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At and convention
At the recent horse show convention in New York it was stated that this Intermediate Judging Class is meeting with great success and will be a great help to future judges in the horse world.
At its 1864 convention, the Republican Party selected Andrew Johnson, a War Democrat from the Southern state of Tennessee, as his running mate.
At the 1955 St. Louis convention in Missouri, Wilson relinquished stewardship of AA to the General Service Conference, as AA grew to millions of members internationally.
At the southwest corner of Central Park, Broadway crosses Eighth Avenue at West 59th Street ; on the site of the former New York Coliseum convention center is the new shopping center at the foot of the Time Warner Center, headquarters of Time Warner.
On the advice of her New South Wales Premier only, the Queen appoints the Governor to carry out most of her constitutional and ceremonial duties for an unfixed period of time — known as serving At Her Majesty's pleasure — though five years is the normal convention.
At the second convention in 1906, also held in Berlin, 27 countries attended.
At the convention, Monroe made his final public statement on slavery, proposing that Virginia emancipate and deport its bondsmen with " the aid of the Union.
At a supranational level, countries have adopted a range of treaty and convention obligations to relate the right of individual litigants to invoke the jurisdiction of state courts and to enforce the judgments obtained.
At the annual convention of the National Association of Broadcasters, NAB Show, on 11 April 2010, EditShare announced that they plan to transform Lightworks into Lightworks Open Source.
At the same time, there has been a convention that party and state offices be separated at levels other than the central government, and it is unheard of for a sub-national executive to also be party secretary.
At the Second Hague Peace Conference in 1907, a draft convention for a permanent Court of Arbitral Justice was written, although disputes and other pressing business at the Conference meant that such a body was never established, owing to difficulties agreeing on a procedure to select the judges.
At the annual convention, many presentations address the concerns central to effective public speaking.
At the 2007 Comic-Con convention, actress Rosario Dawson announced that because of Barbarella, production of Sin City 2 would be put on hold.
At a comic convention ( Comic-Con ), this exchange took place: " Is Stephen Sondheim a Brony?
Mob Convention — September 7, 1853: At the convention, young men greeted her with “ a perfect storm ,” hissing and groaning.
" At the convention Roosevelt cried out, " We stand at Armageddon and we battle for the Lord.
At their 2009 convention, the Freedom From Religion Foundation awarded the “ Emperor Has No Clothes ” award to Le Guin.
At the 2008 national convention, the changes went even further ; with the approval of an entirely revamped platform.
At the party's April national convention in Tampa, Florida, the assembly voted not to disaffiliate Nevada, citing that affiliate's official position on the issue and national party policy against dictating the internal affairs ( such as electing leaders ) of any affiliate.
At the tumultuous 1972 Democratic convention, presidential nominee George McGovern selected Senator Thomas Eagleton as his running mate, but numerous other candidates were either nominated from the floor or received votes during the balloting.
At the time, Roosevelt was convinced that Taft was a genuine " progressive " and helped push through the nomination of his Secretary of War onto the Republican ticket on the first ballot at the party convention.
At the convention, Governor Harold Stassen of Minnesota, the keynote speaker, announced for Willkie and became his official floor manager.
At the convention itself, Sen. Abraham A. Ribicoff ( D-Conn .), went off-script during his speech nominating George McGovern, saying, " And with George McGovern as President of the United States, we wouldn ’ t have to have Gestapo tactics in the streets of Chicago.
At their convention, the Democrats called for the annexation of Texas and asserted that the United States had a “ clear and unquestionable ” claim to “ the whole ” of Oregon.

At and Lions
At the beginning of 1985 Norman announced that he and his second wife, Sarah Finch, who was now pregnant with their son, Michael, would return to the US to live, and that he and the Young Lions would undertake a 200 city tour of all fifty of the United States during 1985 and 1986.
At the college level, with State College being located about northwest of Lewistown, a good percentage of the town support the Penn State Nittany Lions.
** At the end of the season Fitzroy and the Brisbane Bears merge, forming the Brisbane Lions.
At the call of ' 99 ' each Lions player would attack their nearest rival player.
At the time the England squad ( excluding the substantial number who were with the Lions ) were touring Argentina, where Catt was showing excellent form.
At the end of 2006 Tasmanian and former Sydney Swan Daryn Cresswell was named coach of the club for 2007 after a successful career as an assistant coach at Geelong and the Brisbane Lions.
At the beginning of 2007, Black was named as named one of the four Lions co-captains, replacing the retiring captain Michael Voss .< ref >
At one time there was a league called the Chinese New Basketball Alliance ( CNBA ), one of whose teams was the Beijing Sea Lions, but it lasted only one season ( 1996 – 97 ).
At first, with the unhappy Seibu Lions suddenly changing their approval vote, Giants owner Tsuneo Watanabe and Seibu owner Yoshiaki Tsutsumi voiced their concerns over the move.
* At the end of the 2007 CFL regular season, the BC Lions grew playoff moustaches, the idea came from Rob Murphy and was then used as a promotion for ticket and merchandise sales.
At the end of a fantastic season, the club had been confronted to the team of GCK Lions during the finals and after five games, the decisive match was won by Lausanne 8 to 0 in a delirious full packed ice center.
At the end of the 1949 season, Lions coach Bo McMillin traded Dudley to the Washington Redskins, where he played for three seasons, during which he led the team in scoring every year.
At Columbia University, Wiley played tailback, defensive end, and kick returner for the Lions.
At the foot of the Wu Shi mountain ( Five Lion Mountain ) lays an ancient city known as Shi Cheng ( Lions City ), built in Dong Han period ( 25-200 ), first was set up as county in 208, it was named " Lion City " because of the Five Lion Mountain that sits just behind the city.
At the beginning of the 2005 season, he kicked five goals in a two point win in the grand final rematch against the Brisbane Lions and again kicked five goals in Round 5 in the four point loss against Geelong.
At the end of the 1996 season, Fitzroy merged with the Brisbane Bears to form the Brisbane Lions.
At the end of this season, however, Merrett was not retained as Brisbane Lions coach.
At the 92nd Grey Cup Championship, Avery started at running back for the Argonauts, rushed 11 times for 75 yards ( longest gain: 26 yards ), and caught 4 passes for 24 yards ( longest gain: 10 yards ) to help the Argos win their 15th Grey Cup Championship in team history with a 27-19 triumph over the BC Lions.
At the beginning of the English season, he was then picked for the Lions to face the touring Sri Lankans.
* Prince William of Wales, on tour in New Zealand with the British and Irish Lions said, " At this time I'm sure that I'm joined by New Zealanders and Lions supporters alike in extending to the families and loved ones of all those directly involved, my heartfelt sympathies ".
* 1950: At the final game of the elimination round, the Letran Knights were assured of a title, for they've won the two rounds, but the San Beda Red Lions beat them on the final non-bearing game, depriving them of a season sweep.

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