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At and various
At that time, he afforded me the courtesy of his busy workday for such length as I may need, to speak about my background, my hopes, my views on various national and local topics, and any problems that I may have been vexed with at the time.
At the time, UT2 as published by various observatories differed by several centiseconds.
At times it was applied to various priests, e. g. at the court of the Frankish monarchy the Abbas palatinus (' of the palace ') and Abbas castrensis (' of the camp ') were chaplains to the Merovingian and Carolingian sovereigns ’ court and army respectively.
At various times the choice was made by the canons of Canterbury Cathedral, the King of England, or the Pope.
At the Alexandrian Council of 326, Athanasius was elected to succeed the aged Alexander, and various heresies and schisms of Egypt were denounced.
At a Braveheart Convention in 1997, held in Stirling the day after the Scottish Devolution vote and attended by 200 delegates from around the world, Braveheart author Randall Wallace, Seoras Wallace of the Wallace Clan, Scottish historian David Ross and Bláithín FitzGerald from Ireland gave lectures on various aspects of the film.
At the same time, a series of revelations about the private lives of various Conservative politicians made the headlines.
At Nimrud, Layard discovered the North-West Palace of Ashurnasirpal II, as well as three other palaces and various temples.
At the same time, a settlement of residences, saloons, and various industries grew around the wharf area called " Ocean View.
At various times in the past, and as late as the 1870s, the Bahr el Ghazal Depression, which extends from the northeastern part of the lake to the Djourab, acted as an overflow canal ; since independence, climatic conditions have made overflows impossible.
At various times countries have either re-stamped foreign coins, or used currency board issuing one note of currency for each note of a foreign government held, as Ecuador currently does.
At the circuit level, there are various techniques that can be used to measure current:
At various times there have been cardinals who had only received first tonsure and minor orders but not yet been ordained as deacons or priests.
At various periods, and particularly during the Middle Ages, the citadel-having its own fortifications, independent of the city walls-was the last defence of a besieged army, often held after the town had been conquered.
At various stages of stellar evolution, the nuclei required for this process will be exhausted, and the core will collapse, causing it to become denser and hotter.
At various times in his life, he has studied ( in descending order of level of fluency reached ) German, Russian, Spanish, Swedish, Mandarin, Dutch, Polish, and Hindi.
At the turn of the century, G. K. Chesterton and Hillaire Belloc drew together the disparate experiences of the various cooperatives and friendly societies in Northern England, Ireland and Northern Europe into a coherent political ideology which specifically advocated widespread private ownership of housing and control of industry through owner-operated small businesses and worker-controlled cooperatives.
At various times certain gods became preeminent over the others, including the sun god Ra, the creator god Amun, and the mother goddess Isis.
At Wallington he worked on " England Your England " and in London wrote reviews for various periodicals.
At the time the assembly wanted to create a constitutional monarchy, and over the following two years passed various laws including the Declaration of the Rights of Man and of the Citizen, the abolition of feudalism, and a fundamental change in the relationship between France and Rome.
At home, they are expected to render luster to various occasions by their presence, such as by attending artistic or sports performances or competitions, expositions, celebrations, military parades and remembrances, prominent funerals, visiting parts of the country, enterprises, care facilities ( often in a theatrical honor box, on a platform, on the front row, at the honours table etc.
At the time when the futility of armed resistance without external support was realized by most Poles, the various segments of the Polish society were undergoing deep and far-reaching social, economic and cultural transformations.
At various times, it carried out rocket testing at the White Sands Proving Ground, Edwards Air Force Base, and Goldstone, California.
At the end of the First World War, there were two to three million ex-prisoners of war from various nations dispersed throughout Russia ; within two years of the commission's foundation, it had helped 425, 000 of them return home.

At and times
At such times Thomas wondered when and where a counterattack would strike him.
At these times he felt a kind of pain in his upper chest, but it was an objective pain, in no way different from others in intensity and not different in kind ; ;
At times, three ships a day from the Soviet bloc are unloading in Cuban ports.
At times, clumps of 10 to 15 closely-packed nuclei were also observed.
At times pioneer children got lice in their hair.
At different times he served as glee-club and choir leader and as organist.
At times we can say that it was the major factor.
At times they would ride frenziedly through the camp, letting the women see their courage, how handsome they were in their regalia.
At times when he was confined to bed, he drew, listened to the radio and collected pictures of movie stars around his bed.
At times, Alcott offered his own hand for an offending student to strike, saying that any failing was the teacher's responsibility.
At times between the 3rd and mid-15th century, antipopes were supported by a fairly significant faction of religious cardinals and secular kings and kingdoms.
At times the imperialist democracy acted with extreme brutality, as in the decision to execute the entire male population of Melos and sell off its women and children simply for refusing to became subjects of Athens.
At times the development of armour has run parallel to the development of increasingly effective weaponry on the battlefield, with armourers seeking to create better protection without sacrificing mobility.
At magnitude 5. 5, it is only 1 / 370th as bright visually as Antares A, although it shines with 170 times the Sun's luminosity.
At times he rose, at other times he shrank to the ground, he moved as if he wanted to play all the instruments himself and sing for the whole chorus.
At times during the piece, Beethoven directs that the beat should be one downbeat every three bars, perhaps because of the very fast pace of the of the movement, with the direction ritmo di tre battute (" rhythm of three bars "), and one beat every four bars with the direction ritmo di quattro battute (" rhythm of four bars ").
At a pressure of 55 GPa ( roughly 540 times atmospheric pressure ) bromine converts to a metal.
At the time of his retirement from the England team in 1970, he was the nation's most capped player, having turned out 106 times at the highest level.
At times, Charlton was not on speaking terms with United's other superstars George Best and Denis Law, and Best refused to play in Charlton's testimonial match against Celtic, saying that " to do so would be hypocritical ".
At first the predictions of Einstein's formula were seemingly refuted by a series of experiments by Svedberg in 1906 and 1907, which gave displacements of the particles as 4 to 6 times the predicted value, and by Henri in 1908 who found displacements 3 times greater than Einstein's formula predicted.

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