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Page "mystery" ¶ 509
from Brown Corpus
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Some Related Sentences

At and end
At the pool's far end was the little cabana Joyce had mentioned, and on the water's surface floated scattered lavender patches of limp-looking lather.
At either end and in the center there are bays which contain nine greater alcoves as frescoed and capacious as church apses.
At the beginning of the play she has partial illumination and at the end she has complete illumination, but there has been no question but that she moves toward the dark.
At four-o'clock, or four-thirty, the coming of the newsboy marked the end of the day ; ;
At the end of this period two pious Christians in Rome receive the revelation which leads them to seek the next Pope on the rock.
At the end of World War 2,, free Europe was ready for a new beginning.
At the very end, when the audience was silent and breathless, a collection was taken and then slowly everyone filed out.
At the end of the monologue the audience would applaud.
At the end of a shaft of light, the pews appeared to be broad stairs in a long dungeon.
At the end of the room there was a desk heaped with papers, and she began to riffle these, making sighs and and noises of girlish exasperation.
At the other end of the spectrum, where the more advanced countries can be relied upon to make well thought through decisions as to project priorities within a consistent program, we should be prepared to depart substantially from detailed project approval as the basis for granting assistance and to move toward long-term support, in cooperation with other developed countries, of the essential foreign exchange requirements of the country's development program.
At the end of its letter was the information that applicants for this position `` must also be prepared to teach costume design and advertising art ''.
At the end of the run, the strips in the third and sixth positions in each chamber were dried, stained for 1 hr, washed and dried, while the other strips were maintained in a horizontal position at 1-degree-C.
At the end of work one day, the personnel man took the applicants one at a time, asked them to sit behind the receptionist's desk and he then played the role of a number of people who might come to the receptionist with a number of queries and for a number of purposes.
At the end of this pass, the table indicates which index words and electronic switches are not available for assignment to symbolic references.
At the same time, every device that can be employed to reduce the number of variables is of the greatest value, and it is one of the attractive features of dynamic programming that room is left for ingenuity in using the special features of the problem to this end.
At the end of the calculated time he'd nose the Waco down through the cloud bank and hope to break through where some feature of the winter landscape would be recognizable.
At the end of the performance, Dave and Max came out into the brilliantly lit foyer among a surge of gowned and tuxedoed first nighters.
At the end of the corridor Alec noticed a door marked: Fire Stairs.
At the end of the program, indeed, there was a demonstration that lasted for forty-five minutes, and nothing could stop it.
At war's end leadership in Western Europe passed from Britain because the Labour Government devoted its attention to the creation of a welfare state.
At the end of the Devonian period (), the seas, rivers and lakes were teeming with life but the land was the realm of early plants and devoid of vertebrates though some, such as Ichthyostega, may have sometimes hauled themselves out of the water.
At the American publisher's insistence, Burgess allowed their editors to cut the redeeming final chapter from the U. S. version, so that the tale would end on a darker note, with Alex succumbing to his violent, reckless nature — an ending which the publisher insisted would be ' more realistic ' and appealing to a U. S. audience.
At the end of World War II the US Army occupied Obersalzberg, to prevent Hitler from retreating with the Wehrmacht into the mountains.

At and half-hour
At the other extreme in character was the half-hour excerpt from the Petipa-Minkus ballet `` Bayaderka '', which opened the evening.
At a time when hour-long series were serious and half-hour series were humorous, Steele incorporated multiple styles of comedy into the standard detective format.
At 30 minutes ( approximately 21½ without commercials ), Face the Nation was the shortest of the Sunday talk shows and the only half-hour Sunday morning talk show on the four major broadcast networks.
At 6. 30pm, GLV / BCV re-instated the statewide Eyewitness News half-hour bulletin for broadcast across the Gippsland, Bendigo, Shepparton and Ballarat markets.
At the time, Search and its sister show Guiding Light, which had shared the same half-hour for sixteen years, were the last two fifteen-minute soap operas airing on television.
At 21: 06, Radio New Zealand's half-hour weekly science and environment programme, Our Changing World, is aired, followed by music and interviews until 22: 00.
The two trains involved were the No. 4, scheduled to depart Nashville for Memphis, Tennessee at 7: 00 a. m., and the No. 1 from Memphis, about a half-hour late for a scheduled arrival in Nashville at 7: 10 a. m. At about 7: 20 a. m., the two trains collided while traversing a section of single track line known as " Dutchman's Curve " west of downtown, in the present-day neighborhood of Belle Meade.
At those times all stations are only served at half-hour intervals, providing time for maximum four direct services per half-hour with dwell times of two minutes or less.
At noon on September 30, 1972 Veronica broadcast a half-hour retrospective documentary.
* At its annual fall schedule presentation on April 2, 2008, NBC revealed it would air three half-hour episodes of " SNL Thursday Night Live ", a presidential election-themed Weekend Update special, on Thursdays starting October 16, 2008.
Over the last four years at Emerson, Kevin executive produced three-sketch comedy shows, Zebro: A Laugh Show and Chocolate Cake City, four original half-hour situation comedies, Browne At Midnight, Saturdays, Ground Floor, and Record Cellar, and a live multi-cam stand up comedy special, Die Laughing.
At the last moment, ABC decided to change the show's format by reducing its run-time from one hour to one half-hour, a change which made it difficult to tell stories effectively considering the show's large cast.

At and racking
At that time, if neither the cue ball nor the fifteenth object ball remains in the rack area ( or is interfering with racking in the rack area ), the fourteen pocketed object balls are racked with no apex ball, and the rack is placed so that if the apex ball were in the rack, its center would rest directly over the table's foot spot.
At the other end of the scale, many pub cellars use specially-made steel racking, often with two rows of casks one above the other.

At and brains
At the time he received the Nobel Prize, Sperry was suffering from advanced stage Kuru, a neurodegenerative disease acquired through contact with human brains.
At first he consults with Dr. Necessiter on the basis his brain ought to be transplanted into a tank, but Necessiter informs him that brains in tanks do not actually survive for long, with Anne being his longest-lived brain to date, and instead recommends transplanting the brain into a recently deceased woman.
At the opposite end of the spectrum are precocial animals in which the young have open eyes, have hair or down, have large brains, and are immediately mobile and somewhat able to flee from, or defend themselves against, predators.
At the time, computers ( still known as " electronic brains ") were all the rage ; if Bank of America could announce that they were using them, it would infer a feeling of futuristic infallibility.
At the 1986 Reykjavík Summit, Reagan told Soviet Premier Mikhail Gorbachev that he could not give up the Strategic Defense Initiative because "'... the people who were the most outspoken critics of the Soviet Union over the years ’— he mentioned his favorite paper, Human Events ," according to Reeves, "‘ They ’ re kicking my brains out ’.
This resulted in him appearing in television documentaries including The World At War, saying that he witnessed an execution of Jewish prisoners in Minsk in 1941 with Himmler, going so far as to describe the splatter of brains on Himmler's coat.
At midnight, there is a great noise from Faust's room, and in the morning, its walls and floors are found splattered with blood and brains, with Faust's eyes lying on the floor and his dead body in the courtyard.
At the awards ceremony in Stockholm, Frink Sr. tries to make amends with his son for his recent behavior, but he goes on another rampage through the audience, killing many and taking their brains.
At this point in time, the comic book personalities of Scourge and Cyclonus had been well-established, and distinctly different from the cartoon-here, Scourge was the intelligent, scheming brains of the duo, while Cyclonus was the dull-witted muscle, and that personality trait remained as strong as ever when Cyclonus accidentally let slip that they would kill Shockwave in the future.
At this point in time, the comic book personalities of Scourge and Cyclonus had been well-established, and distinctly different from the cartoon-here, Scourge was the intelligent, scheming brains of the duo, while Cyclonus was the dull-witted brawn, and that personality trait remained as strong as ever when Cyclonus accidentally let slip that they would kill Shockwave in the future.
At his secret estate in Maine, Veshnir has set up a production facility, using dying men enslaved by blowing some mold into their brains.
At the end of the novel it is revealed that Osbourne has been the brains behind the Pale Horse organisation ; the black-magic element was entirely a piece of misdirection on his part, while the murders were really committed by replacing products the victims had named in the CRC survey with poisoned ones.

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