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At and start
At the slope's base coils of concertina stretched out of eye range like a wild tangle of children's hoops, stopped simultaneously, weirdly poised as if awaiting the magic of the child's touch to start them all rolling again.
At the start of her program there were evidences of pique.
At the start of a new industrial age in the 18th century, it was believed that " people are the riches of the nation ", and there was a general faith in an economy that paid its workers low wages because high wages meant workers would work less.
At the end of the novel, Grand says he is much happier ; he has written to Jeanne and made a fresh start on his book.
At first, people indulge in fantasies, imagining the missing person's return, but then they start to feel like prisoners, drifting through life with nothing left but the past, since they do not know how long into the future their ordeal may last.
At the start of the Battle of Gettysburg, July 1, 1863, Doubleday's division was the second infantry division on the field to reinforce the cavalry division of Brig.
At the start of World War I, thousands of the French Cuirassiers rode out to engage the German Cavalry who likewise used helmets and armour.
At the start of the game, it has survived over 10 years in complete isolation from the rest of the world and is an example of an arcology in cyberpunk genre.
At the end of each line the beam returns to the start of the next line ; the end of the last line is a link that returns to the top of the screen.
At the start of his career, he won public attention by creating small, intimate modestly scaled works in unconventional media and with eccentric subject matter.
At some speeds the airflow over the control surfaces will become turbulent, and the controls will start to flutter.
At the start of the Cold War, bombers were the only means to take nuclear weapons to enemy targets, and had the role of deterrence.
At the start of the next session, affairs were handled by a triumvirate of Granby, Disraeli, and John Charles Herries – indicative of the tension between Disraeli and the rest of the party, who needed his talents but mistrusted the man.
At the start of the rally, the server and receiver stand in diagonally opposite service courts ( see court dimensions ).
At the start of a match, the shuttlecock is cast and the side towards which the shuttlecock is pointing serves first.
At the start of 2007, the BWF introduced a new tournament structure for the highest level tournaments aside from those in level one: the BWF Super Series.
At the start of each round, the rectangular playing arena contains a prearranged pattern of coloured " bubbles ".
At the start of a game, play is more or less random, the only strategy is to avoid adding the third side to any box.
At the start of each game, the doubling cube is placed on the bar with the number 64 showing ; the cube is then said to be " centered, on 1 ".
At the start of the First World War, the Currency and Bank Notes Act 1914 was passed which granted temporary powers to HM Treasury for issuing banknotes to the value of £ 1 and 10 /- ( ten shillings ) in the UK.
At its start it produced mechanical adding machines, and later moved into programmable ledgers and then computers.
At the start of the war, only the German army was thus prepared with all tanks " radio equipped ".
At the start of 2011, the Beano VIP pages were dropped from the comic, but the online features remain.
At the start of 2008, there were 59 building societies in the UK, with total assets exceeding £ 360 billion.
At this level students could start to move on their own.

At and Great
At the center of the area they discover the Nameless City ( the setting of the Lovecraft story of the same name ) and in Derleth's text the domain of the Great Old One Hastur.
At the centre of the Great Court is the Reading Room vacated by the British Library, its functions now moved to St Pancras.
At a War Cabinet meeting, held on 31 October 1917, Balfour suggested that a declaration favorable to Zionist aspirations would allow Great Britain " to carry on extremely useful propaganda both in Russia and America "
At the time of Domitian's accession the city was still suffering from the damage caused by the Great Fire of 64, the civil war of 69 and the fire in 79.
At the heart of the Great Game lay the willingness of Britain and Russia to subdue, subvert, or subjugate the small independent states that lay between Russia and British India.
At such times the Church deemed it necessary to convene a general or " Great " council of all available bishops throughout the world.
At completion, the Great Pyramid was surfaced by white " casing stones " – slant-faced, but flat-topped, blocks of highly polished white limestone.
At the request of emperor Zeno, Theodoric the Great conquered all of Italy beginning in 488.
At the time of Alexander the Great in 330 BC, Aria was obviously an important district.
At age six, he observed the Great Comet of 1577, writing that he " was taken by mother to a high place to look at it.
At the Catechetical School of Alexandria, Jerome listened to the catechist Didymus the Blind expounding the prophet Hosea and telling his reminiscences of Anthony the Great, who had died 30 years before ; he spent some time in Nitria, admiring the disciplined community life of the numerous inhabitants of that " city of the Lord ," but detecting even there " concealed serpents ," i. e., the influence of Origen of Alexandria.
At this point however, Dulo Kaghan Kubrat, refused to accept Khazar rule and was cut-off to establish the short-lived state of Old Great Bolgary disintegrating upon his death with the majority migrating west where they carried out the first Hungarian conquest in 677.
At the Great Exhibition of 1851, he exhibited a 6 pounder made entirely from cast steel, and a solid flawless ingot of steel weighing, more than twice as much as any previously cast.
At the start of the 20th century, two power blocs emerged from alliances between the European Great Powers.
At the end of the First World War, a class “ A ” Mandate for Palestine was entrusted to Great Britain by the League of Nations, pursuant to paragraph 4 of Article 22 of the Covenant ...
At Mass on Sunday, 5 October 816, Stephen consecrated and anointed Louis as emperor, placing a crown on his head that was claimed to belong to Constantine the Great.
At the end of the war, he goes back to the " Great Link " to cure the other Founders of a disease that Section 31 had infected them with and to teach the Founders how to trust other races again.
At the end of the Persian era in 351 BCE, it was invaded by the emperor Artaxerxes III and then by Alexander the Great in 333 BCE when the Hellenistic era of Sidon began.
At the time, there were plans to connect the Mississippi River and the Great Lakes through a series of canals.
At the Austrian Court in Vienna in the late 17th century ( 1698 ) ladies were conducted around the room to the tune of a 2-beat measure, which then became the 3 / 4 of the Nach Tanz ( After Dance ), upon which couples got into the position for the Weller and waltzed around the room with gliding steps as in an engraving of the Wirtschaft ( Inn Festival ) given for Peter the Great.
At the time the crowns of Great Britain and Hannover were united under George II.
At his inauguration, O ' Dwyer celebrated to the song, " It's a Great Day for the Irish ," and addressed the 700 people gathered in Council Chambers at City Hall: " It is our high purpose to devote our whole time, our whole energy to do good work ..." He established the Office of City Construction Coordinator, appointing Robert Moses to the post, worked to have the permanent home of the United Nations located in Manhattan, presided over the first billion-dollar New York City budget, created a traffic department and raised the subway fare from five cents to ten cents.
** At a meeting in Paris, French Foreign Minister Georges Bonnet meets with Soviet Ambassador Jakob Suritz, and suggests that a " peace front " comprising France, the Soviet Union, Great Britain, Poland and Romania would deter Germany from war.
Later in some cults Zeus is united with the Aegean Great Goddess, who is represented by Hera, in a " holy wedding " ( hieros gamos ). At some point in their cultural history, the Myceneans adopted some Minoan goddesses like Aphaea, Britomartis, Diktynna and associated them with their sky-god.

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