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At and start
At the slope's base coils of concertina stretched out of eye range like a wild tangle of children's hoops, stopped simultaneously, weirdly poised as if awaiting the magic of the child's touch to start them all rolling again.
At the start of her program there were evidences of pique.
At the end of the novel, Grand says he is much happier ; he has written to Jeanne and made a fresh start on his book.
At first, people indulge in fantasies, imagining the missing person's return, but then they start to feel like prisoners, drifting through life with nothing left but the past, since they do not know how long into the future their ordeal may last.
At the start of the Battle of Gettysburg, July 1, 1863, Doubleday's division was the second infantry division on the field to reinforce the cavalry division of Brig.
At the start of World War I, thousands of the French Cuirassiers rode out to engage the German Cavalry who likewise used helmets and armour.
At the start of the game, it has survived over 10 years in complete isolation from the rest of the world and is an example of an arcology in cyberpunk genre.
At the end of each line the beam returns to the start of the next line ; the end of the last line is a link that returns to the top of the screen.
At the start of his career, he won public attention by creating small, intimate modestly scaled works in unconventional media and with eccentric subject matter.
At some speeds the airflow over the control surfaces will become turbulent, and the controls will start to flutter.
At the start of the Cold War, bombers were the only means to take nuclear weapons to enemy targets, and had the role of deterrence.
At the start of the next session, affairs were handled by a triumvirate of Granby, Disraeli, and John Charles Herries – indicative of the tension between Disraeli and the rest of the party, who needed his talents but mistrusted the man.
At the start of the rally, the server and receiver stand in diagonally opposite service courts ( see court dimensions ).
At the start of a match, the shuttlecock is cast and the side towards which the shuttlecock is pointing serves first.
At the start of 2007, the BWF introduced a new tournament structure for the highest level tournaments aside from those in level one: the BWF Super Series.
At the start of each round, the rectangular playing arena contains a prearranged pattern of coloured " bubbles ".
At the start of a game, play is more or less random, the only strategy is to avoid adding the third side to any box.
At the start of each game, the doubling cube is placed on the bar with the number 64 showing ; the cube is then said to be " centered, on 1 ".
At the start of the First World War, the Currency and Bank Notes Act 1914 was passed which granted temporary powers to HM Treasury for issuing banknotes to the value of £ 1 and 10 /- ( ten shillings ) in the UK.
At its start it produced mechanical adding machines, and later moved into programmable ledgers and then computers.
At the start of the war, only the German army was thus prepared with all tanks " radio equipped ".
At the start of 2011, the Beano VIP pages were dropped from the comic, but the online features remain.
At the start of 2008, there were 59 building societies in the UK, with total assets exceeding £ 360 billion.
At this level students could start to move on their own.

At and new
At first glance this appears strange: of all people, was not America founded by rugged individualists who established a new way of life still inspiring `` undeveloped '' societies abroad??
At Milcote on November 3, 1597, the aldermen asked him to support their petition for a new charter.
At the end of World War 2,, free Europe was ready for a new beginning.
At this time of crisis in our Nation's commuter railroads, a new threat to the continued operations of the New York Central has appeared in the form of the Chesapeake & Ohio Railroad's proposal for control of the Baltimore & Ohio railroads.
At the present time the research team which pioneered this new technique is primarily interested in advancing and perfecting it.
At the home of a gourmet the new maid was instructed in the fine points of serving.
At the beginning of the school year, the new students don't eat the cereal right away, but within a short time they are eating it voraciously.
At a reception for new members of Congress, Oregon Democrat Maurine Neuberger, taking the Senate seat held by her husband Richard until his death last March, got a brotherly buss from Democratic Elder Statesman Adlai Stevenson, U.S. Ambassador-designate to the U.N..
At juice bars in Los Angeles' 35 `` health '' stores, a new sensation is a pink, high-protein cocktail, concocted of dried eggs, powdered milk and cherry-flavored No-Cal, which sells for 59-cents per 8-oz. glass.
At first he regarded his new life as a renunciation of his art, and fell out of practise: but after some time he resolved to study and learn by heart the works of Bach, Mendelssohn, Widor, César Franck, and Max Reger systematically.
At the end of the 17th century, new scientific concepts in astronomy ( such as heliocentrism ) called astrology into question, and subsequent controlled studies failed to confirm its predictive value.
At the time of Reformation the majority of the Ämter converted to the new faith.
At that moment, the nominal ruler of al-Andalus, emir Yusuf ibn ' Abd al-Rahman al-Fihri ( another member of the Fihrid family, and a favorite of the old Arab settlers ( baladiyun ), mostly of south Arabian or ' Yemenite ' tribal stock ) was locked in a contest with his vizier ( and son-in-law ) al-Sumayl ibn Hatim al-Qilabi, the head of the new settlers ( shamiyum, the Syrian junds or military regiments, mostly of north Arabian Qaysid tribes, which had arrived only in 742 ).
At first, the new Amir was quietly recognized.
At low speeds, the compressibility of air is not significant in relation to aircraft design, but as the airflow nears and exceeds the speed of sound, a host of new aerodynamic effects become important in the design of aircraft.
At a meeting to inaugurate the Northern Corridor Transit Coordination Authority ( NCTCA ), the governments of Uganda and Burundi backed the proposed new railway from the Ugandan western railhead at Kasese into the DRC.
At the southwest corner of Central Park, Broadway crosses Eighth Avenue at West 59th Street ; on the site of the former New York Coliseum convention center is the new shopping center at the foot of the Time Warner Center, headquarters of Time Warner.
At the outbreak of war, the German army had no radically new theory of war named Blitzkrieg or otherwise.
At the same time the African and Oceanic collections that had been temporarily housed in 6 Burlington Gardens were given a new gallery in the North Wing funded by the Sainsbury family-with the donation valued at £ 25 million.
At the same time the new craft of printing was introduced to Basel by apprentices of Johann Gutenberg.
At the end of 2006 a new port for mobile phones in Europe and Japan was released.
At first the new style took over Baroque forms — the ternary da capo aria and the sinfonia and concerto — but composed with simpler parts, more notated ornamentation and more emphatic division into sections.
At this time Yugoslavia was still a one-party state and open manifestations of Croatian nationalism were dangerous so new party was founded in an almost conspiratorial manner.

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