. on its way through Bayonne and a short extent upstream, the river draws the borderline between the Northern Basque Country and Landes regions.
At the intersection of Forest Avenue / Richmond Avenue, riders can also take the X10, X12, X30, and X42 express buses directly to Manhattan, as well as the S89 to Bayonne ( which also stops at Morningstar Road / Walker Street ).
At Bayonne were 5, 595 French conscripts.
At Vitoria, his regiment was part of the force, under Sir Thomas Graham, that blocked the French retreat towards Bayonne.

At and 1808
At the time, each party's Congressional Caucus chose presidential candidates, and in 1808 the Democratic-Republicans chose Madison.
At the Congress of Erfurt ( September – October 1808 ), Napoleon and Alexander agreed that Russia should force Sweden to join the Continental System, which led to the Finnish War of 1808 – 09 and to the division of Sweden into two parts separated by the Gulf of Bothnia.
At the highest point of the old town the Portland stone and Coade stone facade of the Crown Court ( 1808 – 12, by John Johnson ), the brick Market Tower and florid War Memorial mark the historic centre, although trade has tended to concentrate on the lower land in modern times.
At that time the town was called " Malta ," but the name was changed to the current name in 1808 in order to avoid confusion with a town by that name in Saratoga County.
At Stoneleigh Abbey in 1808, Repton foreshadowed another nineteenth century development, creating a perfect cricket pitch called ' home lawn ' in front of the west wing and a bowling green lawn between the gatehouse and the house.
At the end of 1808 he published vol.
His versatility and originality were displayed in his one man show, or " monodramatic entertainment ," entitled At Home or Matthews at Home, which he initiated in the Lyceum Theatre in 1808.
At first he employed a curate ; but Spencer Perceval's Residence Act was passed in 1808, and after trying in vain to negotiate an exchange, he left London in 1809 and moved his household to Yorkshire.
At Bristol in 1808 he caught up with Southey, whom he had missed on a trip to the Lake District in the previous year, and the mutual appreciation of the two poets led to a warm friendship.
At the age of 22 ( 1808 ) he entered the Napoleonic Wars participating in the campaigns of 1808, 1809, and 1810.
At the Congress of Erfurt ( September – October 1808 ) Napoleon and Alexander agreed that Russia should force Sweden to join the Continental System, which led to the Finnish War of 1808 – 1809 ( meaning Sweden played no role in the next coalition against Napoleon ) and to the division of Sweden into two parts separated by the Gulf of Bothnia.
At Tilsit Napoleon had made Tsar Alexander of Russia an admirer, but by the time of the Erfurt Congress from September to October 1808 anti-French sentiment at the Russian court was beginning to threaten the newly forged alliance.
At the end of the Sonderbund War, the Diet began to debate a new federal constitution drawn up by Johann Conrad Kern ( 1808 – 1888 ) of Thurgau and Henri Druey ( 1790 – 1855 ) of Vaud.
At Maison Laval on rue Rabelais, a townhouse built at the end of the 18th Century, Emperor Napoleon 1st and his wife, Joséphine, spent the night of August 7 and 8, 1808.
At the battle of Pulkkila on 2 May 1808, Johan August Sandels marched eastwards to liberate those parts of Finland that were under Russian control.
At the Battle of Vimeiro on 21 August 1808, he was wounded while leading his division in an unsuccessful frontal attack.
At the end of 1808, he accompanied his brother, King Frederick William III to St. Petersburg.
At first called the Mountain Church in 1808, it became the nucleus of Presbyterian work in Hampshire County under the auspices of the Reverend John Lyle.
At some time between 1770 and 1774 (" 1770 " according to Faujas de Saint-Fond, " about the year 1770 " according to Camper and " en 1780 " according to Cuvier in 1808 ) a second partial skull was discovered and procured.
At the Battle of Roliça on 17 August 1808 the 29th along with the 9th Regiment of Foot assaulted a French position on the heights for over 2 hours until the French lines broke when the flanking British units attacked.
At the Académie he was a favourite pupil of the government architect François-Joseph Bélanger, who employed him in the construction of one of the first cast-iron constructions in France, the cast-iron and glass dome of the grain market, Halle au Blé ( 1808 – 13 ); in 1814 Bélanger appointed him his principal inspector on construction sites.

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