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Attesting and popularity
Attesting to its quiet popularity, Patsy Walker ( along with Millie the Model and Kid Colt, Outlaw ) was among the very few titles published continuously by Marvel from the 1940s Golden Age of Comic Books, through Marvel's 1950s iteration as Atlas Comics, and into the 1960s Silver Age of Comic Books.
Attesting to the popularity of the Shikoku pilgrimage, from the eighteenth century a number of smaller imitative versions have been established.
Attesting to the widespread popularity of the song, when the lighting failed at the Coney Island arena during a June 1900 prize fight between Terry McGovern and Tommy White, the announcer calmed the panicking crowd of 5, 000 by whistling the tune of " On the Banks of the Wabash ".

Attesting and from
Attesting to his early cultus, there is a very beautiful miniature from the tenth century in a manuscript now in the library of Einsiedeln ( no.
Attesting to its fragile and narrow political base, Young England died with scarcely an obituary some few years after 1847, when Disraeli effectively withdrew from the Parliamentary coalition.

Attesting and after
Attesting to his aggressive style, Salgado's former Real Madrid teammate Steve McManaman – where he spent an entire decade, after excellent displays at Celta – once described him as " the hardest person in the world .... a genuine psychopath, even in training.

Attesting and which
Attesting to the ubiquity of Ariane launch vehicles, France's Cerise satellite, which was orbited by an Ariane in 1995,
Attesting to the sheer size of this shell is the famous first sentence of the shell's manual page, which reads " Because zsh contains many features, the zsh manual has been split into a number of sections ", and then goes on to list seventeen items.

Attesting and .
Attesting to the sanctity of his predecessor, Pope Shenouda III stated that " There is no man in all the history of the church like Pope Cyril VI, who was able to pray so many liturgies.
Attesting to the continuing importance of their discovery, to this day there are still laws that protect the ozone layer by regulating the use of CFCs.
In 1823 the Reverend William Buckland, the first professor of geology at Oxford University, interpreted geological phenomena as Reliquiae Diluvianae ; relics of the flood Attesting the Action of a Universal Deluge.
Attesting in Lisburn, Co. Antrim, on 20 June 1839 he gave his occupation as labourer and he is recorded as being 5 feet 8 inches tall with a fresh complexion, dark grey eyes and brown hair.

team's and popularity
The team's popularity had begun to sag due to fan discontent with owner George Shinn's personnel moves ; he had reportedly traded Mourning and several other stars out of an unwillingness to pay them market value.
Though the Stars were relatively still unknown, word of the team spread rapidly, and the immediate success of the team on the ice, as well as Mike Modano's career best season ( 50 goals, 93 points ) helped spur the team's popularity in Dallas.
Although both the DFW-area's large media market and the team's fan base could theoretically support separate television and radio broadcast teams, the Stars have continued simulcasting due to Strangis and Reaugh's popularity among local listeners and viewers.
Perry even had the opportunity to run the ball during Super Bowl XX, as a nod to his popularity and contributions to the team's success.
The team's popularity waned in the 1950s, and they were further bedeviled by tax issues ; the IRS demanded heavy back taxes, forcing the partners ( both of whom had been serious gamblers ) to sell most of their assets ( including Costello's rights to their television show ).
Dave Cockrum began drawing the series with Superboy # 184 ( April 1972 ), again increasing the team's popularity.
The coach paid Plante 50 cents per game to retain him and maintain the team's popularity.
Though this musical did not achieve the popularity of the team's five most famous musicals, it was nevertheless a success, and broke new ground by using a mostly Asian cast.
The modest success of The Sorcerer was overshadowed by the extraordinary popularity of Gilbert and Sullivan's later collaborations, and the opera remains one of the team's less popular ones.
However, the ban had little impact on the team's popularity: in their first game after the ban against Fortuna Düsseldorf, in June 1931, the team drew 70, 000 to its home ground.
Due to the popularity of the news team's video, in which they are depicted surviving by using an overpass for shelter, overpasses are now frequently jammed with people seeking shelter during tornado activity.
They also signed charismatic players, such as Bernd Schuster, and Rudi Völler, helping to ensure the team's popularity and growing success.
Within a few years of opening, the London Knights had a spectacular championship season in the 2004-05 season and the centre was well positioned to take maximum advantage of the team's popularity.
Although Memphis was only a medium-sized market, Dunavant believed his team's popularity would have made it very attractive to the NFL in the event of a merger.
While with Cleveland, Lajoie's popularity led to locals electing to change the club's team name from Bronchos to Napoleons (" Naps " for short ), which remained until after Lajoie departed Cleveland and the name was changed to Indians ( the team's present-day name ).
Scott subsequently learns to use his family " curse " to gain popularity at school, becoming the team's star basketball player, and learns to transform at will between his normal self and The Wolf.
Nickels ' popularity began to decline in July 2008, when the Seattle SuperSonics NBA franchise relocated to Oklahoma City, Oklahoma after a lawsuit against the team's ownership group was settled out of court – an outcome in which Nickels ' administration, as well as Washington State lawmakers were faulted by many Seattle sports fans for not doing enough to keep the team in Seattle.
He was an original member of the Montreal Expos and that team's first star ; though the Expos traded him after only 3 years, his enduring popularity led them to retire his number in 1993.
Since the team's beginning, baseball in general has grown in popularity in the town.
The plan to insult whites in the same way the minority students were meant to perceive Native Americans being insulted backfired on the group when the team's popularity skyrocketed.
Van Barneveld now gets chants of ' Barney Army ', which is a play on the supporters of the England cricket team's nickname ' Barmy Army ' as a result of the Dutchman's extreme popularity since he joined the PDC in early 2006.
Also, secondary markets ( for home games ) or any others where one team's popularity stands out may request a constant feed of that game, and in that case will not be switched.
Russell's popularity caused the team's fanbase to outgrow Yost Fieldhouse ( now Yost Ice Arena ) and prompted the construction of the current facility.
The team's popularity received a large boost when the ballpark became the primary setting for the film Bull Durham, and ironically proved to spell the end of the DAP as an important baseball venue.

team's and DC
In 1994, DC editors decided that after 36 years, the team's continuity would be entirely rebooted.
After DC Comics ' company-wide crossover event Crisis on Infinite Earths revamped and streamlined many of DC's properties, Chop-Chop's old depictions are suggested to be those of a comic-book-within-a-comic-book style format that features the team's adventures, with Chop-Chop playing the role of sidekick.
The group's named was subsequently changed to the Super Squad, after management at DC worried that the team's original name would be abbreviated as A. S. S.
After the first series cancellation, WildStorm, now an imprint of DC Comics, resurrected the Wildcats under a whole different premise-Wildcats dealt with the lives of the original members after the team's breakup following a botched mission during which team member Zealot apparently died.
In 2010's DC Universe: Legacies # 2, TNT and Dyna-Mite are retconned into the team's original line-up.
Babka began an inventory of his team's strengths and weaknesses, and Steve Dasbach, who was consulting with Downsize DC at this point, recommended that they set up a small government group that was just like MoveOn. org.
At DC, he and Roy Thomas launched All-Star Squadron with a special insert in Justice League of America # 193 ( Aug. 1981 ) which led to the new team's own title the following month.

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