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At and intersection
At the intersection of Columbus Avenue and West 65th Street, Broadway passes by the Juilliard School and Lincoln Center, both well-known performing arts landmarks, as well as a temple of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints ( the Mormon or LDS Church ), known as the Manhattan New York Temple.
At the intersection with 72nd street, the triangle of tiny Verdi Square is surrounded by several notable apartment buildings, including The Ansonia, and the Florentine palazzo occupied by Apple Bank for Savings.
At its intersection with 78th Street, Broadway shifts direction, to continue directly uptown aligned approximately with the Commissioners ' grid.
At the intersection between community development and community building are a number of programs and organizations with community development tools.
At times, Sakamoto would also present varying interpretations of technology's intersection with music: He would present some pieces, such as " Replica ", with Kraftwerkian rigidity and order, while he would infuse humanity and humor into others – " Broadway Boogie Woogie ", for example, liberally lifts samples from Ridley Scott's film Blade Runner and pairs them with a raucous, sax-driven techno-pop backdrop.
At 11: 45 near Neckarstadt ( Mannheim-Käfertal ), shortly after Patton's car had stopped for a train and accelerated after its passing, a 2½ ton GMC truck driven by Technical Sergeant Robert L. Thompson ( 1925 – 1994 ) made a left turn in front of Patton's Cadillac at an uncontrolled intersection, and without anyone seeing the truck make a turn signal.
At many locations, the true horizon is obscured by trees, buildings, mountains, etc., and the resulting intersection of earth and sky is called the visible horizon.
At the intersection of the four arches of this crown is a blue enameled orb and a cross both set with diamonds.
When the Claretians sold their Claretville property in 1978 to Clare Prophet and her Church Universal and Triumphant ( CUT ) cult, Thomas Aquinas College purchased, moved to, and began construction on a permanent campus in Santa Paula, CA At the present time, the Gillette Estate / Claretville property is now known as the ' King Gillette Ranch ' and this property remains at the intersection of Mulholland Highway and Las Virgenes Road in Calabasas.
At the intersection with Centennial Avenue, Route 18 will turn off Hoes and follow Centennial to Possumtown Road, where it will terminate at Interstate 287 ( interchange 8 ).
At this intersection, Route 28 bears to the left and heads east on West Main Street, which proceeds through the business district of downtown Somerville.
At the intersection with Union Avenue, Route 28 turns to the east to follow that road, which has a speed limit.
At the intersection with Roosevelt Avenue, Route 28 becomes two-way East Fifth Street, with the name becoming South Avenue at the intersection with Richmond Street.
At that point, Route 38 was proposed as a highway from Camden ( where it would end ), past its former terminus at State Highway Route 39 to an intersection with State Highway Route 4-N in the community of Wall Township east of Fort Dix.
At the Emmet Street intersection, Route 21 becomes a four-lane, undivided road and intersects Murray Street, which provides access to the Ironbound neighborhood of Newark.
At the intersection with County Route 699 ( Old Mill Road ), Route 34 turns to the north and intersects another segment of County Route 699 known as Spring Hill Road.
At the County Route 633 ( Arnold Avenue ) intersection, northbound Route 35 shifts slightly to the west and becomes Hawthorne Avenue.
At that time, the boundaries began at the intersection of Polk County and the Willamette River, extended south as far as the California border and as far west as the Pacific Ocean.
At the intersection with Cyril Avenue, Route 4 runs along the border of Elmwood Park to the south and Fair Lawn to the north before entirely entering Fair Lawn, where the route passes under New Jersey Transit ’ s Bergen County Line near Broadway Station.
At the intersection with County Route 646 ( Park Avenue ), Route 7 turns into a municipally maintained road and enters a more residential area.
At the intersection with County Route 644, Route 7 turns north onto Cathedral Avenue and comes to its terminus at the Nutley / Clifton border less than one-half mile from an interchange with Route 3.
At this intersection, County Route 577 heads east on Mt.
At this point, the westbound direction of County Route 504 and the southbound direction of U. S. Route 202 follow southbound Route 23 until an intersection.
At the intersection with 12th Street, the highway enters New Brunswick.

At and Forest
At Yale, Gibbs was also the mentor of Lee De Forest, who went on to invent to the triode amplifier and has been called the " father of radio.
In " Toads Of The Short Forest " ( from the album Weasels Ripped My Flesh ), composer Frank Zappa explains: " At this very moment on stage we have drummer A playing in 7 / 8, drummer B playing in 3 / 4, the bass playing in 3 / 4, the organ playing in 5 / 8, the tambourine playing in 3 / 4, and the alto sax blowing his nose " ( Mothers of Invention 1970 ).
At the time, a scientific committee appointed by the New South Wales state government recommended the area of around 100, 000 hectares be protected as a National Park, however the Japanese company Harris-Daishowa sought to log the area for woodchips, and most of the land was categorised as State Forest, with only Nalbaugh and Nungatta National Parks declared in what is now South East Forest National Park.
At the junction of these trails, the Forest House hotel and trading post was built.
At the beginning of the 2007-08 school year, most Pioneer students were moved to nearby Forest High School in the village of Forest.
At its height, Forest City, Pennsylvania was in the Guinness Book of World Records as " the town with the most churches in a town " due to the historical influx of immigrants settling in primary sector of the economy towns such as Forest City, as each successive ethnic minority would build their own church.
At the outbreak of the Second World War the Forestry Commission was split in to the Forest Management Department, to continue with the Commission's duties, and the Timber Supply Department to produce enough timber for the war effort.
At Lake Forest he published the first part of his " Handbook of Psychology ( Senses and Intellect )" in which he directed the attention to the new experimental psychology of Ernst Heinrich Weber, Fechner and Wundt.
At below the surface, the Forest Glen station on the Red Line is the deepest in the system.
At the time, they were known as the Cleveland Forest Citys or Cleveland Blues.
At that time, a large forest covered the whole area, the remnants of which near Brussels are still called the Sonian Forest ( French: Forêt de Soignes, Dutch: Zoniënwoud ) today.
At the time, São Paulo's stadium was called Floresta ( Forest in Portuguese ), so the team was known as São Paulo da Floresta.
At the same time, Native American autobiography develops, most notably in William Apess's A Son of the Forest and George Copway's The Life, History and Travels of Kah-ge-ga-gah-bowh.
At 14: 30 Crown Prince Frederick finally arrived with the main bulk of his almost 100, 000 men, having marched with all possible haste all morning, and hit the Austrian right flank retiring from Swiep Forest while the Prussian artillery pounded the Austrian center.
At the field level, there is a team of 8 persons, made up of Forest Department personnel and one wildlife consultant from the University of Minnesota who advises on research strategies and trains staff.
At the season's end the Wake Forest star was rumored to enter the 1996 NBA Draft, but in the end, he stayed in college.
At Wake Forest contracted ROTC cadets are given full scholarship, a monthly stipend, and book money by the US Army.
At about this same time, Koch began his rightward shift towards being a " liberal with sanity " after reviewing the 1973 controversy around then-New York City Mayor John Lindsay's attempt to place a 3, 000-person housing project in the middle of a middle-class community in Forest Hills, Queens.
At the time of the opening, only the Enchanted Forest and Safari parks were operational, and despite plans for a seven park complex, only those two parks were ever realized, with elements from five of the other planned parks being used to create the Enchanted Forest.
A recording of Live At Delamere Forest was released as a download only via the official website in five parts for a limited time only.
At a 1866 meeting at the sheriff's office in, Forest Manager Andreas Tanberg Gløersen launched the first idea of building a railway to connect Stavanger and Egersund.

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