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Page "lore" ¶ 133
from Brown Corpus
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Some Related Sentences

At and end
At the pool's far end was the little cabana Joyce had mentioned, and on the water's surface floated scattered lavender patches of limp-looking lather.
At either end and in the center there are bays which contain nine greater alcoves as frescoed and capacious as church apses.
At the beginning of the play she has partial illumination and at the end she has complete illumination, but there has been no question but that she moves toward the dark.
At four-o'clock, or four-thirty, the coming of the newsboy marked the end of the day ; ;
At the end of this period two pious Christians in Rome receive the revelation which leads them to seek the next Pope on the rock.
At the end of World War 2,, free Europe was ready for a new beginning.
At the very end, when the audience was silent and breathless, a collection was taken and then slowly everyone filed out.
At the end of the monologue the audience would applaud.
At the end of a shaft of light, the pews appeared to be broad stairs in a long dungeon.
At the end of the room there was a desk heaped with papers, and she began to riffle these, making sighs and and noises of girlish exasperation.
At the other end of the spectrum, where the more advanced countries can be relied upon to make well thought through decisions as to project priorities within a consistent program, we should be prepared to depart substantially from detailed project approval as the basis for granting assistance and to move toward long-term support, in cooperation with other developed countries, of the essential foreign exchange requirements of the country's development program.
At the end of its letter was the information that applicants for this position `` must also be prepared to teach costume design and advertising art ''.
At the end of the run, the strips in the third and sixth positions in each chamber were dried, stained for 1 hr, washed and dried, while the other strips were maintained in a horizontal position at 1-degree-C.
At the end of work one day, the personnel man took the applicants one at a time, asked them to sit behind the receptionist's desk and he then played the role of a number of people who might come to the receptionist with a number of queries and for a number of purposes.
At the end of this pass, the table indicates which index words and electronic switches are not available for assignment to symbolic references.
At the same time, every device that can be employed to reduce the number of variables is of the greatest value, and it is one of the attractive features of dynamic programming that room is left for ingenuity in using the special features of the problem to this end.
At the end of the performance, Dave and Max came out into the brilliantly lit foyer among a surge of gowned and tuxedoed first nighters.
At the end of the half-hour, racking his brains, thinking over and over again of Kitti, her friends, her past, he left the bedroom.
At the end of the corridor Alec noticed a door marked: Fire Stairs.
At the end of the program, indeed, there was a demonstration that lasted for forty-five minutes, and nothing could stop it.
At war's end leadership in Western Europe passed from Britain because the Labour Government devoted its attention to the creation of a welfare state.
At the end of the Devonian period (), the seas, rivers and lakes were teeming with life but the land was the realm of early plants and devoid of vertebrates though some, such as Ichthyostega, may have sometimes hauled themselves out of the water.
At the American publisher's insistence, Burgess allowed their editors to cut the redeeming final chapter from the U. S. version, so that the tale would end on a darker note, with Alex succumbing to his violent, reckless nature — an ending which the publisher insisted would be ' more realistic ' and appealing to a U. S. audience.
At the end of World War II the US Army occupied Obersalzberg, to prevent Hitler from retreating with the Wehrmacht into the mountains.

At and calculated
At the stroke of midnight on New Year's Eve, Luthor sets in motion a calculated plot to discredit Supernova, a new hero who has taken over defending Metropolis in Superman's absence.
At the same cross section, the maximum foreseeable water discharge ( by HEC-1 ), was 19 m³ / s, a value about 40 times lower than that calculated for the debris flow that occurred.
At the 2001 census, the town of Dover had 28, 156 inhabitants, while the population of the whole urban area of Dover, as calculated by the Office for National Statistics, was 39, 078 inhabitants.
At an absolute temperature T, the fraction of molecules that have a kinetic energy greater than E < sub > a </ sub > can be calculated from statistical mechanics.
Writing shortly before Geoffrey of Monmouth, William added much to the damnatio memoriae of Vortigern: " At this time Vortigern was King of Britain ; a man calculated neither for the field nor the council, but wholly given up to the lusts of the flesh, the slave of every vice: a character of insatiable avarice, ungovernable pride, and polluted by his lusts.
At a meeting of the Royal Society on 11 January 1672, Oldenburg, the secretary, read a letter from Paris describing the procedure followed by Jean Picard in measuring a degree, and specifically stating the precise length that he calculated it to be.
At Birmingham, in 1940, Otto Frisch and Rudolf Peierls had calculated that a uranium-235 atomic bomb was feasible.
At the time of the Dissolution of the Monasteries the annual income was calculated as over £ 437: an immense amount of money for the time.
At this time the rice production from Oki province was calculated at five thousand koku per year.
At the end mean is calculated giving the average error which can be taken as the measure of sensitivity.
At the present time, the values of the dimensionless physical constants cannot be calculated ; they are determined only by physical measurement.
At the beginning of each coupon period, the rate is calculated by adding the spread with the reference rate.
At the time, many saw the election as a calculated move to prepare Uhuru for bigger things.
At the end of year 5, each player's score is calculated based on the number of territories the player owns, colonies the player holds, and the number of colony influence cards the player has the commanders to activate.
At no cost to the parents, these services are provided in compliance with state and federal law ; and are reasonably calculated to yield meaningful educational benefit and student progress.
At physiological temperature, about 29. 5 C, and physiological concentrations ( which vary for each ion ), the calculated potentials are approximately 67 mV for Na < sup >+</ sup >,-90mV for K < sup >+</ sup >,-86 mV for Cl < sup >-</ sup > and 123 mV for Ca < sup > 2 +</ sup >.
At the Illinois Central ’ s 2800-class rebuilds probably had the highest calculated tractive effort of any two-cylinder steam locomotive, even though the weight on drivers was only.
At the time, Presley's back catalog was not considered that important and RCA initially calculated it at being worth much less, but in later years it would become one of the most valuable catalogs in the music business.
At the beginning of each coupon period, the coupon is calculated by taking the fixing of the reference rate for that day and adding the spread.
At the completion of the valuation process and once all other appropriate accounting entries are posted, the accounting books are ' closed ' enabling a variety of information to be calculated and produced including the net asset value per share.
At each step within a trend, the SAR is calculated ahead of time.
As of January 2010, 9 small scale floods and 2 large scale floods hit the Vaal River area in South Africa, due to unusually large amounts of rain were recorded from 2010 until the present. Vanderbijlpark is the second worst affected area after neighbouring Vereenigeng. As of February 2012, 37 000 people in total have been killed in Vanderbijlpark, total damage cost calculated at R919, 000, 000 ($ 114, 890, 098 ), and 109 left homeless. At the height of the flooding so far, in 2011, water levels have reached 32 feet above normal levels ( January 29th 2011 )
At the heart was an analogue computer designed by Commander ( later Admiral Sir ) Frederic Charles Dreyer that calculated rate of change of range.
At exercise, the value of the option is calculated as the option's intrinsic value in the foreign currency, which is then converted to the domestic currency at the fixed exchange rate.

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