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At and joint
* At present the railway is under joint control of Djibouti and Ethiopia, but negotiations are underway to privatize this transport utility.
At Christmas 1850 he was invited by Mark Lemon to fill the position of joint cartoonist ( with John Leech ) on Punch.
At a joint meeting of Bolsheviks and Left Socialist-Revolutionaries held on 22 February 1918, Krylenko remarked: " We have no army.
At the request of Lebanese President Hrawi, the Syrian military took joint action with the Lebanese Armed Forces on 13 October 1990, to oust rebel Gen. Michel Aoun who had defied efforts at reconciliation with the legitimate Government of Lebanon.
" At around the same time Adorno and Horkheimer began planning for a joint work on " dialectical logic ," which would later become Dialectic of Enlightenment.
* May 11 – At the Battle of Djerba, the Ottoman fleet, commanded by under Piyale Pasha, overwhelms a large joint European ( mainly Spanish ) fleet, sinking about half its ships.
At the time, the region was under joint occupation of both the United States and Britain pursuant to the Treaty of 1818.
At the same time, Tibetan Buddhist monks ( lam in Dzongkha, Bhutan's official national language ) had firmly rooted their religion and culture in Bhutan, and members of joint Tibetan-Mongol military expeditions settled in fertile valleys.
At the back of the skull, the coelacanth possesses a hinge, the intracranial joint, which allows it to open its mouth extremely widely.
At the same time the principle of primogeniture was reasserted, and the right to summon the joint Landtag was reserved to the Duke of Mecklenburg-Schwerin.
At the start of the 1997 season, the WNBA had television deals in place with NBC ( NBA rights holder ), and the Walt Disney Company and Hearst Corporation joint venture channels, ESPN and Lifetime Television Network, respectively.
At the same time, Global Crossing filed a letter of intent to sell 79 % of the company to a joint venture between Hong Kong-based Hutchison Whampoa and Singapore Technologies Telemedia ( ST Telemedia ).
At Belfort WC 1988, he scored 8 / 15 for a joint 4th – 7th place, as Garry Kasparov won.
At Reykjavík WC 1988, he scored 7 / 17 for a joint 15th – 16th place, with Kasparov again winning.
At the time, it was one of the first U. S .- Sino joint MBA programs in China.
At the end of their joint consular year, Crassus would have the influential and lucrative governorship of Syria, and use this as a base to conquer Parthia.
At that time, the Golden Nugget's poker room was " truly a ' sawdust joint ,' with … oiled sawdust covering the floors.
At the 35th Annual General Meeting in August 1954 the chairman advised the profound regret of the board and all associated with the company, including the users of the some 65, 000 vehicles which had been made since 1946, for their joint circumstances.
At a meeting of the 19-member Rio group in May 2003, Toledo proposed developing a joint strategy to deal with drug trafficking, but pressure from Washington, which preferred bilateral efforts, helped kill the notion.
President Harry H. Flagler, of the Symphony Society, will be president of the merger. At the first joint board meeting in 1928, the chairman, Clarence Mackay, expressed the opinion that " with the forces of the two Societies now united ... the Philharmonic-Symphony Society could build up the greatest orchestra in this country if not in the world.
At the fourth year of his legal studies, Agathias and fellow students Aemilianus, John and Rufinus are mentioned making a joint offering to Michael the Archangel at Sosthenium, where they prayed for a " prosperous future ".
At the Dallam County Courthouse, Dalhart honors the memory of James R. Fox, Jr. ( March 16, 1919 — March 11, 1943 ), who flew supplies to China for Pan American Airways, then a joint Chinese and American company, during World War II through the treacherous Hump Route.
At the FAO / WHO joint Expert Committee on Food Additives and in the EU, no numerical acceptable daily intake ( ADI ) has been set, as pectin is considered safe.
At the time of construction, Norwood Tunnel was the joint longest canal tunnel in Britain, and it was sixth longest by the time it collapsed.

At and request
At Emerson's request, Alcott helped arrange Thoreau's funeral, which was held at First Parish Sanctuary in Concord, despite Thoreau having disavowed membership in the church when he was in his early twenties.
At the request of Young and Duke, the moonwalk was extended by ten minutes.
At the request of Christian II of Denmark, Dürer went to Brussels to paint the King's portrait.
At his own request Nehemiah is sent to Jerusalem as governor of Yehud, the official Persian name for Judah.
At the same time, Athens's greatest runner, Pheidippides ( or Philippides in some accounts ) had been sent to Sparta to request that the Spartan army march to the aid of Athens.
At the request of his Poznań University professor, Zdzisław Krygowski, on arriving at Göttingen Rejewski laid flowers on Gauss's grave.
At the request of the Huguenots at Metz, he pleaded its cause at the court of King Louis XIV, urging that it should be excepted in the revocation of the Edict of Nantes, but his efforts were unsuccessful, and he joined his father in Berlin.
At the request of the government of Southern Rhodesia, Doke investigated the range of dialect diversity among the languages of the country and made recommendations for Unified Shona.
At the request of the king, he wrote a letter to Pope Boniface on the debated subject of " The Three Chapters ".
At Chiang's request Yan visited Li in order to convince Li not to withdraw from public life.
At the request of then Lt .- Gov.
At the request of the U. S. Air Force he began formalizing his Process Maturity Framework to aid the U. S. Department of Defense in evaluating the capability of software contractors as part of awarding contracts.
At the request of Jon Postel, Paul Mockapetris invented the Domain Name System in 1983 and wrote the first implementation.
At Atchison's request, Senator Stephen Douglas of Illinois introduced the Kansas-Nebraska Act, which embodied this idea, in November 1853.
[...] At my request the publishers are removing what they believe would be considered objectionable, and are placing asterisks to show where omissions have been made.
At the request of Giulietta Masina, trumpeter Mauro Maur played the " Improvviso dell ' Angelo " by Nino Rota during the funeral ceremony.
At the request of emperor Zeno, Theodoric the Great conquered all of Italy beginning in 488.
At North's request, the board disbanded the ICE in 2001.
At the request of Michèle, Papa Doc's widow Simone was expelled from Haiti.
At GM headquarters ’ request, Holden was then reorganised and recapitalised, separating the engine and car manufacturing divisions in the process.
At the request of Azam, Paul Broca, and others, the French Academy of Science, who had examined Mesmerism in 1784, examined Braid's writings shortly after his demise.
At Jackson's request, the United States Congress opened a fierce debate on an Indian Removal Bill.
At his request he was billed as " J. B. Wilkes ", a pseudonym meant to avoid comparison with other members of his famous thespian family.
At the request of Madame d ' Epinay, who was anxious to protect her privacy, however, the police ordered him to stop, and the Confessions was only partially published in 1782, four years after his death.
At the request of his father, Adolf Lorenz, he began a premedical curriculum in 1922 at Columbia University, but he returned to Vienna in 1923 to continue his studies at the University of Vienna.

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