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At and forefront
At the forefront of opposition among the educated elite was L ' Union Patriotique ,, which established ties with opponents of the occupation in the US itself, in particular the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People ( NAACP ).
" At the conclusion of the case, Polanski read a statement, saying in part, " The memory of my late wife Sharon Tate was at the forefront of my mind in bringing this action.
At age 45, Simon found himself back at the forefront of popular music.
At the forefront of this explosion, with a " revolutionary clash of tradition and amplification that set them apart ", is a group from Finland known as Finntroll.
At sea, Dudley's fighting orders were at the forefront of tactical thinking: Squadrons of ships, ordered by size and firepower, were to manoeuvre in formation, using co-ordinated gunfire.
At the forefront of contesting the Code was director Otto Preminger, whose films violated the Code repeatedly in the 1950s.
At the beginning of the twentieth century, Italy was at the forefront of aerial warfare: during the colonization of Libya in 1911, it made the first reconnaissance flight in history on 23 October, and the first ever bombing raid on 1 November.
At the forefront of these reinforcements was the 12 Infantry Division – part of the Russian 4th Corps – under General Pavel Liprandi.
At the forefront of its activities was the religious education of Jewish girls, who were ignored by the Orthodox community.
At this time, many African-American jazzmen were increasingly influenced by various continental African cultural and musical traditions ; along with Pharoah Sanders, Shepp was at the forefront of this movement.
At the forefront of the growth of the Honolulu Marathon was cardiologist Jack Scaff, one of the first physicians to prescribe running as therapy for heart disease.
At the beginning of the 20th century these issues were once again brought to the forefront.
At 28 years old, Remengesau targeted the youth voting bloc of Palau and successfully lobbied for their support, in the process becoming known as one of the forefront advocates for the youth of Palau.
At the forefront of the international wilderness movement has been The WILD Foundation, its founder Ian Player and its network of sister and partner organizations around the globe.
At the forefront of this new wave of audio-only comedic groups is Peeper Radio Theatre.
At the forefront of the International Chapter of the Order of Smile stands the Chancellor, Marek Michalak, who remains in this position since 19 January 2007.
At the forefront of the new school of design was the aristocratic " architect earl ", Richard Boyle, 3rd Earl of Burlington ; In 1729, he and William Kent, designed Chiswick House.
At the forefront of this resistance were the Shawnee.
At the forefront of this gang were Pte ' Excused Boots ' ( aka ' Bootsie ') Bisley played by comedian Alfie Bass, Cpl Springer ( Michael Medwin ), Pte ' Cupcake ' Cook ( Norman Rossington ), Pte ' Popeye ' Popplewell ( Bernard Bresslaw ) and future Doctor Who actor William Hartnell as bellowing Sgt Major Bullimore.
At the forefront of the first few episodes is the conflict between Vince's best friend " E " and his agent Ari, who are both working to get the best for Vince, but often differ on how to accomplish this.
At the forefront was Brain Failure, the most successful of these bands, who continue to tour the world with their ska / punk sound.
In January 1964, Kenneth Hagin claimed to have received a prophecy saying At the end of 1965, He who now stands in the forefront of the healing ministry as a prophet will be taken out of the way.
At the forefront of the beach culture are the many surfers and sun worshippers who socialize daily at the beach.
At the forefront of this movement were Los Ratones Paranoicos, whom for years before were perfecting a musical formula that would be emulated by countless neighborhood bands in years to come.

At and standards
At the bottom of this change were great strides forward in the technical equipment and technical standards of the historian.
At the peak of the terror, the slightest hint of counter-revolutionary thoughts or activities ( or, as in the case of Jacques Hébert, revolutionary zeal exceeding that of those in power ) could place one under suspicion, and trials did not always proceed according to contemporary standards of due process.
At the 1965 Congress in Wiesbaden FIDE raised the standards required for international titles.
At the Sea Islands Conference of the G8 in 2004, the Carabinieri were given the mandate to establish a Center of Excellence for Stability Police Units ( CoESPU ) to spearhead the development of training and doctrinal standards for civilian police units attached to international peacekeeping missions.
At the Federal level, consistent with Section 341 of the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act, the Food and Drug Administration ( FDA ) has defined standards of identity for what are broadly termed macaroni and noodle products.
At that time, girls were expected to remain separate from boys because of societal standards, though co-educational youth groups did exist.
At the Sea Island Conference of the G8 in 2004, Carabinieri were given a mandate to establish a Center of Excellence for Stability Police Units to spearhead the development of training and doctrinal standards for civilian police units attached to international peacekeeping missions.
At independence, Mozambique's industrial base was well-developed by Sub-Saharan Africa standards, thanks to a boom in investment in the 1960s and early 1970s.
At the time, film stock was usually supplied unperforated and punched by the filmmaker to their standards with perforation equipment.
At any rate, it would seem that the world has come far enough so that it is only by starting from relativism and its tolerations that we may hope to work out a new set of absolute values and standards, if such are attainable at all or prove to be desirable.
At independence, Mozambique ’ s industrial base was well-developed by Sub-Saharan Africa standards, thanks to a boom in investment in the 1960s and early 1970s.
At the same time there was no obligation to adhere to democratic standards ( in contrast, the Basic Law stipulates that parties ' "... internal organisation must conform to democratic principles ", which precludes any party using the Führerprinzip, even internally.
At the present time, aircraft are not designed to withstand such strikes, since their existence was unknown at the time standards were set, and the dangers unappreciated until the destruction of a glider in 1999.
At that time no VESA standards were available for free.
At the time DisplayPort was announced, VESA was criticized for developing the specification in secret and having a track record of developing unsuccessful digital interface standards, including Plug & Display and Digital Flat Panel.
At the time, the House of Orange was one of the most strictly religious royal families in the world, and it was very difficult to find a Protestant prince who suited their standards.
At the end of his term, the British economy was intact and out of debt, inflation contained, unemployment falling each month ( without the aid of statistical manipulations ) and living standards improving, especially for poor and disabled people.
At the front of these programmable visibility signals is a 12 " fresnel lens, each lens tinted to meet United States Institute of Transportation Engineers ( ITE ) chromaticity and luminance standards.
Her debut album, At Last !, was released in late 1960 and was noted for its varied choice in music from jazz standards to blues numbers to doo-wop and rhythm and blues ( R & B ).
After signing with Chess Records in 1960, James broke through as a traditional pop-styled singer, covering jazz and pop music standards on her debut album, At Last !.
At one time different data collection methods and standards were used in collecting hydrographic data for maritime safety and for scientific or engineering bathymetric charts.
At that time there was no structure setting accounting standards.
At the time of his death, Colt's estate, which he left to his wife and three-year-old son Caldwell Hart Colt, was estimated to be valued at around $ 15 million ($ 350 million by 2009 standards ).

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