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Author and James
Book first, together with some account of the life and acts of the Author, of his ancestors, and of his descendants, illustrated by a selection of characteristic anecdotes, as collected by their historian, Mevlānā Shemsu'd-dīn Ahmed el-Eflākī el -' Arifī, translated and the poetry versified by James W. Redhouse, London: 1881.
" Author and university alumnus Clive James quipped in his 1981 autobiography that the motto loosely translates as " Sydney University is really Oxford or Cambridge laterally displaced approximately 12, 000 miles ".
* Author James Hilton was the narrator for this film and for Random Harvest.
Author James McConnachie comments that conspiracy theorists have a point, but that they fail to communicate it effectively.
Author James Gardner visited the site in the early 1930s.
The Mayor of Ellenton is Audie James Perry Sr .; along with being the Mayor of Ellenton, Audie is also a published Author and former Council member.
* James M. Cain, Author
Author James Patterson had his fictional serial kidnapper, Gary Soneji, from Along Came A Spider stopping at a convenience store on his way through Johnstown, Pennsylvania.
Author James Fenimore Cooper's earlier 1849 novel The Sea Lions, is a tale that begins with the death of a sailor who has left behind " two old, dirty and ragged charts " which lead to a seal-hunting paradise in the Antarctic as well as a location in the West Indies where pirates have buried treasure, a plot similar to Stevenson's tale.
* Author and filmmaker James Gunn lived in Hell's Kitchen.
Author James Hayward has proposed that the rumours, which were widely reported in the American press, were a successfully engineered example of black propaganda with an aim of ensuring American co-operation and securing lend lease resources by showing that the United Kingdom was capable of successfully resisting the might of the German Army.
* James Tait Black Memorial Prize for biography: Henry Festing Jones, Samuel Butler, Author of Erewhon ( 1835 – 1902 )-A Memoir
Author James Sallis claims that he died when he developed an embolism while still under anesthetic and never regained consciousness.
George du Maurier was a close friend of Henry James, the novelist ; their relationship was fictionalised in David Lodge's Author, Author.
0 Author: James Jessiman
0 Author: James Jessiman
* Ralph Izzard Author, adventurer, journalist, NID officer, member of the 30 Assault Unit and noted as an inspiration for James Bond.
* Carl Friedrich Gauss ( Author ), Adam Hiltebeitel ( Translator ), James Morehead ( Translator ), General Investigations Of Curved Surfaces Unabridged ( Paperback ), Wexford College Press, 2007, ISBN 978-1-929148-77-6.
* James Q. Wilson, Author & Professor at Pepperdine University
Book first, together with some account of the life and acts of the Author, of his ancestors, and of his descendants, illustrated by a selection of characteristic anedocts, as collected by their historian, Mevlānā Shemsu'd-dīn Ahmed el-Eflākī el -' Arifī, translated and the poetry versified by James W. Redhouse, London: 1881.
Author James Ishmael Ford writes of her, " Perhaps the most prominent of apparently self-declared teachers is the widely read author and meditation teacher Cheri Huber.
*" Pierre Menard, Author of the Quixote " English translation by James E. Irby
Author James Jones wrote a novel about American soldiers fighting in Guadalcanal during World War II and entitled it The Thin Red Line.

Author and states
Author Bill Bryson states that Perth is the most remote city on earth, which he justifies by noting that the population of metropolitan Perth is greater than the combined populations of the rest of Western Australia, the Northern Territory and South Australia, west of Adelaide.
It states that " We give thanks to the Author of all that is good, who allows us once again, in prayer and in dialogue, to express the joy we feel as brothers and to renew our commitment to move towards full communion ".
Author Mark Cooper states Nasser's legacy was a " guarantee of instability.
* Fatal Depth: Deep Sea Diving, China Fever, and the wreck of the Andrea Doria Author Joseph Haberstroh-Although the author states that the Gilboa Quarry his character trains at is near Cincinnati he describes driving on Old State Route 224 and passing Gilboa's giant fiberglass bull.
" Author Gretel Ehrlich states that as a " dreamer and activist, his eloquent words changed the way Americans saw their mountains, forests, seashores, and deserts.
Jim Nightingale, Author of Think Smart-Act Smart, states that " we simply decide without thinking much about the decision process.
Author Joe Perez states that Weintraub and his followers have " gone overboard " in their enthusiasm for frot by claiming that supporting frot means disowning anal sex or that the latter is " inherently degrading, unnatural, or disease-spreading.
Author Einen Miura states that the oldest reference to suminagashi papers are in the waka poems of Shigeharu, ( 825-880 CE ), a son of the famed Heian era poet Narihira ( Muira 14 ).
Author Ron Haydock states that an early draft of Neil Simon's script featured Holmes and Watson actually solving the mystery, but their roles were reduced to a cameo appearance and finally deleted as the lead actors felt they were being " upstaged ".
Author Christopher Paolini states that Eragon started out as an autobiographical character.
Author Francis Loraine Petre states that Gudin encountered Pfanzelter north of Bachl and brushed him aside about 9: 00 AM.
Author David Pollak sees neurodiversity as an inclusive term that refers to the equality of all possible mental states.
As the author himself states, " This book might more accurately, if less convincingly, have been called A Guide to Everything in English Usage That the Author Wasn't Entirely Clear About Until Quite Recently.
Author Rotimi Ogunjobi states that "' Little Wing ' is the name of Hendrix's guardian angel ( like ' Waterfall ', that is mentioned in the song ' May this Be Love ' on the debut album ).
The " About the Author " section of Threshold states that David is " currently working on the sequel to Threshold, also to be published by Bantam ", to be called Spēcial Education, although it has not been published to date.

Author and song
Author and historian John Kennedy O ' Connor notes in The Eurovision Song Contest – The Official History that Haza's performance of this song was highly symbolic as it contains the lyric " Israel Is Alive ".
Author of the famous Irish rebel song " A Nation Once Again ".
* " Fear of the Dark ," a song from Author!
* Author / musician / occultist Julian Cope provided the spoken-word vocals of the 25-minute song " My Wall " on White1, telling a Wodenist death tale that takes place upon England's medieval 46-mile land barrier Wansdyke, Cope integrating O ' Malley and Anderson into the fabric of the text.
Author Rikky Rooksby, in his book The Complete Guide to the Music of Madonna, compared the song with those of Cyndi Lauper because of Madonna's shrill voice in the song.
Author Nicholas Cook commented that the video promoted Madonna's identity as the song suggested, with the purpose of shifting " Madonna's image from that of a disco-bimbo to authentic star.
Author Harry Shapiro examined the song, saying musically it is " structured to lay a gossamer touch across the whole song from the arresting opening statement and the haunting glockenspiel to the use of a Leslie speaker cabinet for the guitar.
Author Philip Furia said about the song" Moanin ' Low "" about a woman who's trapped in a relationship with a very cruel man.
Author Mike Marqusee has commented that " No song on Another Side distressed Dylan's friends in the movement more than ' My Back Pages ' in which he transmutes the rude incoherence of his ECLC rant into the organized density of art.
Author Chris Nickson wrote the following regarding the song, its lyrics and composition:
Author Chris Nickson described the song and its vocals:
Author David Gauntlett considered its lyrics as " slushy ", and noticed that the track was " seen as less interesting and relevant the fans, althought clearly enjoyed song too.
Author William McKeen of Rock and roll is here to stay: an anthology commented that with the song, Madonna became the last word in attitude and fashion for young girls of that time.
Author Jan Reid also praised Clapton's singing on the song, noting that his phrasing manages to suggest that despite the pain he is feeling, the woman's antics remind him of the " joy of just being alive.
Author J. Randy Taraborrelli, in his biography of Madonna, called the song as " fluffy, danceable, but forgettable.
Author Rikky Rooksby noted that Madonna had a " cutesy " voice in the song and compared her vocals with those of singer Cyndi Lauper's.
Author Simon Gage of the book Queer noted that the song was a " happy disco number ".
" Author Maury Dean in his book Rock ' n ' Roll Gold Rush called the song " echoey boogie " with " saucy-style and come-hither magnetism.
Author Pier Dominquez of A Star is Made called the song " a lightweight but pleasant Pop / R & B confection " and stated Aguilera performed " vocal acrobatics " and labelled it a " less effective " Mariah Carey style vocal performance.
Author Susan McClary in Culture / power / history reviewed the song saying that, it was more upbeat than previous single " Live to Tell " and " the play with closure in ' Open Your Heart ' creates the image of open ended jouissance — an erotic energy that continually escapes containment ".
Author Taraborrelli called it as one of her most " earnest " songs and compared it with Aretha Franklin's song " Respect " as well as Barbra Streisand's " A House is Not a Home ".

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