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At and hearing
At once my ears were drowned by a flow of what I took to be Spanish, but -- the driver's white teeth flashing at me, the road wildly veering beyond his glistening hair, beyond his gesticulating bottle -- it could have been the purest Oxford English I was half hearing ; ;
At his trial, petitioner sought to secure through subpoena duces tecum the longhand notes of the Department's hearing officer, Evensen, as well as his report thereon.
At a February 2, 2010 congressional hearing, Senator John McCain read from a letter signed by " over one thousand former general and flag officers ".
At his death penalty sentencing hearing, Echols ' psychologist reported that months before the murders, Echols claimed that he obtained super powers by drinking human blood.
At the end of the hearing the lords vote on the verdict, which is decided by a simple majority, one charge at a time.
At his sentencing hearing, Dahmer expressed remorse for his actions, and said that he wished for his own death.
At the age of 9, Konstantin caught scarlet fever and became hard of hearing.
At Soliah's 2002 sentencing hearing on the bombing, police officer John Hall, who had been in the car on top of the bomb described a little girl who stood feet away with her family:
At her sentencing hearing, Olson's teenage daughter Leila, her pastor, and her husband spoke in her defense, while Olson's mother claimed on the stand that Olson had never been a part of the SLA and spoke against prosecutors and police she asserted had harassed the family.
At such a hearing, the defendant may be assisted by counsel ; in U. S. jurisdictions, there is a right to counsel at the preliminary hearing.
At that very night everyone realizes that Luigi is his singing his heart out whilst the storm is still in full rage, and he is able to because the storm was so noisy but even this doesn't stop the crowds hearing.
At the court hearing, Vangelis set up synthesizers in the courtroom and played for the judge to demonstrate his compositional process.
At the end of 1971, a custody hearing in Houston went against Cox.
At a council held in the Lateran, he could get no hearing, and a formula representing what seemed to him the most carnal view of the sacrament was offered for his acceptance.
At a congressional hearing Rickover testified that:
At a sentencing hearing, the burden of proof is now preponderance of the evidence, not proof beyond a reasonable doubt and hearsay is allowed.
At present there are two such hearing aids on the market ; the Baha 3 by Cochlear BAS and the Ponto by Oticon Medical.
At his sentencing hearing on September 14, he again addressed the court, and his speech has become a classic.
At the age of 12, George ( Bobby Anderson ) saved his younger brother Harry ( George Nokes ), who had fallen through the ice on a frozen pond, though George lost the hearing in his left ear in this effort.
At times, the lady could be a princesse lointaine, a far-away princess, and some tales told of men who had fallen in love with women whom they had never seen, merely on hearing their perfection described, but normally she was not so distant.
At the preliminary hearing, Stilwell and Spence were able to provide several witnesses who supported their alibis.
At his confirmation hearing, he told the Armed Services Committee of the U. S. Senate that the limited objective of the U. S. was to guarantee to the people of South Vietnam the right of self-determination.
At the same time, he was hearing of The Beatles ( whose first American tour would commence in February 1964 ), and wondering how Beatlemania might affect folk music.

At and District
At present all offenses must be taken to Sixth District Court for disposition.
At Berger's direction, the city also intervened in the Hughes bankruptcy case in U. S. District Court in a move preliminary to filing a claim there.
At 4 p.m. the President left the White House to welcome the young musicians, students from the ages of 12 to 18 who spend six weeks at the Brevard Music Center summer camp, and to greet the 325 crippled, cardiac and blind children from the District area who were special guests at the concert.
At that time, the ENIAC was considered to be the first computer in the modern sense, but in 1973 a U. S. District Court invalidated the ENIAC patent and concluded that the ENIAC inventors had derived the subject matter of the electronic digital computer from Atanasoff ( see Patent dispute ).
At present, the islands are organized as Amakusa District, Amakusa City, and Kami-amakusa City, all of which are under the administration of Kumamoto Prefecture.
At the second tier, Dartmouth forms part of the Dartmouth and Kingswear ward of South Hams District Council, which returns three councillors.
At the end of 1924, he was promoted to Assistant District Superintendent and posted to Syriam, closer to Rangoon.
At the same time the Potters Bar Urban District of Middlesex was transferred to Hertfordshire.
At the Federal level, the two U. S. Senators from Texas are Republicans John Cornyn and Kay Bailey Hutchison ; Paris is part of Texas ' US Congressional 4th District, which is currently represented by Republican Ralph M. Hall.
At present, a significant number of cases are pending before the United States District Court, District of Minnesota, involving the drug Levaquin.
It created a general right to privacy ( Griswold v. Connecticut ), limited the role of religion in public school ( most prominently Engel v. Vitale and Abington School District v. Schempp ), incorporated most guarantees of the Bill of Rights against the States — prominently Mapp v. Ohio ( the exclusionary rule ) and Gideon v. Wainwright ( right to appointed counsel ),— and required that criminal suspects be apprised of all these rights by police ( Miranda v. Arizona ); At the same time, however, the Court limited defamation suits by public figures ( New York Times v. Sullivan ) and supplied the government with an unbroken run of antitrust victories.
** At least 1, 400 people are killed in an earthquake measuring 7. 4 on the Richter Scale, in the Ancash Region and Quiches District in Peru.
At that time, there were 20 districts ; legislation to create a new Kent District was never completed.
At that time, the county included the entire geographic area that would later became the State of Tennessee, and was also known as the Washington District.
At that time the Vandalia Police Department elected to continue to operate their communications center for the Vandalia Police Department, Vandalia Fire District, and Van-Far Ambulance District.
At the state level Teton County is located in District 31 of the Idaho Legislature.
At the state level Madison County is located in Legislative District 34, which currently has an all-Republican delegation in the Idaho Legislature.
At the state level Cassia County is located entirely in Legislative District 27.
At the state level Blaine County is located in Legislative District 25, which currently has an all-Democratic delegation in the Idaho Legislature.
At the local elections in May 2011, members of Strabane District Council were elected from the following political parties: 8 Sinn Féin, 4 Democratic Unionist Party ( DUP ), 1 Social Democratic and Labour Party ( SDLP ), 1 Ulster Unionist Party ( UUP ) and 2 Independent Nationalist.
At the end of the 19th-century the Ottomans established a municipal council to administer the affairs of Khan Yunis, which had become the second largest town in the Gaza District after Gaza itself.
At the local level, Siskiyou County Supervisoral District 3, in which Weed is the core community, voter registration is 39. 6 % Democrat, 39. 1 % Republican, 16. 2 % Decline to State, with remainder split amongst other political parties such as Green, and Libertarian as of 2006.

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