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At and time
At one and the same time, she was within it but still searching for the drawbridge that would give her entry.
At the prearranged time, Greg started the engine and taxied out.
At the same time, all suggestions that some sort of societal responsibility existed for the welfare of the people within the territorial state was strongly resisted.
At one time she felt impelled to make dances that `` moved all over the stage '', much as Pollock's paintings move violently over the full extent of the canvas.
At the same time, he is plainly sympathetic, clearly friendly.
At the same time the multiple transvestitism involved -- the fat man as girl and as baby, as coquette pretending to be a baby -- touches for a moment horrifyingly upon the secret sources of a life like Jacoby's, upon the sinister dreams which form the sources of any human life.
At the present time, the counter-attack takes the line that there's no more of the true spirit of `` integration '' in the North than in the South.
At the same time, because the personal code of the detective coincides with the legal dictates of his society, because he likes to catch criminals, he is in middle class eyes a virtuous man.
At the time of his capture Helion had on his person a sketchbook he had bought at Woolworth's in New York.
At one time it seemed as if the Soviet Union had done us a favor by providing a striking example of how not to behave towards other peoples and other nations.
At this time Miriam Noel appeared, urging on Constable Henry Pengally, whose name showed him to be a descendant of the Welsh settlers in the neighborhood.
At the same time, I am aware that my recoil could be interpreted by readers of the tea leaves at the bottom of my psyche as an incestuous sign, since theirs is a science of paradox: if one hates, they say it is because one loves ; ;
At this time Harriet wrote in a letter which after their finally landing in India was sent to her mother:
At no time does he seem to have proposed marriage, and Mrs. King was evidently torn between a concern for her daughter's emotions and the desire to believe that the friendship might be continued without harm to her reputation.
At Sounion there is a group of beautiful columns, the ruins of a temple to Poseidon, of particular interest at that time, as active reconstruction was in progress.
At the same time, a major proportion of these young men and women see religion as a means of personal adjustment, an anchor for family life, a source of emotional security.
At no time did I attempt to seek approval or commendation for the members of the Chicago board of election commissioners for the discharge of their duties.
At State College, he had no time to walk among the violets on the water's edge.
At the same time, you have to face facts and realize that a man who's been in the Marine Corps all his life doesn't understand much about politics.
At the same time, his voice betrayed uncertainty about their being here, and conveyed an appeal to whatever is reasonable, peace-loving, and dependable in everybody.
At the same time he started walking the streets, peering at the people passing or shopping at the stalls, storing up fresh impressions of what they looked like, how they moved.
`` At three o'clock if it will be of convenience to you at that time ''.
At the same time, it was unlikely that any businessmen would spend a day in a Christian mission out of mere curiosity.
At the same time another child -- this one of Shelley's brain -- was given to the world: Alastor, a poem of pervading beauty in which the reader may gaze into the still depths of a fine mind's musings.
At the time Alex arrived he was engaged in some sort of intimate communication with the hen, who had settled herself on the nest most peacefully after the occurrences of the morning.

At and encryption
At any further hop, messages may be transmitted with or without encryption, depending solely on the general configuration of the transmitting server and the capabilities of the receiving one.
At different points in the encryption process, the cipher uses a different alphabet from one of the rows.
At the moment Vuze, Bitcomet, KTorrent, Transmission, Deluge, ĀµTorrent, MooPolice, Halite, rTorrent and the latest official BitTorrent client ( v6 ) support MSE / PE encryption.
At least one recent release of the VLC media player software is able to read video and audio data from DVDs that incorporate Content Scramble System ( CSS ) encryption, even though the VLC media player software lacks a CSS decryption license.
At GCHQ, Cocks was told about James H. Ellis ' " non-secret encryption " and further that since it had been suggested in the late 1960s, no one had been able to find a way to actually implement the concept.
At this stage Western governments had, in practice, a split personality when it came to encryption ; policy was made by the military cryptanalysts, who were solely concerned with preventing their ' enemies ' acquiring secrets, but that policy was then communicated to commerce by officials whose job was to support industry.
At that time, Valve was not aware if the intruders actually accessed this information or discovered the encryption method, but warned users to be alert for fraudulent activity.
At MELP data rates, a 42-bit counter allows a call over three thousand years long before the encryption repeats.
At first, security of the system was regained, with software revisions, manipulation of the Nagravision encryption algorithm, along with the phasing out of older cards, like the ROM101, ROM102, ROM103 in USA and ROM110, ROM120, ROM130 in Europe, in favour of the newer ROM142 / ROM180 / ROM182.
At the ISP level, a further level of protection can be implemented by encrypting the communication between servers themselves, usually employing an encryption standard called Transport Layer Security ( TLS ).

At and algorithms
At Bell Labs, Aho worked closely with Steve Johnson and Jeffrey Ullman to develop efficient algorithms for analyzing and translating programming languages.
At first glance, CBR may seem similar to the rule induction algorithms of machine learning.
At a neuronal level, NFT teaches the brain to modulate excitatory and inhibitory patterns of specific neuronal assemblies and pathways based upon the details of the sensor placement and the feedback algorithms used thereby increasing flexibility and self-regulation of relaxation and activation patterns.
At first glance, the guarantee of self stabilization may seem less promising than that of the more traditional fault-tolerance of algorithms, that aims to guarantee that the system always remains in a correct state, under certain kinds of state transitions.
At the time, it provided significantly better quality than existing low bit-rate algorithms, such as residual-excited linear prediction and linear predictive coding vocoders ( e. g., FS-1015 ).

At and were
At first they were only feathers and dark indistinguishable faces and bodies, hunched over their horses' heads.
At the moment, the three men were not saying much of anything.
At once my ears were drowned by a flow of what I took to be Spanish, but -- the driver's white teeth flashing at me, the road wildly veering beyond his glistening hair, beyond his gesticulating bottle -- it could have been the purest Oxford English I was half hearing ; ;
At headquarters -- sufficiently far from the firing line to make you forget occasionally that you were in a war -- Lewis found that the Commander in Chief's only desk was his knees ( and his only comb, his fingers ).
At dinner the courses were carried in by tall cuirassiers in red capes and black fur caps topped with tufts of feathers, marching in pairs like guards from a stage tragedy.
At his death Fred and Ralph, my husband, were named executors of the estate under the terms of the will.
At the bottom of this change were great strides forward in the technical equipment and technical standards of the historian.
At that time it was a series of sophisticated social dances whose steps were often combined with other steps devised by the choreographer.
At that time, during the Civil War, Union muskets were being manufactured in Providence and the drills to drill them were being hand-filed with rattail files.
At one time, to most Americans, unless they were fortunate enough to live near a body of navigable water, boats were considered the sole concern of fishermen, rich people, and the United States Navy.
At the end of the run, the strips in the third and sixth positions in each chamber were dried, stained for 1 hr, washed and dried, while the other strips were maintained in a horizontal position at 1-degree-C.
At times, clumps of 10 to 15 closely-packed nuclei were also observed.
At the close of Davis' speech the following preamble and resolutions were read by the president, and on the question of their adoption passed unanimously:
At no time were algae found in the mixed liquor.
At 6 o'clock on the morning of August 12, they were in doubt no longer.
At one point in the game when the skinny old man in suspenders who was acting as umpire got in the way of a thrown ball and took it painfully in the kidneys, he lay there unattended while players and spectators wrangled over whether the ball was `` dead '' or the base runners were free to score.
At each angle of its pitch a big skylight had been fitted into the roof and all these skylights were fitted with systems of multiple screens and shades.
At a ceremony in the reception room of Mayor Richardson Dilworth, the Eagles were honored for winning the championship.
At least 20 other Americans were reported to have been arrested in a mass political roundup.
At last the White House is going to get some much-copied furniture by that master American craftsman, Duncan Phyfe, whose designs were snubbed in his lifetime when the U. S. Presidents of the 19th Century sent abroad for their furnishings.
At 4 p.m. the President left the White House to welcome the young musicians, students from the ages of 12 to 18 who spend six weeks at the Brevard Music Center summer camp, and to greet the 325 crippled, cardiac and blind children from the District area who were special guests at the concert.
At Oxford one hundred years ago there were very few Catholics, partly because religious tests were removed only in 1854.

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